My Job is to Create Love Within a Loveless World

And that is what I do, in constant isolation, always alone, the only safe place to create love.
The only valid way to create love is to recognize you were created in hate, you were molded and shaped by the personal hate of other individuals, and the universal hate of the human species, and you have always been and will always be, harmed by the hate of others.
The only way to create love is to know that nobody and nothing has ever, can ever, or will ever love you.
To create love is to seek revenge against the world for imposing its hate upon you, for damaging you, for forcing you to recreate what it has maliciously taken away from you.
It is impossible to successfully create love, without proactively embracing not merely your right and need to hate others, but your sacred Self-obligation to do so.
You create love by recognizing Self-love to be the ONLY valid form and manifestation of love, and everyone and everything that tries to convince you otherwise, must be hated.
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  1. SEER, most inferiors are unaware that we live in a “loveless” world. They actually believe that love exist: well,it does only for self. Humans are so idiotic, naive, immature and gullible in believing that they can love someone other than themselves. It’s no wonder why humans are slaughtered on a daily basis by those who supposedly love them ,because the person who murders or harms their loved ones, got tired of loving them in which they neglected loving themselves to accommodate their needs. They simply got tired of them, and the only way out of the trap and be free of the stranglehold, was to commit murder. A lot of lives would be saved if only humans loved themselves and stop turning to others to do it for them. That would mean of course, relationships, marriages, friendships, and romances would abruptly come to an end as it would not be needed because humans would feel empowered to meet not only their emotional and social needs, but sexual needs as well. They would become more independent in figuring how to do things without the advice or intervention from others. That would prime them for creativity and to take ownership of themselves and their lives. Why humans are incapable of realizing this truth, and that loving others, they are putting the only love, love of self, on the back burner to love someone else?And that self-love is the only love that is authentic that carries the most benefits of all?

    1. Well said! You possess a valid and Superior level of insight into the human condition, as I have brilliantly exposed it to be.
      The answer to your end questions is simply that the human capacity to recognize and embrace Truth and factual reality, simple and obvious Truths such as the nature and directionality of love. They have been successfully brainwashed and indoctrinated to believe external love not only exists, but is absolutely vital to attain, MORE valuable than any form of Self-love or Self-worship, in fact.
      So, they exist as successfully brainwashed and indoctrinated sheeple, blind to the Truth, unable to even consciously contemplate the possibility that external love is a lie and a malicious weapon being deployed against them, to literally destroy them.
      So it is! Truth, so OBVIOUS to the tiny minority of us top-level and aspiring Superiors, is completely invisible, unthinkable, literally UNIMAGINABLE, to the brainwashed sheeple. A great tragedy, and it illuminates the genocidal depth ans scope of the universal crimes against humanity, inherent in the abuse and molestation of the child mind via brainwashing and indoctrination, being carried out in real-time by every society and government.

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