On Nature, Free Will, Hate, & The Insane god Myth

I received an interesting reply to a recent, brilliant blog post I made concerning how the Superior atheist should understand religion, god, and Himself. You can read this blog post here:
and I highly recommend you do so before proceeding with this follow-up post.
In this reply to a comment, I greatly enhance the depth of Forbidden Truth on the understanding of the roles of nature and love of Self, within the philosophical understanding of Full Force Atheism.
As always, the comments directed towards Me appear in italicized, light printed text, while My reply is in bold and non-italicized text:
“To be an atheist it is not necessary to hate everything that I do not like. As an example you write – “A lover of Self, therefore a hater of god and religion.” I agree that you should be a lover of Self. But I do not want to be a hater of anything in this world.”
To be an atheist it is necessary to hate god and religion, because those who embrace god and religion hate you, as they hate the very structure of life itself. Religion is the worship of death, the worship of universal death. Religion is the demand that you personally die, and it is made by the religious, by those who believe in and worship god.
Only inferiors make decisions based on what they want, at the cost of what actually is, and at the cost of logic and reflective reasoning. Whatever proactively seeks and demands your eternal destruction and retroactive unbirth, deserves to be hated by you, and must be hated by you, in the name of reflective Truth. Otherwise you are betraying and compromising love of Self. Whether or not you choose to consciously face up to this Truth, does not alter it. Self-love cannot be subjectively determined. It must be objectively determined.
“The reason is that there is no good and bad in nature. Do we say apple is good and orange is bad? We don’t. Similarly, we do not say sun is good and moon is bad, or rain is good and shine is bad, or dog is good and cat is bad. Then why would you say Mr. X is good and Mr. Y is bad? All humans are objects of nature. We should not discriminate things in nature; we accept nature as it is.”
You are correct in that there is no good or bad sentient intent in nature. But there are good and bad consequences. What harms Me is bad. The passive acceptance of injustice and harm, merely because it originates in nature, cannot be justified within the umbrella of Self-love and the consciously realized entitlement of personal godhood which the achievement of limitless and unconditional love of Self, mandates.
If you read My brilliant texts, you will note that I do not negatively judge individuals, recognizing each and every one as a created victim of external injustice. But this does not negate My sacred right to hate, and to seek personal vengeance, and to reflect personal injustice. Further, My refusal to embrace the prejudice that is personal judgment, places upon Me a genuine obligation to hate and to condemn organized human structures, such as government, education, the family unit, religion, and god worship, structures which are guilty of universally victimizing and destroying humanity as a collective whole.
We must not accept nature as it is. There is nothing holy in nature. Nature is a fatally flawed structure which lacks all sentient will, a structure which metes out injustice by virtue of its own mindlessness, its own random dysfunction. To accept nature as it is, is to embrace death. To embrace death is to betray Self. Religion and god are the toxic and diseased deceptions deployed by society and government, to inspire and to effect this betrayal of Self, which cannot be seperated from hatred of Self. Whenever the individual chooses to allow Himself to be harmed, he is expressing and manifesting hatred towards Himself.
What is holy and sacred? Me. I am holy and sacred, unique and irreplaceable, singular and infinitely precious. The universe is My creation, and My brain is the creator of the universe. Hatred of religion, god, and nature, is honorable, necessary, and the most natural of all responses, to all that seeks to destroy the universe of Me, be it via conscious will, as is the case of religion and god worship, or mindless dysfunctionality, such as is the case with nature.
Note that there is no freewill. This is quite obvious.”
It is not obvious, nor is it factually valid. The issue is multilayered and complex. We are all reflections of all that has been imposed, inflicted, and indoctrinated upon us. Your life path choices will reflect this external imposition, to one degree or another.
But it is possible to pierce the matrix, to become an outsider looking in, to transcend your own humanity, and the tiny handful who achieve this feat, achieve the capacity to choose what to reflect, if to reflect, and when to reflect. Which does not translate to absolute free will, certainly not. But it does represent a genuine distinction from the mindless, consciously oblivious reflections of the unwashed masses of humans.
The complexity comes from this: The very process of transcending your own humanity, as I have done, is inspired by the reflective impositions of others, therefore the original inspiration is not an expression of independently free will, even if the end result allows for freedom of choice which far exceeds that of the human drone who remains matrix-trapped.
“Have you ever done anything without any reasons? No you have not. Thus reasons come before you take action.”
Conceived reasons for executing personal choices may be either valid or invalid, rooted in factual reality or the projection of absolute fantasy and false deductive process, within the envelope of what constitutes Truth itself. But within this understanding, it is fair to reject the concept of absolute free will, within personal choice, independent of all past impositions upon reality perception. To possess absolute free will would require that all past impositions upon the Self be absolutely and completely negated, erased from all capacity to imprint upon personal consciousness, and this is not something that even I, a top-level transcendee of My humanity, have achieved.
“Your present action is controlled by your past reasons – and that is the definition of destiny.”
No. It is at this point that you stray from the path of Truth. My present actions are controlled and limited, appropriately so, by the combination of what has been imposed upon Me externally, and the sum total of all Truth and factual reality which I have actualized within My conscious mind, and My intellectual capacity to make choices and decisions which violate neither My own personal True Reality, nor objective Truth, itself. To be clear, this is my personal triumph of the mind as a Superior, not typical or accurately descriptive of human thought, behavior, or choice. For the typical human, both thought and behavior are determined by pathological brain dysfunction, the rejection of reality and of Truth, reasons deduced via a lack of sane reasoning, and the embrace of warped reality perception, of which religion and god worship is a prime illustration.
Those who “believe” in destiny as it is defined by society, and as you appear to define it within your comment, fall victim to mystical thinking and are guilty of abdicating the development of ownership of Self and of mind, which the top-level Superior achieves. It is fair to say that there are very specific things which I am destined not to do, because in doing these specific things I would be violating both My own True Reality, and objective Truth. But it would not be fair to say that there are very specific things which I am destined to specifically do, because the mind ownership I have achieved allows Me a degree of freedom of will, within parameters of Truth and True Reality, which preclude and negate the mystical pull of destiny.
“The entire universe is guided by a global plan or global destiny. Our individual destiny is derived from that global plan.”
This is where you completely veer off the course of Truth. There is no sentient will in the “universe”, just as there is no sentient will in religion, in the myth of god, or in the functions and dysfunctions of nature. You have fallen victim to mystical thinking, created a fable on the same level as any organized religion. There is no plan or destiny absent sentient will, absent conscious intent, and “the universe” lacks all sentient will, lacks all conscious intent. The organization of the universe is random, scientific phenomena such as gravity or oxygen do not alter this fact.
The destiny of the individual inferior is controlled by the limitation of his reality perceptions, his refusal to embrace the Forbidden Truths, and the sum total of what has been externally imposed upon him from the moment of his biological conception, through every moment in time up to the present moment of his perceived existence. There is no global plan or destiny, controlled by the “universe”, in play.
“No one has any control of the universe.”
I have much control of the universe, having embraced My obligation to Self and to Truth, to create a universe in which I achieve the omnipotence to which I am entitled. But My degree of control is limited by humans, and their inferior, pathetic minds, their rejection of Truth.
“There should not be any reasons to feel frustrated and remain angry. Everybody is playing his role according to the laws of nature. Why then blame anyone?”
Nature is a failure. Nature is dysfunctional. The laws of nature are unjust. The laws of nature harm Me, and are therefore unacceptable. Nature must be recognized as a personal enemy, even if rage and hate are reserved for toxic and diseased man-made structures such as religion, god, and government. We must hate what is consciously choosing to destroy us, as individuals. Nature itself, lacks such conscious intent. Therefore, hating nature can be understood as a waste of time and focus. But nature is still our mortal enemy, it must be treated as such, it must be prevented, by any and all possible means, from harming Me.
To worship nature is to worship death, the same horrific and impossible to justify choice, as the embrace of religion and belief in a god creature, both of which are deployed by humanity to coerce and to brainwash the universal embrace of individual death. Of course we must be angry. Of course we must blame and we must hate. We must hate humanity, victims and yet collaborators in creating and maintaining the matrix. We must hate the human structures which are deployed to destroy us, to murder the universe of Me. And even if we do not proactively hate nature, as we are absolutely entitled to do, we must blame nature. We must recognize nature as our enemy, not something to be respected and honored, but a rogue force of harm, attacking and destroying us.
Nature is not the antidote to religion. Honoring the right of nature to harm Me, is a betrayal of Self and of Truth just as great as honoring the right of religion or god to harm Me. The antodote to religion is Truth and love of Self, and this same antidote must be applied to our understanding of and relationship with, nature.
To the commenter: Please note that your last sentence, containing a link to your blog, has been deleted from this reply, because I will not use My own writings to promote a philosophy or ideology which compromises Truth.
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