Patriotism as Child Abuse

This news article beautifully and perfectly illustrates the genocidal child abuse inherent in all patriotism, all familial enmeshment, and all governmental rule:
Read it carefully, with an open mind to Forbidden Truth, and you might be able to appreciate the vortex of human social derangements that are coming directly together, to destroy a helpless four year old child named christian Jacobs. And yes, the first name is deliberately not capitalized, as it is a perversion of child rights to allow a child to be named after a version of the insane god myth.
In the given facts of this news article, we see the horrors of the family unit, of government, of religion, of child slavery, of coerced emotional dependency and addiction, all welded together, resulting in a horrific display of child victimization by a helpless and already broken four year old boy.
The greatest of all ironies, of course, lies in the fact that this news article is positioned as a “feel-good” story by the media, intended to legitimize the family unit, parenthood, emotional dependency, religion, worship of death, patriotism, nationalism, and the legitimacy of government.
At the age of four, christian Jacobs, victim of the universal child abuse sponsored and carried out by society and by government, is already addicted to both death, and to the insane god myth. Already he is planning out his upcoming death, with anticipation, thanks to you humans. Already he is addicted to the deranged delusion that human beings can “come back” after they die and after their brain cells and flesh rot away to eternal nothingness. Already he has been rendered emotionally crippled and dependent upon the interpersonal relationship, left unable to meet his own psychological needs without the crutch of malevolent and useless vampirism.
You could not make a horror movie more horrific than the real-life facts and reality of what has been done to this four year old boy, and I am not referring to how his sperm creator died as a usa military soldier-slave. That is not the primary source or the major component of his victimization. It is his treatment at the hands of his mother, his family unit, and society as a whole, in response to the state-sponsored murder of his male slaveowner, which has resulted in his destruction of mind and of soul.
The shallow-minded thinker who pretends to aspire to enlightenment, might embrace an anti-war or anti-military sentiment in response to reading this news article. But such pathetic dimness of mind only proves the hopelessness of the human condition. Anti-war/anti-military sentiment should only exist as the very tip of the iceberg of enlightenment, the very first, preliminary flare of Forbidden Truth realization. Upon this Truth realization, the Superior mind must immediately enhance and broaden to an absolute understanding of why the family unit, religion, and government must all be recognized as invalid, illegitimate, direct sponsors and the direct cause of universal child abuse, and immediately targeted by all who are sane for eradication as social structures, as an enlightened response to the facts illuminated by the plight of four year old christian Jacobs.
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