Operational Tactics 101: Never Threaten Anyone

In the war of life, there are many tactical rules of operation. Most of them, I will never discuss with any human being, because such discussion, in and of itself, could potentially compromise the efficiency and usefulness of the tactical rule itself. The first rule of proper operational tactics is: Do not allow others to know or to understand the tactical rules you embrace.
So I have spend the past 15 minutes trying to figure out an important, but second-level tactical rule, which could be openly revealed, be of value to others, yet not compromise the first and foremost tactical rule of operations I have revealed above. What I came up with is: Never threaten anyone.
This is a tactical rule of operation I embrace, and that all who are tactically astute should embrace. It is very obvious to Me, as an important tactical rule, yet it is clear that most humans are unable to recognize or appreciate its value. I cannot say that there is no loss of tactical advantage in revealing this tactical rule, but the loss is minimal, unlike the vast majority of my hundreds of other tactical rules. And so I am sharing it here.
Never threaten anyone, because threatening others is a tactical mistake, always and in all circumstances. Doing so undermines the advantage that you, as a tactical operative, enjoy. Threatening an individual or a structure, alerts others to adopt a defensive posture which undermines the potential effectiveness of your tactical operation. Further, it provides a potential pathway by which your enemy may be able to utilize its legal system of institutionalized injustice, to derail and interfere with your tactical operation.
Inferior humans resort to threats because they lack the MindPower to realize achievement of their objectives as thoughts and experiences internal to their True Reality of brain function. Inferior humans feel the need to obtain pleasure via the real or imagined reactions of others. Superiors obtain pleasure within their own independent achievements of mind, and are in no way dependent upon the reactions of others. Inferior humans are ruled by emotional impulse. Superiors are not ruled, period. Superiors rule over their own minds, carving out a behavioral path within which they meet their own needs, and achieve their tactical objectives, with no compromise of personal safety, welfare, or forward-looking personal potential.
Superiors understand and know that you can terrorize others, without personally threatening them. And if terrorizing others is a legitimate objective, it should be achieved absent the personal threat. The personal threat is an offensive action which creates and exposes a defensive vulnerability, without providing a positive benefit-to-cost ratio.
In uniquely specific circumstances, a misdirected personal threat, immediately prior to the initiation of an offensive operation, could conceivably provide a useful tactical advantage. This would fall within the intermediate level of operational tactics, and therefore cannot be further discussed. I mention it only to point out that there is a minor difference between a “sincerely” directed threat, and a deliberately misdirected threat. The sincerely directed threat never provides a tactical advantage, and therefore must never be operationally deployed. The deliberately misdirected threat, only in very rare and uniquely specific circumstances, could conceivably provide a tactical advantage, but only when deployed after careful and full-spectrum tactical analysis of all potential negative costs and impacts. In other words, the tactical rule of Never Threaten Anyone, must still be applied.
To the tactical operative, within the scope of fundamental, primary level tactics of operation, all personal threats should be avoided and rejected, within conscious, deliberated choice of mind ownership, with the understanding that the achieved or perceived benefits of the threat, do not outweigh the actual and very real advantages of maintaining covert operational silence and anonymity.
All text is Copyright  © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. That’s outstanding SEER! I agree what’s the point in threatening inferiors when they are predisposed to react in a threatening manner? Inferiors cannot use their minds to achieve power over their enemies and resort to physical altercation in getting their point across. Besides, religion promotes retaliation and violence whether inferiors want to accept it or not; it does. Inferiors are only doing what they have been conditioned to do, and the words of their religious text. I shake my head in amazement when humans do silly things, because I know, that their minds are incapable of moving beyond childish like behavior

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