Oink, errr…Let Us Pray, Oink!

Such a sweet little gesture! Impotent, of course, but still delightfully inspired. Imagine the priest, all revved up for a big flock brainwashing sermon at christmas morning mass, checking things out, making sure everything is neat and clean… Oops, something looks wrong here. Baby jesus has….changed. The statue of baby jesus looks….different… is it a miracle??? Errr, lets look closer…errr, that looks like the head of a pig! Somebody took our statue and replaced it with the freshly severed head of a pig! D’oh!
Oh well, the show must go on, thank goodness a god addict gal had her own baby jesus statue at home & brought it over as a replacement.
Question is: Where is the media photo of the freshly severed head of the pig?? Societal whores cannot even find the guts to publish a photo. Oh no, that would show disrespect to god. Jeez!
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