Perceiving Something Impossible, Renders It Impossible

In My texts, I propose many different types of changes, reforms, social progressions, that you humans deem and judge to be impossible to implement. From technological immortality, to the elimination of parenthood, to the elimination of all punishment, to the implementation of a universal Barter and Trade Economic System, to the end of all external love and emotion-based interpersonal relationships, and so much more.
But of course none of these things are impossible to implement and to make a functional reality. What is possible, and what is not possible, is determined by the laws of science, physics, factual reality, and Truth, none of which have been fully realized and/or developed by humanity, individually or collectively.
The laws of science and physics are not known by humanity, and the laws of factual reality and Truth are also not known by humanity.
Possibility only becomes possible, if it is consciously perceived, within Truth, as being possible.
And yet humans are always, pathologically and compulsively, judging things to be impossible, even while lacking the knowledge, therefore the capacity, to render such a judgment.
Why?? Because their minds are caged and imprisoned by The Matrix of Universal Illusion. They are, in Truth, not judging these things impossible. What they are doing is embracing the judgment made for them, on their behalf, by the Hive Mind. Society and government wants these things to be impossible to become functional realities, and so it decrees them to be impossible, and human beings, individually and collectively, because they exist as brainwashed mind-slaves to society and government, accept this externally imposed judgment.
Now, pay close attention to the next two paragraphs, because I am about to detonate yet another Mind Bomb, and you need to make love to the shrapnel, if you aspire to become a Superior.
So, breaking this Forbidden Truth down further, what is actually being judged by each individual human, is NOT whether any of these social reforms/progressions are possible or impossible, but whether or not the individual can PERCEIVE any of these reforms and progressions as being possible or impossible.
Every individual judgment lacks all direct analysis of the specific issue/reform/progression at hand. What is actually being judged by the individual, is whether or not he can IMAGINE the specific reform/progression as being possible, and this judgment is directly based upon the EXISTING judgment of whether the ACTUAL reform/progression is possible, as already made and as already imposed upon the mind consciousness of the individual, by the Hive Mind, by The Matrix of Universal illusion.
Got it? Do you understand the profound distinction? The individual is not judging the actual issue, even though he Self-deludes to pretend that he is doing so.
Instead, his judgment is that of perception: Whether or not he can perceive the reform/progression to be possible, and this judgment has already been made for him, it has already been decided and rendered, by the Hive Mind. It is “impossible”, no pun intended, for him to independently analyze and judge the reform/progression to be possible or impossible. This judgment has already been made by The Matrix, and he is pathologically compelled to accept it.
Boom?? I know My Mind Bomb was successfully detonated, but if you brainwashed sheeple cannot make love to the shrapnel, you will remain brain-dead to My dark gift of enlightenment.
How can you even begin to try to judge the possibility of something, when you are already subconsciously mind-compelled to judge not the idea itself, but the existing judgment of the idea that has already been made and imposed upon you, by the very structure that holds you as mind-hostage??
Of course it is possible to eliminate parenthood, end the tyranny that is government, achieve technological immortality, end all punitive punishment, eliminate all monetary currency, eliminate the Insane God Myth from the collective mindscape of humanity, end Universal Child Abuse, and all child abuse, and so much more.
The very idea that any of these sane, rational, logical, Truth-based reforms to human existence, are impossible to make functionally real, is absurd! It is only the collective consciousness of humanity as a whole, as controlled and directed by the Hive Mind and the Matrix of Universal Illusion, that causes you humans to decree them impossible.
Because you are not judging the reform itself, you are judging, without conscious awareness, your perception of the judgment as it has already been made and imposed upon you.
This Forbidden Truth understanding changes everything. It allows you, if you are an aspiring Superior, to at least try to break free of this mind cage!
possibility 8All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Great Essay! Humans are very restricted in terms of thinking. It appears their cognitive abilities don’t go beyond what has been set for them based on the Matrix. It must be an emotional and psychological war for humans, knowing that their minds are controlled, which enables their oppression. They are stuck and they know, and can’t break free from the matrix out of fear of the unknown

  2. I agree. Most folks arguing about issues miss the issue which is that what they perceive as possible is THE truth. And yes Reality is made up the same way. I really like your ideas about reform, and reconstruction of a new human being… who knows… maybe the first! I would love to live in the world you have outlined.

    1. The Hive Mind of Universal Illusion imposes overt limitations on the perception of possibility, on EVERY social issue. Society TELLS you what is possible, and you accept it, lacking all conscious capacity to understand that what IS possible has just been rendered impossible, on a level of personal perception.
      Two brief examples: Society decrees the alternative to capitalism, is communism, thereby destroying the capacity of humans to recognize the possibility of eliminating the monetary system itself.
      Society decrees ending the death penalty and providing more “humane” treatment of prisoners being punitively punished, as the only valid moral reform for judicial punishment, thereby eradicating all capacity of humans to perceive that ALL punitive punishment is wrong and impossible to justify, and that justice can only be achieved via the proactive prevention of all injustice from occurring.
      There are thousands of different real-life, real-time examples of this Forbidden Truth. Every issue is boxed, caged, all perceptions of possibility controlled by society and government, on EVERY issue, making ANY type of Truth-based reform completely impossible to attain, because it cannot even be consciously perceived as being possible.
      “Whoever and whatever controls the human perception of what is possible, determines the fate of humanity.”—–The Seer of Forbidden Truth. 🙂
      Unfortunately, the world I perceive as possible can never become a reality on planet earth. The devolutionary death spiral of the species is underway, and cannot be reversed.

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