No Hypocrisy!

The murder of children is the most reflectively honest of all acts of personal vengeance. It directly expresses the Forbidden Truth that each of us, as a child, was decreed worthless, subhuman, and unworthy of any reasonable standard of personal protection, of body, mind, or soul. It is time to end the insanity of hypocritical outrage and moral judgment and condemnation of those who kill children. Those who kill children are guilty of nothing more than holding up a mirror to your face, and showing you the Truth of what you are.
Those who murder children should be thanked, for demonstrating to the world of humanity what it is guilty of, how it has failed, and the reforms that it must embrace and institute, such as Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, as outlined within My Manifesto. Those who judge, condemn, or seek to punish murderers of children are guilty of sponsoring the crime of universal child genocide which occurs each and every day as the chosen public policy mandate of every society and government. Those who prop up the diseased structures of government and religion are guilty of every child in the world being victimized, abused, harmed, and ultimately murdered.
The child victims who carried out the Peshawar school massacre deserve no punishment, no threat of any harm, and the government of pakistan must be recognized as guilty of shamelessly exploiting an act of cathartic vengeance, for political propaganda purposes and to maintain the structure of universal child abuse which is the direct cause of this and every other child murder that occurs anywhere on earth.
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  1. Agree. They should not be punished, because no one looked out for them when they were abused as children themselves. So, how can anyone fathom the idea that these people should be punished, when this is an ongoing cycle of child abuse in every generation? However, with that being said, why can’t societies re-indoctrinate their citizens about the dangers of the family unit and work towards abolishing it? That surely would resolve child abuse–reforms and punishments will not do the job

    1. The deranged Sacred Family Unit structure serves the desired purpose of leaders of society and government. It is not a failure to government, it creates broken, destroyed, Self-hating adults, willing to accept punishment and suffering, desperate to have others be punished and made to suffer. This is how the slave-state thrives. government will protect the sanctity of the sacred family unit at all costs, just as it protects the derangement of religion and belief in god. These are foundational structures which create and ensure universal human dysfunction, which is the mandate of every human leadership structure of the modern era.

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