Nakia Venant Livestream Suicide: Deep Dig on amerikkkan Censorship

Yesterday I posted the news that a 14 year old girl in Florida, Nakia Venant, live-streamed her own suicide on Facebook Live. From media reports, the stream lasted for over two hours, and it clearly shows Nakia hanging dead from a noose that she made and used to hang herself from the door of the bathroom inside the house where she was being kept as a child-slave.
Facebook deleted not merely the livestream itself, but Nakia’s entire account. It is clear that this livestream occurred, but despite hours of searching, I cannot locate it anywhere online, either in full or even just a portion. Perhaps it is forever lost, just as Nakia has been eternally erased from the universe by virtue of being born into, enslaved by, and destroyed by the most evil and diseased society on planet earth in the 21st century.
Being unable to locate the livestream, I decided to do a Deep Dig in order to expose some more details on how censorship works in amerikkka.
The google search engine, specifically the News Search feature, allows you to locate all of the different, officially recognized news sources, that cover a specific news story. I decided to use this tool to check exactly which news organizations have reported on this 14 year old girl who livestreamed her suicide.
I went to the main Google News search, and searched for all news articles containing the words “Venant and Suicide”. Using her last name only, and the word suicide, should ensure that all news articles on this event are found, without any unrelated news articles. You can view the results of my search right here:
Examine all the news sources carefully, and what you find is that local Florida media reports on the incident, and international media reports on it, and a few small and unpopular national news media entities.
In total, approximately 98 different news media outlets, this includes international, reported this event. Only 98!! Every major news event is covered by 20,000 or more news media outlets.
Now, digging deeper, let us look at who did not cover/mention 14 year old Nakia’s livestream suicide at all: CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews, the national versions of ABC, NBC, CBS News. and, even more significantly, only one news wire service, The Associated Press, chose to offer this story for distribution. Reuters and Agence France-Presse did not. Most news stations use these news wire agencies to pick and choose their content, importing it directly from the wires.
So, none of the mainstream national news organizations chose to report on the live-streamed suicide of 14 year old Nakia Venant. Remember, each of these news organizations is independently owned and operated. Each chooses its own content for broadcast/publication. Yet all chose not to cover this event, at all.
Here you see the structural design of how government coerced censorship works in amerikkka, within a fascist dictatorship masquerading as a free democracy. All of the mainstream news organizations participate in a conspiracy of silence, as they dictate the “news cycle”, dictate what is reported as news, thereby controlling all reality perception and public debate, among you pathetic citizen-slaves.
If you don’t believe the facts I have given you above, just go to the url address I provide above. Or, go to Google News and perform the same search I did, for “Venant suicide”. The proof is right there.
Just to confirm 100%, I went even further. I went to, carefully scanning the main page and the national news page. Nothing there. and I went even further, at the bottom of the CNN National News page there is a search box. I typed in “Venant”, and “venant”, and “14 year old girl.” Three different searches, and nothing. CNN has not even mentioned this incident.
There is nothing there, nothing at all. Go ahead and perform the search for yourself. Here is the address:
The search box is at the bottom of the page.
So now you know the Forbidden Truth of amerikkkan news media censorship. You don’t have to believe Me, you don’t have to believe how brilliantly insightful and 100% Truthful I am in everything I reveal. Just do the searches yourself, as I did. I tell you exactly how to do it, you pathetic haters of Truth, you perverse hypocrites, celebrating your delusions of freedom.
You are guilty of murdering 14 year old Nakia, as you brutally destroy every single child born into your diseased society, and then you refuse to even look at what you have done, much less rise up as one and destroy the society guilty of the universal destruction of all.
Nakia was murdered by the Sacred Family Unit foundational structure of 21st century humanity. The family unit is the guiding force causing the universal abuse of all children.


Nakia Venant: 14 year old torture and murder victim of 21st century amerikkkan society

All Text is Copyright ©2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


    1. Thanks for letting me know, I cannot keep up with links that are broken due to third party actions.
      I found another link that works, for now. This is Nakia’s live-stream, that ended with her suicide:

      I also corrected the original link.
      Cannot find a complete version of the livestream that plays until the end. If anyone can, send Me a link and I will post it with My essay.

    1. Located online by Rae, incomplete but apparently real livestream of the first hour of Nakia’s two hour long livestreamed suicide:
      Thanks very much for finding this link! I am pasting in the direct url address above, because you did not include it within the actual comment, but you absolutely deserve full credit, and the appreciation of all who seek Truth, for finding it and sharing it. Bravo!
      A shame that the livestream is not complete, but it absolutely does beautifully illuminate how 21st century amerikkkan society and government chooses to viciously destroy all of its child-slaves. The system is designed to ensure the universal abuse and destruction of ALL children, we owe a great debt to the tiny handful who go out of their way to try to directly show all of humanity what has been done to them.
      Thanks again for your great work!

      1. You’re welcome. I’m still digging for the second half of that video and anything to add to your posts on that poor girls story. I found this site recently and I’m grateful! It has opened my eyes on so many things and inspired me to dig deeper and do all i can to help expose a failed and corrupted system.
        Its time Amerikka takes its fucking head out of its ass and owns up to failing Nakia Venant and many others. No wait, “failing” is too kind a word; they murdered her…

        1. Are you still looking for it? I looked around a bit on various search engines and haven’t been able to find the second half. I’m eager to see it with my own eyes.

          1. Not actively. The amerikkkan regime censors so many things that you cannot spend too much time searching for what it will never allow you to see. Since then I moved on to search, in futility, for more footage of Isabel Martinez and now the uncensored video of Devin Patrick Kelley, with no success.
            Every society and government that practices censorship proves that it must be overtly undermined and destroyed from within. It is pathetic that Superiors must waste precious and irreplaceable time trying to find rogue “leaks” of what should be completely open and public material, reflecting reality and the Truth of what has happened.

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