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WordPress needs to implement a Blocking feature. There is no logical reason why inferior pieces of human garbage should be allowed to follow My blog, and post comments at will, forcing Me, as moderator, to waste time in trashing the comments. Of course a blocking feature can be circumvented quite easily, on any internet platform, but that’s not the point. The Twitter Blocking feature is very effective, it works well, it weeds out the human garbage. There is no reason why cannot implement the same type of structure, where accounts are easily blocked, prevented from following, and prevented from posting comments.
Also, would be easy as hell for WordPress to add an Automated Reply option to all comments. Under such a system, any human garbage attempting to post an inferior and unacceptable comment, would receive an automated reply, by email, stating: “Your attempt to comment to The Forbidden Truth Blog was rejected because_________________________________.” The blog creator can specify any customized message he wants, as part of the automated reply. I would go with something like: “Your attempt to comment to The Forbidden Truth Blog was rejected because you are an inferior piece of human garbage, unworthy of taking your next breath, much less polluting the brilliance of My blog with your toxic excreta.” Or words to that effect.
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  1. It is absurd that inferiors would comment on topics that they are unfamiliar with, that they are unable to grasp in terms of their mental capacity. These individuals, I think, are desperately trying to hold on to the illusions in their lives, so they will attack anyone that challenges them. For example, I am not a religious guru and will not post comments to religious blogs. How would it be beneficial for me to make comments when I know they are not on the same level as I. Why waste time and energy on topics that are of no interest to inferiors? Above all, inferiors know something is wrong with humanity, but are unable to accept the forbidden truths that you post. They want to silence anyone who condemns the matrix cycle

    1. The inferiors who reply to this blog via comments or private emails, are expressing the terror they feel at having holes poked into the matrix to which they have pledged allegiance and lifelong devotion. When confronted with Forbidden Truth, the inferior has only two options: Flee in terror, or try to attack the source. The vast majority choose to flee in terror, of course never consciously acknowledging that they are fleeing in terror. Of course not! Instead they formulate insane rationalizations, such as: “That guy is insane, stupid, delusional, unworthy of my time, etc…”
      A small percentage of inferiors feel emotionally compelled to lash out and challenge the revealer of Forbidden Truth. Almost always, this is due to personal fear and terror rooted within existing weak spots and holes within their overall matrix of illusion. They feel extremely threatened because on some level, deeply sublimated and vehemently denied, they know that they have just been exposed to a Truth that they have spent their entire existence fleeing from and rejecting, a Truth which threatens to penetrate their web of Self-delusion and bring their entire matrix down, as a house of cards collapses.
      In all circumstances, inferiors are to be shunned and rejected. It is not the obligation of the Superior to offer aid to the inferior who challenges him. Never debate with an inferior, never try to convince him of anything. Allow him to wallow in his inferiority, and celebrate your victory. Show him your contempt, the contempt he has rightfully earned, via shunning. You gain nothing if he rises up and engages in a genuine Truth quest, as you have personally done. The gain is yours, not mine. Remember, we will always be a tiny and impotent minority. All of our victories will always be limited to Self-realization. The world will always be controlled, and in the near-term completely destroyed, by the inferior masses. We cannot change this, and we must not try.

  2. I think there is a way to mark the IP/author as spam, and then all of their comments go to the spam section of the comment part of the dashboard. My dashboard seems to be pretty good about comments going directly into the spam folder, I haven’t received any comments I’ve deemed worthy enough to approve, granted I have my setting so only people with a wordpress account can comment.

    1. Inferiors who post comments contrary to the forbidden truths can’t accept and face the true harsh of reality. They simply want to silence anyone who challenges traditional beliefs and the functioning of humanity as a whole. It doesn’t sit very well with them because they live their lives on based illusions and lies, and that makes them feel normal. When, in fact, you and I know that something is wrong, and that it goes against human nature and hinders with empowerment and emotional development. Because of this, human lives are destructive and the endless cycle of destruction continues with future generation. It’s never-ending. Throughout my life and childhood, I’ve always felt something was wrong but didn’t equate it the forbidden truths, until reading the forbidden manifesto. It was then, I was able to connect the dots and my feelings became validated as a result. So, I did not have a problem with SEER’s comment because it solidified what I already believed.

    2. No, I don’t think there is a way to do this within wordpress. There is a way to view the internet registry information of an IP address, and there is a way to use a wordpress sub-program to automatically direct messages the sub-program recognizes as spam, to a spam folder. I use this sub-program and it works very well. But for personal comments which are not recognized as spam, I must hand reject the comment and personally direct it to the trash folder. This is the improvement which wordpress needs to make, to allow the author to be blacklisted so that any and all future comments he might make, are automatically trashed or sent to the spam folder. If you read the Help section of wordpress, they address this issue and conclude such a feature would not be helpful because the individual can simply create a different wordpress account. This is True, but it is also a cop-out. If you make things hard for the inferiors, they will quit. Twitter has the right idea, in this regard.
      I do not limit comments to those with a wordpress account, this is something to consider, but I am not inclined to go that route. A blocking feature could be developed by wordpress in which an email address or IP address can be blocked from commenting, just as readily as a wordpress account.

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