My Site Stats Are Soaring, Wanna Know Why?

The site stats for The Forbidden Truth Blog are soaring today, almost 400 page views already, looks like My daily record of 823 might fall. And why? Is Forbidden Truth popular all of a sudden?? No, of course not! My site stats are soaring because tortured child-slaves all across the world are desperate to view other human beings suffering and dying, in as gory a manner as possible. These torture victims are watching TV, or surfing the web, and they are sexually and mentally climaxing to the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and they feel very frustrated that the media is withholding the best part of the footage from them.
Well, here I come, the Lone Ranger to the rescue, promising uncensored footage of that french cop being harvested. And of course I keep My promises, always, all of them. And so the tortured ex-children flock to My site, desperate for the link. Well, enjoy. I wish it was more gory and graphic, but we take what we can get.
This is the Truth. This is why I might break My daily view record for this blog. Nobody cares about the profoundly unique and insightful Forbidden Truths I am revealing, It’s all about the gore, to orgasm and climax to the moment of physical death of another human being. Emotional catharsis, a lifetime of suppressed and misdirected rage and hate, being released and relieved. And who am I to deny fellow victims their catharsis, even as I judge them complicitĀ in their own ongoing victimization and destruction? No, I am not a hypocrite, I am simply stronger and deeper than the others. emotional catharsis is not enough for Me, as it is to the humans. It must be draped upon the mantle of Truth.
And so I continue to be The Lone Ranger:

Please, My fellow victims, continue to feed. Its not much, but it is all I offer in the way of visual stimulation. If any of you seek enlightenment to the Forbidden Truth, it is right here, at this blog, only in words, not images:
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