On Writing: Words Must Always Be The Final Byproduct

Many humans have difficulty expressing themselves with words. Fools, your difficulty is Self-created, like stepping into wet cement and wondering what you did wrong. You try to create a reality by describing it, instead of creating a reality and then uncloaking it to the universe, effortlessly and within the perfection of mind achievement.
Every word must be understood as a prejudice, as Seer Friedrich Nietzsche so beautifully revealed. To try to control how others perceive your words, is an exercise in futility. I translate thoughts into Truth and fact, to exist as structures, structures not to be described, but to be uncloaked. The Superior mind SEES the Forbidden Truths. Once seen, they must be integrated to core consciousness and nurtured to maximized ideological perfection, as personal and universal perception.
Words flow effortlessly when an ideological structure has been perfectly erected, shaped and molded and solidified to the point of absolute personal clarity of mind. The word is like a bullet, its path is determined by the hand holding the gun, while the positioning and grip of the hand holding the gun, is controlled by the brain.
The words are end products. You find them easily when you already know what is to be revealed, and they are always perfect, in pre-determined clarity.
You dig it? 🙂
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