No Happy Endings in Real-Life

Just finished watching the 2008 remake of the movie “The Day The Earth Stood Still”. Absolutely disgusting, how you humans give yourselves the happy endings that you could never deserve. Just once, I want a sci-fi movie to end with every single human in the universe dead, the fate you have earned, the True fate you will receive if extraterrestrials ever decide to rid the universe of the human plague.
But its okay, I will create a Conscious Dream for Myself tonight, in which Klaatu retains his sanity and takes pride in exterminating Dr. Helen and Jacob, calling them out for their toxic dependency upon each other, as he does so.
You can fool yourselves as much as you want. Those of us who have transcended our humanity, and you can bet this includes any objectively intelligent creature not born human, know that humanity has wasted all of its chances. It is time to eradicate the human infestation!
At least some of the humans got what they deserved, one of the better human harvesting scenes:

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  1. Never seen the remake, but I remember in the original that he simply warns earth the people of earth about what would happen if they got out of line, knowing the nature of humans I can only imagine them eventually being annihilated.

    1. In the remake our gullible extraterrestrial initially realizes that humanity must be extincted in order to save all other species of life. But then he meets a fellow extraterrestrial who has spent the past 70 years living as a human and has concluded that yes, humanity is hopeless and will end up destroying all other life, but he insanely refuses to leave, chooses to be killed along with the rest of the humans because he has grown “attached” to them. Then our gullible extraterrestrial witnesses some toxic emotional dependency between Dr. Helen and her foster son, and he changes his mind, literally endangering his own existence at the end, to stop the glorious plague that he had already initiated, which was guaranteed to extinct humanity. So he saves humanity and leaves, so that humanity can continue extincting itself. Utterly pathetic! Any real-life extraterrestrials should sue for libel and defamation of character.
      Oh, and some nobel prize winning scientist convinces Klaatu that humans are evolving, with the line: “…Only on the precipice, do humans change.” Bullsh*t! Every species of life on this planet is doomed, unless humanity is extincted. Are you listening, errr reading, ET??

  2. First of all, why would inferiors want to continue living in their misery when they can end it through extinction? It is pointless to save humanity from extinction if they are going to stand by the matrix and live agonizing, depressing, hopeless living with never-ending sufferings

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