Poetry, Creative Writing, and Truth

I just posted a reply to a blog comment I received to this poem, which I wrote and posted to the blog one day ago:
I have decided to reprint the comment below, along with My full reply, because this issue is important to all who read and who attempt to use their reading as a vehicle, a form of mind transportation, to seek, uncover, and embrace the Forbidden Truths of humanity and of human existence.
My reader, replying to the above poem, writes:
“The poetry is hard hitting. There is truth here. We are all dead. The world is full of nonsense. But we are all brothers and sisters. We are all one. That is truth too. Keep it coming..”
And here is My important reply:
Thanks for your comment, it allows Me to express the Truth of why I do not like to use “creative” writing or poetry, to express and reveal Truth. My faithful readers know that 98+% of My writing is very descriptive, detailed, and factually oriented. This is because My primary goal, when I write, is to express and reveal Truth, as comprehensively, vividly, and accurately as I possibly can.
To be certain, I only write for and to, Myself. And yet I proactively embrace a personal obligation to structure the vast majority of My writing, in a straightforward and blunt manner, in essay format. I do this to honor Truth itself. Now, whenever I stray from this path, and go into the arenas of poetry and creative writing, I generally receive more feedback from humans, and this feedback is more positive, than for My blunt and straightforward revelations of Truth essays. Why does this occur?? Because all poetry and creative writing is subject to interpretation. It is inherently subjective, unlike Truth itself, which is definitively objective.
You humans who “like” My poetry, like it because you feel free to mold and interpret My intended meaning, to your subjective tastes and reality perceptions. This compromises, and in essence destroys, the actual Truths I am revealing and expressing, at least for you, the 2nd party reader. To Me, everything I write reveals and expresses Truth with brilliant clarity, but this is only because I am addressing Myself.
My essays of Forbidden Truth, stripped of all poetic nuance, are much more universally condemned, ignored, rejected, and criticized. This is because the reader does not feel free to interpretively pick and choose the message(s) he extracts from My writing. Those of you who “enjoy” poetry, yet claim to seek Truth at the same time, should be very careful, analyze your own mind function, to figure out whether you are adopting a subjective frame of mind in your reading and in your True Reality dissections of texts. This subjective frame of mind may well make your reading more pleasurable and enjoyable, but at the same time it will directly compromise and harm your actual Truth quest.
Regarding your specific comments above, we see the compromise of Truth which is inspired by poetic interpretation. We are objectively not “all brothers and sisters”, nor are we “all one”. We are singularly unique, we must consciously stand alone, stand for Self, and we must declare and demand our autonomy from the hive mind. We are all tortured victim-creations of diseased and malevolent structures. We are all at war with what is destroying us. We are all dead because death is being imposed upon us, we are being forced to die. I have, of course, articulated these and all other Forbidden Truths with exhaustive clarity in many of My other writings. But rereading My poem, I can understand how even a seeker of Truth cannot be expected to recognize these Forbidden Truths, from the subjective reading of this one poem.
I will continue to occasionally engage in creative writing and poetic Self-expression, because everything I do in My imagined existence is done to please, glorify, and satisfy Myself. But I will also continue to deliver the vast majority of all of My writings in essay form, straightforward, comprehensive, intensely explanatory, and fact-based. Truth itself is not subject to interpretation. Those who seek Truth and choose to read My writings should always maintain conscious realization and understanding of this fact. Feel free to “enjoy” My creative/poetic writings, rare as they are and will be, but do not allow your interpretive, subjective bias to obscure the actual Forbidden Truths which I am attempting to express and reveal, in all of My writings.
And, to those who choose to enjoy and appreciate My poetry and creative writing, while at the same time rejecting and denying the validity of My concretely forceful Forbidden Truth essays, you are free to pick and choose your mind integrations, but you are not seekers or embracers of Truth. Do not lie to yourselves, as you subjectively interpret poetic text, that this alone can provide you with a genuine path to Forbidden Truth. It cannot, and it does not.
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