Prisons and Freedom, Additional Forbidden Truths

My brilliant essay dissecting the deranged human construct of physical imprisonment as a form of dispensing justice, generated an interesting comment which deserves a comprehensive reply. Here is My initial post, please reread it before continuing with this follow-up essay:
And now my reply, in bold and non-italicized print:
“This is one of the best posts on this site in my opinion.
One of my biological siblings is currently being subjected to the cage lock for the “crime” of stealing.
I feel a deep sense of empathy for this particular sibling and rage on his behalf. This is not because of the delusion of a “blood bond”, but because I think he is very close to being a superior and I have experienced first hand the severity of our shared childhood torture. I would describe this sibling as a level 5.9 hater using your criteria (just slightly short of being a 6), for the reason that he is a “fan” and admirer of Charles Manson and his philosophy, and also of serial killers/shooters, but also possesses many inferior traits e.g. Nazism, racist views, methamphetamine use, “might is right” view toward government, hatred for “immigrants”, etc.
The existence of the cage lock completely morally justifies any and all acts of personal catharsis by individuals.”
Personal identification with fellow victims as individuals, is a positive and appropriate state of mind. It allows you to better recognize and understand your own personal victimhood status, as well as to perceive the reality of the universal victimization each of us is subjected to, again as individuals, as a collective whole. But at the same time there are two important caveats which must be understood and guarded against.
First, we must resist and reject all external efforts to place relative values upon victimhood status. For example, the cage lock guards are just as much victims and creations of society, as the cage lock inmates. This fact must be consciously understood, even as you personally identify with your brother. Truth must never be subjugated in favor of emotional or intellectual bias. The prison is a structure of systemic, institutionalized injustice. All individuals who function within a prison system, do so as victims of the structure itself, and humanity as a whole is the creator, the sponsor, the impositional force which causes, not simply allows, but directly causes, the prison to exist.
A sane species would never have conceived of inventing the concept of cage lock. A sane species would have consciously understood the very concept of locking others inside of a cage, and this includes animals in zoos as well as humans in prisons, as being inspired by a dysfunctional psychological need to feel free, to accept a false illusion of personal freedom obtained at the cost of denying others their personal freedom, and therefore in the process betraying their own sacred right, as individuals, to obtain freedom.
Second, the existence of difference forms of personal victimization involving loss of freedom, must never be allowed to inspire false illusions of freedom level status, within the conscious mind. For example, the Truth is that you do not enjoy any greater freedom than your brother, and you are not any less of a victim of society, than your brother is. Even as you recognize him as a fellow victim, this Forbidden Truth must remain at the forefront of your consciousness, as factual reality, and not compromised or mitigated by any perception of how he “must” be suffering or enduring harm. Of course he is suffering! Of course he is being harmed! But you are suffering, you are being harmed, and you are the owner of Yourself. If you fail to recognize Yourself as the greatest victim in the universe, you betray and you destroy Truth.
Being locked inside of a cage has never deprived anyone of their freedom, and being released from a cage has never provided anyone with any freedom, because freedom does not exist, and cannot exist, as long as humanity dwells within its webs of universal illusion. To fight to obtain freedom, you must fight to destroy human society and government itself, rather than fighting to get out of a prison cage, or even fighting to eliminate the structural institution of prison itself. Even if all cage lock were to be decreed a criminal injustice and eradicated throughout the world, this would not pierce the many other layers and structures of human imprisonment of body, mind, and soul, which render all of us lifelong victims, slaves, and Martyrs.
“Not only are law enforcement and judicial structures themselves are to blame, the average citizen is equally complicit. Prison is openly acknowledged as a government-sanctioned rape dungeon where even harmless people can be punished for minor “crimes” such as selling a mildly psychoactive plant. This is joked about and the plight of prisoners is openly mocked. It is seen as a “good thing”, and something they deserve. Something that benefits society and is even necessary to society. This truth completely shatters the illusion that humans inside the cage lock are “guilty” whereas humans outside of the cage lock are “innocent”. The humans outside of the cage lock display a maliciousness and callousness towards the innocent far more twisted and perverse than any of the “crimes” committed by those individuals inside the cage lock.”
You are absolutely correct in recognizing the guilt and responsibility that every human being who lives as a citizen, bears. And this is why all concepts of “justice” must be proactively defined, as functional reality, within the light of Forbidden Truth. For example, an individual locked up inside of a cage via the judicial or mental health systems of institutionalized victimization and injustice, “escapes”. He escapes, then kidnaps, rapes, tortures, and murders 100 six year old children. Is this justice???
It is the reflective justice of institutionalized injustice. It is the reflective achievement of imperfect justice, within a structure where all justice has been destroyed and rendered impossible to achieve. This is not rationalization. This is functional reality. The 100 six year old children did not deserve to be brutally victimized, any more than the individual who escaped from the cage deserved to be brutally victimized. But society is the creator and the sponsor of injustice and of victimization, for all. And so we respect the reflection of Truth by a victim, we respect and we honor it, because we are not biased hypocrites, because we recognize that justice for none, as social decree and as imposed reality, can only be reflected, deserves to be reflected, and Truth is honored in doing so.
All judicial systems ever devised by humanity, now and in the past, reflect and express the immorality, the injustice, the criminality, of the state, of human society and government, of the harm and trauma committed and carried out by human society and government, as public policy choice. Against every human being, every child, every adult of every age at every moment in every lifetime. The choice by the state, to inflict deliberate punishment via judicial law, against any individually created victim of this immorality, this injustice, this criminality, is impossible to justify, within law, within morals, within ethics, within philosophical debate, within intellectual reasoning, or within sanity.
So let us understand that justice is dead, and let us understand who murdered justice. Let us understand that no societal demand for justice, can ever be valid. Let us understand that every attempt by a society which is guilty of murdering justice, to impose justice upon its created victims, is the most evil of all acts, and the attempt itself, grants each of us a personal right to inflict limitless harm upon others, as True Reality reflection, and as a form of imperfect justice which cannot be externally denied from any rational or Truth-based perspective.
“I use the song Over The Wall by Testament to nurture my hatred and rage towards the cage lock system, and to enhance my minds eye fantasies of prisoners escaping violently. I use the song to honor every victim, present past and future, of the cage lock, particularly my sibling currently and recently the (tragically short-lived) TRIUMPH of tortured victims David Sweat and Richard Matt in courageously escaping the cage lock in a defiant refusal to allow their freedom to be stolen from them. This is a strongly emotionally resonant subject and in the justified hate it inspires I am often moved to tears.
“I’ve been a prisoner
Trapped in by fear
Ordered for the rest of my life
Condemned in a jail cell
Ain’t seen life in years
Escape is the only way out
Restart my life
Or self destruction
To climb this wall
Of dark construction
Holding the quest for freedom
That beckons me
My sanity is all but gone
My patience is growing very weak
I need to get a hold of myself
I stare at the wall
For the right time has come
Escape must occur on this night
Stand in my way
And I’ll run you straight through
There’s no one to stop me now
For I’m on the loose
And I’m ready to start
Torture and hell on this town
Over the wall!
The search will not stop
And hounds will not rest
Till I am back in my cell
For if I am caught, I’ll try it again
Over the wall I will go, I will go”
Thank you for this post.”
You’re welcome. I appreciate your passion of mind, yet the factual reality that David Sweat and Richard Matt were never free, not from the moment of their biological conception, not from the moment of their womb excretion, not at the moment they killed others, not at the moment they escaped their cage lock, and not at the moment that Richard was shot dead by a hired criminal and murderer of the state and David was recaptured by a different criminal who attempted to murder him, to be subjected to greater attempts by the state to traumatize and victimize him., must be understood within core consciousness.
David Sweat and Richard Matt were never free. Escaping cage lock did not and could not provide them with freedom. Freedom does not exist within the human matrix of universal slavery. The only way to obtain freedom is to completely destroy the matrix itself, a feat that no individual can achieve, not even The Seer of Forbidden Truth, and a feat that humanity as a species can never find the capacity to even try to achieve.
This fact must be primarily embraced, not to minimize or denigrate the personal courage or the reflective True Reality actions of Richard Matt and David Sweat, which are honorable and praiseworthy, but to place the human condition into proper context. You cannot obtain freedom if you do not define freedom accurately. It is the prison system itself, the existence of it, which greatly helps society and government to brainwash those who are not locked inside a prison cage, to believe that they are free. It is this lie which must be destroyed. And the only way to destroy this lie is to fully and completely destroy human society and government on a foundational level, as it exists today.
All non-italicized text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Well stated! Are inferiors aware that in despite of them never been imprisoned or jailed, they are no different than those who are and have been? Sorry, inferiors, but we are all at risk for the cage lock, no matter what our statuses are and perceived as worthless, and are only use is enslavement and nothing more or less. It’s ironic that humans believe that they are free because they aren’t behind bars, and those that are, not. We all are in prison, whether it’s in mansions, suburbs, or the ghettos. What’s so interesting and unknown to the various classes of individuals, is that if one lives in a poor neighborhood, they feel they are victims of injustice, enslavement, etc, and not those in the upper class. It’s all an illusion for anyone to believe that one group is lesser a victim than the other. Sorry, inferiors, but it isn’t what it seems, or what you have been told

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