No last words from Peter Edward Kassig

The video of yesterday’s ISIS beheading of Peter Edward Kassig is prompting usa and western media speculation as to why Peter did not say anything on the video, as all the other western hostages legally murdered by ISIS did. One theory is that Peter might have refused to say what ISIS wanted him to say, and this is being hailed as an act of great courage. How absurd and deranged! If in fact Peter refused to participate in the ongoing efforts of ISIS to demonize amerikkka and the west, he directly aided his greatest enemy and the government most primarily responsible for his beheading, amerikkka, in its demonization and propaganda crusade against ISIS.
There can be no such thing as neutrality when acting as a citizen-slave of any government or governmental structure. There can be no such thing as siding with your friend, your ally, your protector, because governments do not provide friendship, allegiance, or protection to any living thing. governments enslave and terrorize, suck the life out of all, and destroy. The stronger your allegiance is to a government, the more certain you can be that this government will destroy you.
Propaganda is a universally exercised perversion of the minds of those born human, practiced by all governments. Of course ISIS wanted to and did use Peter Edward Kassig as a propaganda mouthpiece, ISIS is a government, and that is what governments do. But if Peter rejected and renounced these efforts, his battle contained not a trace of nobility, no fragment of any possible Truth quest, because all he has done is make it easier for the amerikkkan government to more successfully use him as its propaganda mouthpiece.
The Truth-seeker fully integrates to conscious realization and understanding, this foundational level Forbidden Truth: “Your” government, meaning the government within which you were born and raised, and chose to “willingly” pledge your allegiance, is always your greatest enemy. Other governments, no matter if they seize your body later on and attempt to use you as pawns in an insane war ritual, are lesser enemies. Your ultimate fate of being a murder victim, as all who die are, is sponsored by the government which claims primary ownership over you.
It is the government of amerikkka which claimed primary ownership of Peter Edward Kassig. He was born a slave to amerikkka, it is this regime which indoctrinated him to the culture and traditions of this totalitarian dictatorship. It is amerikkka which terrorized Edward via religion, money, death, punishment, harm, and every imaginable form of ideological, emotional, and intellectual blackmail.
If in fact Peter refused to cooperate with ISIS in delivering last words just prior to being beheaded by ISIS, he chose to align himself with his greatest enemy. Truth possesses intrinsic value. Our position of existing as citizen-slaves is universally hopeless. Those who choose to align with ISIS are just as dommed as those who choose to align with amerikkka. And yet, as we revere Truth, we must always seek the path of Truth.
Peter Edward Kassig, doomed as he was, by the structure that is government, did not serve either Himself or the Truth, in denying ISIS the ability to most effectively use him as a propaganda mouthpiece, because ISIS was not his greatest enemy and destroyer. Both the structure of government itself, and the specific enslaving government structure of amerikkka, were his greatest enemies and are guilty of his destruction. In remaining silent, Peter has helped to conceal this specific Forbidden Truth from coming to exist within human consciousness. And of course in the long run this makes absolutely no difference, to Peter or to any other human, as Truth itself is dead to this devolving and extinction-doomed species.
But still. to those who follow the path of Truth, it must be understood that Peter’s failure to blame either the amerikkkan government, or government itself as a structure, in his last words prior to being legally murdered, if in fact he was given this opportunity by ISIS, represent a profound betrayal of both Self and of Truth.
Here is a direct link to the portion of the uncensored ISIS beheading video of Peter Edward Kassig. If you read the attached article, it provides you with a link to the full, 15 minute uncensored video which features additional beheadings by the government of ISIS:
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  1. You can’t copyright things listing a future year (2064).
    There’s no such thing as “legally murdered”. There’s execution under law, which is immoral but legal, and murder, which is by definition illegal. ISIS isn’t a “state” entitled to make law. They are the current “flavor of the month” insurgent bandits, of which there are thousands of differently named groups.
    Kassig had been an army ranger before becoming an aid worker. That’s why they delayed his killing, in hopes it would have more symbolic value. But he double-crossed them. He knew cooperating would make no difference. He was going to be killed either way. So ISIS had to throw in footage of other unrelated deaths and pretend it linked to his death.
    ISIS does not seem to realize they are releasing these snuff films to an audience raised on far more sophisticated propaganda than anything they can come up with. It simply doesn’t work. People here look at these videos as if they are horror movies, and they aren’t impressed or terrified, just a bit disgusted.
    As guerilla groups

    1. I chose to approve your comment, even though it is inferior and incomplete, because it expresses the typical perspective of someone trapped within the social matrix of illusion.
      I can do as I wish. My Copyright makes it clear that I will enforce My right to control My work until a specific year, by any means I choose, while at the same time renouncing all copyright claim to My work effective at a specific year in the future. I do things based upon My rights as I choose to claim them, not based upon what any externally created and imposed law might seek to limit and control and dictate to Me.
      There is legal murder and there is illegal murder. Illegal murder is what a society and government attempts to terrorize you into agreeing not to do, and legal murder is what a society and government seeks to encourage you to do, as a way to satiate the collective homicidal rage of its citizen-slaves in a way that does not pose a direct threat of fomenting domestic unrest or anti-government sentiment from citizen-slaves. For further clarification, you might want to read this:
      The organization of government is exactly the same as the organization of a criminal gang or mafia enterprise. Your failure to recognize ISIS as a government reflects the definitional brainwashing expressed by the government which holds you a hostage of mind, the government which claims you as citizen.
      There is no victory in withholding Truth. Peter Kassig was a created victim of the government of amerikkka, and he should have recognized this Truth. If given an opportunity by ISIS to express his contempt for either the amerikkkan government, or for the structure of government itself, he should have seized it. But in the end it makes no difference, as he has become retroactively unborn, the same fate which dooms each of us, as a result of government existing.
      ISIS is seeking to gain converts, this is what all governments do. This is what amerikkka does when it demonizes other regimes and claims to be a free and open democracy offering a better life to those who desire it, only to enslave and murder each and every loyal citizen and foreign immigrant, as do all governments.
      Your comment cuts off after the words “As guerilla groups”, therefore I am approving it exactly as written by you, and cannot comment on those three words.

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