New Page View Record Established Today

Thanks to the combination of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and the western media censorship of video footage which followed, I am pleased and proud to announce that I have already shattered My all-time record for daily page views for The Forbidden Truth Blog. My old record was 823, ironically achieved because of the same thing, western media censorship, in that case concerning isis beheading videos of westerners.
The day is not even close to being over, and as of this moment I already have 1,202 page views. Looks like 2,000 is not an unreasonable possibility, by the end of the day. Of My 1,202 page views, a remarkable 881 have gone to this blog post, perfectly titled: “Direct Link:Uncensored Charlie Hebdo Police Execution”:
And what about My brilliant essay titled Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, posted to this blog just a few days ago? It has received zero page views today. Yes, zero, I double-checked My stats to confirm this, just now. Here you see humanity as it is, and as it will always be.
So, I’d like to thank the three tortured children who carried out the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and all of the western media for being hypocritica censors who betray Truth, and Myself for My quick and brilliant web searching skills, for achieving My record-breaking blog page view count for today. And also thanks to, for defying censorship so far, and providing excellent visibility for and worldwide access to, My blog.

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