Powerful Ideas Overwhelm Weak Minds

You can communicate in many different ways. By word. By sound. By video. By example. By deed. By grabbing a human in a chokehold and forcing him to observe what he has spent a lifetime hiding from. But none of these methods have ever or will inspire others to embrace reality and Truth, to see the universe and themselves as they are, stripped of all illusion, pretense, falsehood.
Truth-based communication with humans will always fail. The human will never receive an idea, a fact, a reality, within the purity of Truth, no matter how it is presented. The human filters all external communications through his genetically and environmentally destroyed brain, always adjusting incoming communication so as to maintain a harmonious blend of emotional delusion and intellectual illusion.
All Truth communications are perceived as a personal attack upon and against the homeostasis of reality perception to which the human is addicted and dependent. Don’t rock my boat! Such is the desperate demand of the human as he stands upon the pathetic house of cards that he has spent a lifetime building.
My messages of Forbidden Truth overwhelm and shatter human minds. The only defense is rejection, condemnation, and retreat. I will always be the enemy because I represent a horrific factual reality which can never harmoniously integrate to the universe of illusion which exists at the existential core of all human brains.
The expression of Truth by word, is even more terrifying to you humans than the expression of Truth by deed, as undertaken by Andrew Kehoe, Howard Unruh, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Whitman, Adam Lanza, and so many other of your created Martyrs. Deeds are easier to distort than words, it is easier to demonize the deed messenger.
In My words, by My words, I take the deed messenger and give him the life of ideological Truth. I tell you what you are, as you ferociously cling to your universe of illusion, labeling your deed messengers as evil, insane, wrong, defective, mistaken, flawed. But they are not. They are shining lights of Truth, trying to pierce your matrix of illusion.
We all fail. The deed messenger and the word messenger and the vlog messenger and the blog messenger. We fail because humanity is a failure. We fail because we represent, we manifest, we embody Truth, in what we say and in what we do, and Truth has no place in the human experience of imaginary existence. For the human, every day is a desperate struggle to keep all Truth at bay, to fend off any and all intrusions of Truth into their universe of illusion and delusion.
The human is a coward. His brain is weak and pathetic. He cannot own his own brain, just as he cannot own himself, his experience of existence, or his future. The human can never recognize himself as his greatest enemy, he can never understand that he sabotages and dooms himself in his rejection of the Truths that he is offered.
I represent Truth, in purity, in glory, in perfection. This is why I am universally ignored and silently rejected. It is too dangerous to aggressively attack Me, because the Truths I represent are untouchable, and I can hurl them back, over and over. I do not, because it is a waste of time. But you humans prefer to aggressively attack those that you have already eternally silenced, be it via murder, cage lock, or other muting. It is safer for you, safer for your pathetic and broken minds.
You cannot hide from Me, pathetic humans. I see and I know exactly what you are, and why. But of what use is this knowledge? Like maggots upon decaying flesh, you are too numerous to exterminate in a single swipe. You destroy all that you touch, and you touch all, sooner or later, in one way or another.
Communication is useless against the weak and overwhelmed human brain. The human is doomed because he cannot see himself as he is, never has and never will. And so the explosions must continue. Useless communications which achieve personal catharsis, but die, evaporating to nothingness,  before they can penetrate the consciousness of the pathetic human.
I subtitled this blog “Mind Bombs From The Seer of Forbidden Truth.” And so I conclude this essay on the impotence of all commenication attempts with humans, with this single word: Boom!!!!!
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I agree SEER, communicating with humans regarding the forbidden truths doesn’t go well at all. Ir’s appears humans are no where near accepting and understanding these truths and have have a long ways to go before their minds can comprehend some of it. I don’t like conversing with inferiors because it is draining, and I feel dumbed down when doing so. In some cases, I foolishly believe that maybe an inferior, whom I am conversing with have some understanding of the forbidden truths, but as the conversation flows, they tend to fall back into the matrix of illusions. For example, the other day I had a conversation with an older gentleman, who appears to be somewhat intelligent regarding the madness that affects humans; the conversation soured once he brought up the “ten commandments” and god. Initially, I believed that he was going to protest the matrix of illusions, but instead he blamed humans for not abiding by them.

    1. Humans are Self-hating, impotent cowards. god is their crutch, their excuse to blame the victim, to deny the Truth of universal victimization, to reject the reality of humanity being a failed species. Slavery of mind is the operating force behind all belief in god. Cowardice is a primary component of all human abdication of guilt and responsibility for the horrors which every human being is subjected to. The Insane God Myth allows the True horrors of death, not merely the consequences of dying, but the fact that humanity as a whole is collectively guilty of sponsoring and causing universal death to occur, to be denied and rejected.
      Blindness, cowardice, stupidity, irrationality, contempt for Truth, organic brain dysfunction, environmentally induced brain dysfunction, these are just a few of the universal failures that you observe, as a Superior, when engaging in any dialogue with the humans.

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