Propaganda and Warmongering by CNN & all Western Media

This is how CNN, the largest news organization of the west, headquartered inside the united states and operating under the direct control of the amerikkkan regime, is covering today’s ISIS beheading of Peter Kassig:
To any sane thinker, this coverage boggles the mind. There is not a shred of journalistic integrity, not even the slightest pretense of unbiased, fair and balanced reporting of facts, with the goal of allowing viewers to decide for themselves why Peter Kassig was beheaded by ISIS. There is only blatant propaganda, unabashed demonizing of a war “enemy”, unrepentent cheerleading of patriotism and nationalism. It is sickening to contemplate that any thinker can imagine himself free, living under a regime that censors and controls everything that its media reports.
Like every mainstream media outlet, CNN provides the full and complete video of obama’s response to the ISIS beheading of Peter Kassig video, but does not allow any of its viewers to see the uncensored video. Think about this! The supreme leader of your fascist dictatorship, who has already declared war on ISIS, is given an open forum by the amerikkkan media to decree a pre-selected enemy as “evil, inhumane terrorists”, because of what they are doing, but you, the citizen-slaves, are not allowed to see the video itself!
You can read biased descriptions of it, filled with editorial opinions rooted in patriotism, nationalism, and warmongering, but you are overtly prevented, by the media, from simply watching the video that obama is responding to. Imagine a presidential debate, in which the media allows only one candidate to speak, and he overtly demonizes the other candidate, but the demonized candidate is not allowed to respond. That is exactly what we have here, and we cannot blame CNN, or any other media outlet. We must understand that the entire notion of journalistic freedom in the west, is nothing but pure illusion. There is no freedom of the press in amerikkka, none. The government decides what the media is allowed to say. Just as ISIS has its media spokesmen, the united states government has its media spokesmen, and they are called CNN, FoxNews, MSNBC, CBSNews, NBCNews, ABCNews, Huffington Post, and every single other tv, radio, newspaper, magazine, and internet news source which has readers, viewers, or listeners who number 10,000 or higher.
I provide the following direct links to the uncensored ISIS videos of Peter Kassig’s beheading not because I am a fan of ISIS, but because I am a fan of Truth, and the greatest evil you can ever discover, is what no government will allow you to see and to understand: That each and every one of us exists as terrorized hostage of the governmental structure, be it america, or ISIS or britain or iraq, which claims us as citizen. The state terrorizes its own. Every state. And that is why I am an anarchist.
The 2 minute uncensored video of Peter Kassig’s beheading:
And the 15 minute uncensored ISIS video of Peter Kassig’s beheading:
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