Outlaw Murderers: The Wind Beneath My Wings

Edmund Emil Kemper. David Berkowitz. Laurie Dann. Zodiac. Patrick Purdy. Charles Manson. Howard Unruh. Andrei Chikatilo. Timothy McVeigh. Jeffrey Dahmer. Martin Bryant. Andrew Kehoe. Henry Lee Lucas. John Wilkes Booth. Gary Ridgway. John Hinckley Jr. Lynette Fromme. Ronald Gene Simmons. Susan Atkins.
John Wayne Gacy. Lee Harvey Oswald. Richard Speck. Pedro Lopez. Javed Iqbal. Ronald Gene Simmons. George Hennard. Eric Harris. James Oliver Huberty. Yoo Young-chul. Ian Brady. Dylan Klebold. Dennis Nilsen. Elizabeth Bathory. Aileen Wuornos. Seung-Hui Cho. Juana Barraza. Jane Toppan. Charles Whitman.
I could give you 300 more names. Your Martyrs. Your tortured victim-creations, harmed over and over and over by you. Individuals who have always deserved your respect and apology, your begging them for the forgiveness you have never, will never deserve to receive.
But this post is personal. It is about Me giving thanks, showing My immense gratitude, for all to see and to know.
My heroes have always been and will always be, outlaw mass murderers. From early childhood I successfully recognized them as a precious gift to Me, in My conscious transformation to The Seer of Forbidden Truth.
Thank you to My heroes, all of You, directly named or not. Thank you for being the wind beneath my wings. Thank you for the gift of your reflective rage and hate. Thank you for standing up for Yourself, and in the process inspiring Me, paving My own mind path, illuminating it with the lightness and brightness and thickness of blood.
Today, I am NOT more than any of you. I am your collective True Reality, incubated and integrated and exalted and realized within the universe I have built, a universe that you helped Me to build.
Most of you have been lost to eternal nothingness. The remainder of you are being attacked and harmed, victimized and mistreated, each and every day. Just as I was, and am, and will be.
I promise to hold You within Me, for as long as I can.
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