My New Year Resolutions

I consciously make long-term personal resolutions to honor Self, each and every day, so there is nothing different or special about today, or about these resolutions, beyond the fact I am publicly revealing them. I continue to openly condemn all societal holidays, as well as the perverse segmentation of time as it is maliciously imposed by government.
In the name of Truth and Self:
I vow to maximize the amount of time I spend unconditionally honoring and loving Myself.
I vow to become even more of an isolated recluse, minimizing all unnecessary direct and personal exposure to the toxic waste that is the human being.
I vow to protect, preserve, and enhance My physical health and strength to the greatest possible degree, via My chosen life path activities.
I vow to maximize My hatred of others, and to freely, openly, and proudly direct all rage and hate outward, upon and against humans and humanity as a whole.
I vow to continue to never forgive any human for any transgression, big or small, long ago or very recent, made against Me.
I vow to always embrace, honor, and reflect all of the thousands of Forbidden Truths I know to be valid. with honesty, courage, and love of Self.
I vow to remain open-minded to realize, accept, and integrate to mind universe, new Forbidden Truths I may not currently possess conscious awareness of.
I vow to remain closed-minded to all external advice, opinions, or suggestions made by humans, in recognition of the vampiric and toxic nature of the species.
I vow to continue to attack, subvert, and compromise all human structures and ideologies, in whatever manner I choose to deem appropriate.
I vow to continue choosing and maintaining a personal life path which honors My True Reality, and accurately reflects the sum total of everything that has been, is being and will be done to Me by My mortal enemy, human society and government.
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