Organized Sports: Human Pathology & Government Weapon

Let us begin with a trivia question, before we move on to dissect the functional and ideological horrors inflicted upon all of humanity by the toxic and diseased ritual of organized sports. In amerikkka, there are four top-level professional sports: Baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. In a normal year, according to the artificial calendar of humanity, there are 365 days. Can anyone tell Me how many of these days are soiled by at least one of these four professional sporting rituals?? Come on, try to guess…. The answer is: 363. Yup, out of 365 days in the year, amerikkkan society has intentionally and specifically structured its four toxic professional sporting rituals, so that the mindlessness and malicious molding of reality perception via professional sports, is imposed upon the usa citizen-slave 363 out of the 365 days.
Now, for 2015, if you include the WNBA, the WOMEN’S professional basketball toxicity, it goes up to 364 days. And of course there are thousands of organized sporting events throughout amerikkka every single day of the year, on amateur, college, high school, elementary school, and private league levels. Let us clearly understand it is no coincidence that amerikkkan society and government has specifically structured the organized ritual of professional and amateur sports, to impose itself upon the consciousness of every citizen-slave, each and every day of the year, each and every day throughout the entire lifetime of the slave.
Professional and organized sports are not a harmless distraction, they are not a way for society and government to divert the attention and focus of citizen-slaves to the utterly trivial and pointless and meaningless, although this is just one of the many malicious achievements realized. We must understand that the professional/organized sporting ritual inflicts profound harm and destruction upon all human beings, on many different levels. This essay will merely scrape the tip of the iceberg, in terms of illuminating the multi-level horrors of this supreme human pathology.
Let us begin with this understanding: No organized or professional sport has anything to do with good health, exercise, or physical fitness, all of which are valid and personally noble pursuits. All sporting events serve to harm and destroy the physical and mental health of all participants. All sports consist of physical violence and attack, completely unnatural repetitive motions, deliberate and completely unnatural exposure to the risk of physical injury, and the overt psychological trauma inherent in the deranged concepts of winning and losing, triumph and humiliation, and the pathological insertion of value to an activity which is foundationally useless, meaningless, and valueless.
The Superior honors Himself by achieving and maintaining good health and physical fitness, which may perhaps involve exercise rituals, but must never involve any type of participation in any organized sporting activity, be it team-based or individual, one-on-one. Let us understand that society and government heavily promotes team sports over individual, one-on-one sports such as tennis, and in point of Truth, team sports are more toxic and cause greater harm, both physical and mental. But this does not allow for the Superior to participate in any one-on-one sport. Every interactive sporting ritual must be rejected, shunned, and consciously understood as a pure mind pathology of the inferior, broken, citizen-slave.
It is with a sense of personal shame, deeply tempered with homicidal rage, that I must admit to knowing what a touchdown and a field goal is. I know what a home run is. I know what it is to steal a base. I know what a three point shot is. I know what a rebound is. I know what a hat trick is. I know what the penalty box is. I know all of these things because I am a tortured victim-creation of a diseased and evil society. I know these things because as a child My precious and uniquely brilliant mind was attacked and polluted with the toxic mind waste known as sports.
By the age of 8, I had already fully rejected and renounced the insane activity of watching sporting events. But the damage to My brain had already been done. And now, decades later, my brain remains polluted by this toxic excreta, useless and meaningless information, artificial terminology created by society solely to deceive and to harm, taking up precious and valuable space within My brain. Unacceptable!! But there they are, stuck like crazy glue, artificial facts which should not exist within the universe, much less be stuck within My own brain.
Consider the news, broadcast on television, printed in newspapers. The news, which should be mandated to inform, to explain new and valuable and real developments within the universe of human experience. But no, every newspaper and every television news broadcast is poisoned with the artificial ritual of sports. Sports, an artificial creation, an artifact of pure illusion, meaningless ritual built upon pure illusion. But no, the media weaves epic tales out of this nothingness. Epic tales of struggle and triumph, victory of a team, courage of a player. He hit a HOME RUN. He scored a TOUCHDOWN. He hit a THREE POINT SHOT at the BUZZER. It is important, it is grand, lose Yourself in the grandness of absolutely nothing, brainwashed slave!
For decades I have never watched a sporting event. Yet the harm of its imposition upon Me as a child, remains. Not even articulating all of the Forbidden Truths of sports, frees My brain from the weight of useless facts, facts imposed upon My vulnerable child mind. Let there be no mistake, the very existence of organized sports within a society, constitutes a direct and genocidal attack against the mind and brain of every individual, and most horribly, every child, possessing an open and vulnerable mind so worthy of protection from all mind pollution.
Before I begin to list the very many harmful impacts of all organized sports, let Me take a moment to discuss how, in recent decades, amerikkkan society has begun to more directly and specifically target females with the mind holocaust of sports. To be certain, every society targets both males and females with all of the sports that it promotes. Even if a sport is played exclusively by males, the female population of citizen-slaves is directly targeted for obsessive focus and fanaticism. But over the past 20 years, amerikkkan society and government has gone out of its way to sponsor the WNBA, a professional women’s basketball league, several women’s professional soccer leagues, and even a football league.
Let us understand that this gender-specific targeting is directly motivated by a desire to more effectively addict and enslave the minds of women to the toxic excreta of sports. It represents nothing positive, no move towards any type of equality, but simply a malicious effort to achieve the same rate of success in destroying the minds of women, as sports has achieved in destroying the minds of men.
Why have men, historically, been the more primary target of insane sports rituals? Because men have always posed the greater threat to disrupt and destroy societies via domestic rebellion and unrest. The brutal violence inherent in all organized sports, coupled with the soap opera sagas of victory and conquest, mesmerize broken and destroyed male children, rendering them lifelong docile addicts to sports, sucking dry all of their intellectual and emotional capacity to find the motivational strength to rise up within the real world and attack/destroy their own societies and governments.
To anyone who thinks I may be overstating the horrific impact of organized sports upon the human experience of existence, let me outline just a few of the 100 or more specifically different harms this toxic ritual causes.

  • Sports artificializes reality. Sports creates an artificial and invalid universe of illusion which is specifically designed to entice human beings to escape from, ignore, and reject reality, and by proxy, to blindly and meekly accept all of the real-life injustices and victimizations which society and government chooses to impose.
  • Every sport is overtly violent, involving attack against and upon other individuals. As such, sports is used as a subconscious outlet for the rage and hate of individual viewers, inspiring them to deny and sublimate the True causes and sources of their rage and hate.
  • Every sport is designed and intended to inspire fanaticism, fanatical devotion, void of all reason. As such, sports encourages and facilitates the embrace of every other form of fanaticism, including worship of god and patriotic allegiance.
  • Every sport promotes the toxic mind delusion of victory, achieved without any resulting benefit to the individual. This warped mindset allows for society and government to brainwash individuals to support all manner of deranged, real-life activities such as military war, via the exhortation that victory is grand and glorious and necessary, even if it provides no tangible benefit to the victor.
  • Every sport overtly promotes war, because every sporting ritual is specifically designed upon the exact model of war: A group of individuals banded together within the pure illusion of friendship and family bond, forced to protect their “territory” from an artificial and imaginary enemy group, while at the same time mandated within moral obligation, to offensively attack and attempt to conquer the territory of this imaginary enemy.

My above bullet point deserves some additional comments. It must be understood that the single greatest goal of all organized sports is to legitimize the toxic and insane ritual of war. Just look at the design structure of soccer, the most popular sport in the world, football, rugby, hockey, basketball, and even baseball. The exact same structure is at play. You have a “team”, to serve as substitute for nation. You have an “opponent”, substitute for enemy nation. You have territory which your team must defend, substitute for the borders of your country. You have territory which your team must conquer, substitute for the sovereign territory of an enemy nation that you attack during war. You have a “coach”, substitute for the president, prime minister, supreme leader of the country to which you must pledge allegiance and obedience. You have a “captain” “quarterback”, etc…, a team leader, substitute for the military leaders who order soldiers to obey them via blind allegiance.
Decades ago, when I watched a few football games on tv as a child, the united states military was the official sponsor of the NFL, officially announced as such, and every branch of the us military, army, navy, air force, and marines, repeatedly ran propaganda recruitment ads during every professional and college football game, as they still do today. Why? Because football, more than any other sport, exactly mirrors the absolute insanity of the war ritual, and the amerikkkan government fully understands that tortured young children obsessed with violence will watch football games, and will be successfully lured and propagandized to join the military via the promise of being given deadly weapons and empowered to murder fellow human beings.
And now, onto even more brilliant bullet points:

  • Sports promotes personal dependency by diminishing the individual to the status of being a member of a team, with his success and victory dependent upon other members of the team.
  • Sports encourages the irrational demonization of other groups, based upon arbitrary designation of an opponent. This facilitates prejudices of all types in real life.
  • Every sport is based upon the obedience of irrational and arbitrary rules, with players who violate any rule being subjected to overt punishment. This indoctrinates blind obedience to the laws of society and government, devastating the capacity of individuals to stand up for Truth-based justice and to recognize the perverse hypocrisy and insanity inherent to all judicial laws. In addition, the perverse mindset that individuals who defy and break laws deserve to be subjected to punitive punishment, is legitimized.
  • Sports is a waste of time and focus. It has no Truth-based relevence for any individual in his real-life journey. It encourages every social pathology, and it challenges no social pathologies. As such it exists as a directly offensive weapon of government, and is overtly deployed to brainwash, indoctrinate, and mold the vulnerable minds of children and adults alike.
  • Participation in sports is both physically and mentally harmful. Participants harm their bodies and risk serious injury for no rational reason, and harm their mind/brains via direct participation in a toxic ritual which narrows, weakens, and compromises the capacity of the mind to recognize the horrors of war, government, obedience, and dependency, among many other things.
  • Sports is a business enterprise, mandated to generate monetary profit. All players exist as employee-slaves, mandated to perform in order to generate money for others, the owner and manager of the team. This structure legitimizes the insanity of forced labor and individuals being compelled to submit to the orders of bosses.
  • Every sport is specifically structured to create a vast quantity of useless individual player as well as team, statistics, for humans to obsessively compare and follow. This compromises the capacity of humans to develop the capacity to understand what is primarily important in life, and what is inherently meaningless.
  • Many sports, such as gymnastics. boxing, ice skating, and auto racing, overtly attract masochists, Self-haters, and those who are suicidally ideated, by offering them the opportunity to become anorexic, bulimic, and to deliberately endanger their own lives, without having to consciously face up to what they are doing, and why.

I could easily go on to list many more bullet points, but I am busy and to any sane thinker, the Forbidden Truths should be clear: All organized sports exist as utterly toxic, absolutely harmful, and brutally destructive rituals, maliciously imposed upon the human populace by society and government. Organized sports have no legitimate or redeeming value of any kind, for any individual human beings. Organized sports are utilized as vicious weapons by society and government, to inflict universal harm and to destroy the individual capacity to thrive within Truth and to recognize True enemies and opponents, in the actual and real war being waged against us, by society and government.
Organized sports should be eradicated from the human experience of life. If humanity were sane, the Truths I articulate here would be recognized by all, who would rise up as one to demand an end to this suffocating scourge.
Let Me show you the True face of sports. Here is hockey. Is it about skating on ice? Trying to direct a puck into a net? Trying to avoid a puck going into a net? No. It is about rage and hate, violence and suffering and bloodthirst, and destroying others, and reveling in the destruction of others. Listen to the cheers, the excitement of the announcers, the “fans”, tortured slaves, will they abuse their children less this evening, thanks to their sporting catharsis??
Sports: It is about tortured children trying to hurt each other, and more tortured children sitting at home watching on tv and reveling in other tortured children trying to hurt each other, and victims of child abuse paying money to sit as a crowd and to revel in tortured children hurting each other, then going home to hurt their children. This is what it is about, this is what all sporting events are about, you blind hypocrites!

All Text Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. One more observation that wasn’t mentioned and I think is of importance is the notion of “we won” “or our team” or “next football season we need to” or “if we didn’t miss that field goal in the 3rd quarter”… etc examples. I mean this false sense of collectivism. People/fans thinking in terms of “our”. A false sense of collectivism. It is the same phenomenon with wrestling; etc.
    Video games too. Politics as well. And mass media/television in general.
    It’s all a false sense of belonging, a distraction, and a perpetual preoccupation with vicarious existence.
    We don’t even belong to our own neighborhoods and communities because of all the hatred, anger, distrust, and divisiveness. .
    The media uses “we” and “our” too which is misplaced. “Our children are still failing in math” for example..
    “our government” etc. !
    I tend to have always liked one on one sports/games, chess, billiards, wrestling, tennis; etc. more than sports.
    There is an obvious obsession with sports. It’s distraction for the masses and adoration of idols. Most of which we can never become to their “skill level” because they have spent their entire lives as bodybuilders, football players, hockey; etc.
    By the way, is there a matching analogy here of the stench of “organized sports” and “organized religion”?
    ..All part of the same core of deception? First the deception and then the anti-social/suicidal tendencies .. .and then the destruction.

    1. The hive mind always seeks to indoctrinate and coerce toxic interpersonal enmeshment among humans: Physical, emotional, ideological. To maliciously strip all individuals of their capacity to consciously embrace the Forbidden Truth that they are alone, all alone, forever isolated as a Self-universe, and to celebrate this Truth.
      So, your point in well-taken. All organized sports, along with many other primary social structures and ideologies, are specifically designed and utilized to serve this malicious mandate of society and government.
      Individual one-on-one sports and games are slightly less harmful on an overall level, but they still serve as toxic distractions, promoting obsession with pointless triviality, as well as artificial illusions of legitimate competition, and worst of all, the toxicity of useless, meaningless, and invalid victory and success illusion and delusion.
      Organized religion shares many of the perverse design and operational constructs and goals of organized sports. Both cause immense harm to both Truth and Self. Religion is a bit more important for the Matrix, as a primary weapon of devastating social control and terrorization, but both deserve to be outed as toxic tentacles, directly destroying individual and collective human potential.
      At every level, in hundreds of different ways, the individuality of all individual minds is shackled and neutered, under the cloak of collectivism.

  2. It’s unfortunate that humans, men in particular, don’t know the agenda behind sports. Humans are now gearing up for the Super Bowl and some will even attend and pay for front row seats. When you think about it, it’s useless and a waste of hard-earned money to see players harm and maim themselves

  3. Once as a child-slave I was obliged to go to a “mixed martial arts” show with members of my family-unit. I went expecting to just see “adults” fighting, but boy was I surprised when during a break they decided to have children as young as 7-8 fight was well! 5 or 6 different fights involving a bunch of different kids as tens of thousands cheered on. Wasn’t awoken to the FT of child abuse but couldn’t believe what I was watching. Admittedly though I did over hear some people remarking that it was pretty messed up.

    1. Isn’t it ironic that humans don’t understand that they are teaching their children violence at an early age?

    2. Humans must find outlets for their cathartic rage and hate, and are specifically directed to do so in specific ways, by their society and government. This has always been so, throughout human history, from the roman gladiators fighting to the death, to the aztecs tying children to stakes in public and watching them slowly die of thirst and starvation. Read this for a clear understanding of the purpose and standing of children in human society:
      Nothing has changed over the passing centuries. Nothing! Only the specific ways that children are being sacrificed and destroyed has been modified, in order to maintain a cloak of illusion, the absolute lie, that children are no longer being ritualistically destroyed as open public policy. But they are.

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