My 2014 Forbidden Truth Blog Statistics prepared a pretty cool webpage, just for Me, in which it outlined the key statistics of The Forbidden Truth Blog for 2014, or at least for 2014 up to the date of December 30th, since the year is not officially over, and I have decided to share these statistics with you humans. I am including a direct link to the full page below, but here is a summary, along with My comments. Keep in mind that I only started this blog on September 26, 2014, so these statistics only apply to a little over 3 months of the year:

  • I received approximately 8,500 individual page views.
  • November 17th was the most popular day for page views, with 823. As I later stated via a blog post, this day was so popular due to My posting direct links to uncensored ISIS beheading videos, and the vast majority of the 823 views were to these specific pages.
  • My three most popular blog posts of 2014 all featured direct links to ISIS uncensored beheading videos. A majority of My page views continue to go to the pages featuring links to uncensored ISIS beheading videos. Today, December 30th, so far, I have 74 page views, and 24 out of the 74 are to My 3 ISIS beheading video links, even though all three posts are more than a month old. Were it not for these three posted links to uncensored ISIS beheading videos, My total page views for the year would be…about 3,000, instead of 8,500.
  • My blog was viewed by humans from 92 different slave-states, what you humans call “countries”. The web page below has a nifty graph which shows exactly how many views came from each country. usa was number 1, britain number 2, australia number 3, canada number 4. germany is number 5, and finland comes in at number 6. I appreciate the one page view that I received from mongolia.

There are a few other interesting stats, but the overall takeaway for the seeker of Truth should be this: Blogging offers an effective way to reach a small minority of the human population of the world, but the population of the world has no interest in Forbidden Truth, and most viewers are simply seeking personal catharsis for their own pathologies, not any type of genuine enlightenment. This affirms what I already knew, of course, and it pleases Me, as I blog to commune with Myself and My own brilliance, and have no interest in having others derive anything positive from My revelations of Forbidden Truth.
The full statistical report is here, so check it out:
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    1. No problem. Yes, allows “anonymous” people to post comments without requiring them to sign up with wordpress. Doesn’t make much rational sense to Me. Why not make people sign up with wordpress? They don’t have to create their own blog, just a username and password. This is the problem with all for-profit enterprises. The lure of money, both saving and generating it, inspires poor and irrational decision-making which compromises the quality of the product itself.

  1. “Now that I’ve learned what I’ve learned, I don’t think you people want to know what I know. You wouldn’t like it.” Charles Manson
    People only care about his murders, just like people only care about your beheading videos. What a parallel! 😮

    1. Correct, and a good insight of Forbidden Truth. As I have already stated in past writings, those who reveal Forbidden Truth are either shunned, or demonized, depending upon the degree to which they have penetrated the public psyche. To move forward from this Truth, it should be understood that every “average and typical” human member of society is far more bloodthirsty and vicious and cruel, than those who reveal Forbidden Truth, be it via deeds or words. Those who crave beheading videos are normal and mainstream members of their societies, as are the hunters and death penalty and abortion advocates. In point of Truth, every human who lives as a member of any society or government is directly guilty of sponsoring genocide all across the world, on a scale that no individual beheader, or writer, or “criminal” murderer, could ever hope to attain. The only way to carry out genocide, is to drape yourself within the morality cloak offered by society and government.
      All who reveal Forbidden Truth are shunned, because nobody cares about the Truth. Now, those who reflect Truth via high profile acts of violence, are demonized, and their actions are used to demonize and discredit the very Truths they express, but at the same time, the human hypocrites embrace a behavioral and ideological life path in which they are sponsoring mass murder and genocide on a daily basis, fdestroying every child, destroying the world, literally.
      Here you see the perversity of the “normals”, and why they do not deserve and will never receive, even the tiniest bit of sympathy or consideration or mercy, from Me. The isis beheader is revealing Truth in what he does, as is Seer Charles Manson, and as do I. And just look at the normals, visiting My web site by the thousands just to derive emotional catharsis by viewing these beheadings. Nothing wrong with this, in and of itself. But where is the conscious acknowledgment? Where is the respect for Truth itself?? There is none, only hypocrisy, like the hunter stalking and assassinating animals, as he refuses to acknowledge that he is a mass murderer.

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