Pope Francis: Closest Real Thing to a Devil

pope francis, the single greatest current western world promoter of the insane god myth via the mind virus that is religion, informs us today that the devil is real. In doing so, pope francis proves that as an individual, he is the singular entity that comes closest to embodying the darkness that he attributes to the imaginary devil creature.
Organized religion is the darkest force of oppression, enslavement, and universal Self-destruction ever invented by the genetically brain diseased human species. The individuals who play a lead role in legitimizing the insane god myth to the unwashed masses via media-led terrorism and destruction of Truth-realization potential. and pope francis currently heads this list, are guilty of global genocide on a scale unmatched by any political leader.
Yes, pope francis is himself a victim of the disease that is religion, yet his chosen role in acting as promotional agent for organized religion, directly imposing it upon billions of human minds using terrorist threat, and openly destroying Truth in the process, defines him as the darkest of real-life forces on this planet, the darkest of forces overtly keeping all of humanity trapped within the chains of mental illness and pathological hatred of Selves.
god will never be dead until each of us successfully purges his myth from every corner of our enlightened minds. god will never be dead because of human beings like pope francis, and the deranged social structures which allow him to exist as a leader of human thought, when his words prove him to be a mentally ill subhuman who deserves to be ridiculed and shunned for his devotion to insane delusion.
For more Forbidden Truths on religion, read My 100,000 word Insane God Myth essay, at The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth:
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Josephine McKenna, Religion News Service

VATICAN CITY — As millions of revelers around the world dress in ghoulish costumes to mark Halloween and the darker side of life, Pope Francis warned that the devil is no myth and must be fought strenuously with “God’s armor.”

Francis described Christian life as a continuous battle against Satan during his homily at morning Mass at the Vatican on Thursday.
“This generation, and many others, have been led to believe that the devil is a myth, a figure, an idea, the idea of evil,” the pope told the faithful during Mass at the St. Martha guesthouse where he lives inside the walls of the Vatican.
“But the devil exists and we must fight against him.”
Basing his reflections on the Apostle Paul’s admonition that Christians must “put on the full armor of God” in order to resist Satan’s temptations, Francis likened life to a “military endeavor” and urged people against being carried away by passions and temptations.
“No spiritual life, no Christian life is possible without resisting temptations, without putting on God’s armor which gives us strength and protects us. … The truth is God’s armor.”
Meanwhile, an Italian exorcist, the Rev. Aldo Buonaiuto, suggested that Halloween should be replaced by a celebration of Christian saints and renamed “Holyween.”
He said too many people wrongly believe Halloween is a “simple carnival”; instead, he said, it masks “a subterranean world” based on the occult.
“For followers of the occult, Oct. 31 is the satanic new year,” he told the Italian daily La Nazione. “It’s a time for attracting new converts. And it’s also a time when exorcists have to work more.”
Buonaiuto is director of the Pope John XXIII Community Association, a Catholic organization fighting black magic sects and satanic cults, and is involved in Catholic training programs for exorcists.
With Halloween, he said, there is an increase in black magic rites, cemetery desecrations, thefts of sacred bones and the adoration of Satan, as well as demonic possessions.


  1. Don’t have much to say on this, but wanted to comment on what a great post. One of my favorites thus far, Seer. I miss the brain-melds and spontaneity on twitter, but quality posts like this make it a good “Truth tradeoff”. Love the applause for him since he’s taken a new a few minimalistic reforms, while still being, as you point out, the devil.
    What do you make of the vatican actually being an independent government itself?

      1. That’s okay, I do not discriminate against those who make spelling mistakes. Personally, I still do not own a cell phone and most likely never will. It is a useless communicative device, not properly designed to comfortably type or view websites. The Superior chooses his technological devices based not upon popularity among humans, but upon independently judged usefulness.

        1. Yea in my opinion they can be pretty useful. But I think they do show various elements of how technology is used to enslave people, or maybe how people enslave themselves with technology. Also illustrates the genetic defect of how a potentially liberating technology like smartphones are entirely lost upon humanity.
          Plus society dictates that I need this or a land line so I went with this. I realize that these things are basically tracking devices for various slave owners like employers and such. But most people who question why I didn’t pick up, “aired” them, or blantly ignored them, I’ll either easily appease with some white lie or tell them to promptly f*ck off. Depending.

          1. Technology is not the problem, this is one of the failures of reality perception experienced by Ted Kaczynski, in his Unabomber manifesto and other writings. Technology has always offered new capacities for both personal enlightenment to Truth, and actively organizing rebellion and destruction of the matrix itself. The problem is the human being, Self-hating, Truth-hating, addicted to personal slavery, suffering, and death. Of course technology is used to enslave humans, but this reflects the Truth that humans want to be enslaved.
            You could say if children were not brutally brainwashed and stripped of all capacity to even recognize, much less demand, personal freedom, they might not be addicted to slavery and suffering, and they might be able to use technology to break free of the universal matrix, but this theory is functionally useless, even as it might be factually accurate. The universal destruction of every child generation will continue, and technology such as cell phones and computers will play a primary role in this destruction. Today, children as young as 7 or 8 are being given cell phones, instructed to become toxically enmeshed to each other, instructed to embrace the hive mind aspects of social media, to segment into groups so that their brain functionality becomes nothing more than an echo chamber of what the matrix instructs them to focus upon and believe in.

    1. I find this type of blog forum more conducive to My mind melds with Self, than twitter was. The lack of direct and instantaneous dialogue is a big plus, in My book. Remember, all dialogue is always internal, and I find that My Self-dialogues immediately after reading news articles, as an example, are richer and deeper, without the distraction of formulating a tweet in regard to them.
      All societies constantly deliver an ongoing stream of useless and meaningless reforms, to maintain the absurd illusion that positive change and progress is being made, even as the exact same diseased structures, such as organized religion, are strengthened and validated. Understand that every cosmetic change in the doctrine of religion, is specifically intended to strengthen the stranglehold of the structure itself, upon the human population as a whole.
      Religion exists as a governing force, it imposes behavioral and ideological standards, enforcng them via threat and terrorization of punishment. The symbolism of the vatican existing as a government, is intended to strengthen the doctrine that both government and religion are untouchable structures, so that nobody even conceives seriously, of the need for both to be eradicated from all human consciousness via physical destruction, and emancipation of mind to the Forbidden Truths of anarchy and Full Force Atheism.
      Every society understands the need to render its core structures untouchable, in the eyes and minds of all citizen-slaves. Nothing can be destryed or eradicated, unless such destruction and eradication can first be consciously recognized as a viable option and possibility. Every method of intertwining government to religion, strengthens both, making it that much harder for any individual to conceive of an existence in which either religion or government, has been fully eradicated and does not functionally exist.

  2. It’s ridiculous that humans with their “so-called” intelligence believes there is an entity like the devil and god. However, they don’t seem to understand why there schizophrenics out there–this is why: they believe in this nonsense and it infiltrates their overall thinking abilities. I don’t understand why humans haven’t questioned the validity in god and see that it doesn’t make any sense, and is a myth

    1. Belief in god is one of the most blatantly obvious symptoms of mental illness. Even if you do not see imaginary creatures and/or hear imaginary voices, as a strong majority of god addicts do, the very concept of an invisible, omnipotent creature watching and judging you and every other human, cannot be understood as anything less than a symptom of full-blown mental illness. The hypocrisy of decreeing schizophrenia a mental illness, when in Truth every human who believes in or worships god is exhibiting the exact same psychological derangement, boggles the mind of any rational and sane thinker.
      Humans do not reject the insane god myth because Truth is dead to the human species. Truth cannot be recognized, much less accepted. god is a lie that is imposed via brutal terrorist coercion and emotional blackmail upon the vulnerable minds of all children and adults. Forget the serial killer or mass murderer, he who preaches religion is the greatest of all predators, targeting the most vulnerable as victims.

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