My Favorite 9/11 911 Emergency Call

We all have favorite things. The Normals tend to limit themselves to foods, colors, animals, and the like. The Abnormals, within which I proudly claim a charter membership, tend to look beyond these bland, popular, and non-controversial distinctions, cutting right to the heart of the more esoteric. In this spirit, I have decided to share my very favorite 9/11 911 emergency call, with the universe. Here is the direct link to the full call, but I would encourage the voyeuristic to first read this entire essay, where I explain why it is my very favorite, and maybe, if you seek Truth, it can become your fave, too:

I love this 911 phone call because it so beautifully illustrates the pathetic nature of the human being, and it also serves, for the seeker of enlightenment and Truth, as a metaphor for the hopelessness of every existence. The human being begs for life, yet at the same time sabotages his own existence, embracing death. The human being is always looking for excuses for why he should not die at a specific moment in time, even as he remains suicidally ideated and utterly rejects all proactive efforts to genuinely avoid death.
Submitted for your consideration, one Kevin Cosgrove, a typical human, with a typical brain, playing out the final five minutes of his imaginary existence to a worldwide Youtube audience. At the 1:30 mark of the above video, doomed Kevin declares “I got young kids”. The unenlightened listener likely thinks he is saying this in order to try to get the firefighters to hurry up and rescue him. But I know different. On a subconscious level, he is trying to rationalize to himself, why he should not die at this moment in time. His thought process goes like this: “I have young kids, they need me, so it is not good for me to die right now. I should not die right now, because if I die it will be bad for my kids.” How pathetic is that?! He wants to live, at this moment in time, but not for Himself. Here you see the horrific manifestation of a destroyed ego.
Our next illustration of the doomed human having doomed himself, comes at the 2:38 mark of the video, as Kevin declares, to the 911 operator: “Tell god to blow the wind from the west.” Kev, she’s a 911 operator, she accepts incoming calls, and makes outgoing calls, but only to entities that exist and have a working phone line. god is not listed in the phone directory, as god does not exist.
And the normals will say, how can you blame Kevin for invoking the Insane God Myth at such a dire moment? My answer: Very easily. The insane idea of god, is the foremost promoter of death. It is because religion exists within the deranged minds of humanity as a whole, that Kevin is doomed to die. Without religion, technological immortality would already be a reality today. Without religion, even if Kevin were actually inside the world trade center which was about to collapse, technological immortality may have already allowed for a clone/duplicate of his brain to exist separately, in a safe place, with the end result that a few days later Kevin is back, his brain function intact, perhaps even fully mobile with a robotic body.
But no, Kevin is a human being, suicidal, Self and Truth hating. The plague of religion is what claims him as eternal victim, and in the last moments of his imagined existence, he desperately seeks help from an imaginary creature. But the horrific Truth goes much further than the impotence of his plea. god can not only not help Kevin, but as factual reality, Kevin’s belief in god is what will result in his eternal loss. How pathetic is that? Very.
Continuing on our less than merry journey, my very favorite line comes at the 2:54 mark, as Kevin lets loose with this very sincere yet fatally flawed, no pun intended, sentiment: “We’re young men. We’re not ready to die.” Oh boy. So Kevin, what you mean is, it’s okay to die when you are old. Yes Kevin, you are thinking, I wish I could die when I am old. Let me get ready to die. Now is not the right time, I haven’t had a chance to get ready to die. Here you see the horrific tragedy of the human condition. Kevin does not want to live, he does not want to be alive. What he wants, as do 99.99999% of you pathetic humans, is to postpone his own death for a brief period of time, so he can continue to enjoy the insane and false delusion that he is alive.  “I’m young, I’m not supposed to die right now. I’m supposed to die later, in the future.”
Don’t you see, don’t you understand, you cowards: To die is to have never been born, exactly and absolutely the same. Kevin is not fighting to stay alive, he is fighting for the opportunity to continue to pretend to be alive, as he courts death, as he embraces death, as he enables, facilitates, and causes his own death, by refusing to fight for life.
How do you fight for life?? By refusing to die, by demanding eternal existence via technology. By making this demand at age 8, and 12, and 16, and 22, and 35, when you are at the peak of “good” health. By rising up as a collective body, a collective species, shedding all insane mythology, by rising up in the name of love, of purity of mind, of worship of Self and Truth, and declaring death to be your greatest, mortal enemy.
But no, you are all Kevin Cosgrove, pretending to be alive, pretending to value life, as you try, at best, to postpone your death. “I’m not ready to die, just yet”, this is what keeps you going each day. You pretend you have a future, you hide from the Truth. “Death is okay, just not right now.” But you are wrong. Dead wrong. Right now is when you will die. Right now is when you will die. Because every single second is right now. You will die right now, at this very second, because death erases the illusion of time. In death you never existed, in death you were never born. This is the Truth.
So we keep listening to kevin for almost exactly two more minutes, and then it happens, the world trade center tower collapses, with Kevin still on the phone line. His illusion of life is finally over, and he played out his illusion to the very end, as the vast majority of you humans do.
The final 5 seconds are very climactic, or anti-climactic, I guess it depends upon your perspective. My biggest takeaway is simply this: Truth always wins, in the end. The humans will never know it, but Truth will win in the end. Individual deaths of humans, reflect the victory of Truth, and so will the upcoming earned, sought, and Self-created extinction of the species.
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