One Reason Humans Enjoy Watching Other Humans Die…

…especially when it is on video, is to reinforce their own Self-delusion of being alive. In person, the death-viewing process is too much for some humans, but in the more detached form of video recording, it works very well.
The Forbidden Truths of death are unbearable for humans to consciously acknowledge and accept. But they creep into the subconscious mind. “Am I really alive??”, the subconscious mind can tentatively ask. A terrifying question for the hater of Truth. But when this individual gets to directly witness someone dying, the lie is much easier to maintain: “Sure, I’m alive. I just saw that girl die. She’s dead. I’m alive, Whew, what a relief…”
Ironic, that the deaths of others help you humans to hide from and reject the Forbidden Truths of death as they apply to you. But, so it is.
Just one of the reasons My uncensored Katelyn Nicole Davis live-stream suicide blog post is closing in on 25,000 unique views, after just 72 hours of being online.
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