Piercing the Matrix of Universal Illusion

Money does not make you rich. Money is the weapon deployed by government to ensure that you can never identify wealth for what it is.
Abortion does not end pregnancy. Abortion makes you the mother of a murdered baby.
A government does not provide you with freedom. A government is a territorial prison which keeps you as enslaved hostage.
god does not exist. god is the deranged myth imposed upon you, inspiring you to choose and accept death, so that you may never exist.
Punishing others can never result in justice. Punishing others guarantees that every living thing will always be subjected to injustice.
Power can never be attained by forcing others to do things. The only form of power is in preventing others from forcing you to do things.
Love can never be felt for others. Love can only be felt for Yourself.
You can never be guilty, or innocent, of anything. Your innocence has been taken from you, by the very structure that is guilty and responsible for everything harmful that has happened, is happening, and will happen.
Education never teaches you things. Education makes it impossible for you to learn and to know the factual Truths of your existence.
Terrorism is never what others might do to you. Terrorism is always what is being done to you, every day, by those who vow to protect you from terrorism.
Truth is never what you are told or taught or allowed to perceive. Truth is always what is hidden, denied, ridiculed, rejected, and renounced.
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