Promoting the Vote, Betraying Humanity

google, facebook, and wordpress, among many other companies which serve as shills for the amerikkkan government, are all overtly promoting and encouraging their users to vote today.
Wordpress has had this perverse message at the bottom of its pages for weeks:

2014 Midterm ElectionsElection Day: November 4, 2014 We’re offering tools to give you access to the customized voter information you need to cast a ballot on or before Election Day and then tell the world that you voted by embedding the custom I Voted badge. Learn More.
The google search engine “doodle” for today is this:
U.S. Elections 2014
And just look at what facebook is choosing to do today, to eternally darken and destroy My future, your future, every future:
Let us clearly understand that no rebellion via technology which is controlled by a company, is possible. All companies are owned by the state, all companies are used by the state to impose a universe of illusion, to create a false reality, to shape the future in the same darkness of the past and present. The internet and social media has never been, can never be, and will never be, a path to revolutionary change, because the internet is controlled by companies, and all companies are controlled by government
Did television or radio or newspapers or xerox zines or the telephone or any other communicative technology lead to any betterment of the human condition? No. And neither will the internet or any current or future version of social media. Every new technology is hijacked by the terrorist structure that is government, and then used by this terrorist structure to coerce, compel, and brainwash obedience for and embrace of, the existing structures of universal oppression, victimization, and slavery.
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  1. I stopped voting a long time ago, because I feel that is useless. Voting can and will not solve the ills of humanity, period. Accepting the Forbidden truths is key if humanity is going to make progress

    1. Not voting is of course a personally positive decision, the only sane choice which respects the realities of universal slavery under government. But it achieves nothing in terms of discrediting the electoral system. You will note that amerikkka has experienced a slight decline in the number of humans who agree to vote, in recent decades. This decline has prompted government and society to redouble their indoctrination and propaganda efforts, decreeing voting a civic duty and responsibility, and specifically using tools such as social media to reinforce the deranged delusion, especially to younger citizen-slaves, that voting remains a legitimate way to effect social change and positive progress.

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