Murder: An Expression of Philosophical Truth

Let Me begin this essay with two very important caveats. First, the Forbidden Truths I am revealing here are universally applicable only to “illegal” acts of murder. They may be selectively applicable to the various forms of legal murder, such as war, abortion, the death penalty, hunting of animals, etc…, on an individual, case-by-case basis, depending upon the unique True Reality mindset of the perpetrator. But the direct topic being addressed here, the commission of the act of murder as expression of philosophical Truth, should be considered and analyzed by the reader from the perspective of anti-social, anti-societal murder being carried out against the orders and demands of the slave-state, not in conjunction with or as party to, the orders and demands of the slave-state.
Second, a complete lack of conscious awareness on the part of an individual murderer, as to the fact that he is expressing philosophical Truths by his action of murder, must be understood as not negating the philosophical Truths themselves. We cannot expect the vast majority of humans to possess any conscious awareness of or capacity to comprehend their core and root motivations of mind, or to be able to detach intellect from emotion and analyze their own actions from a detached, third party perspective.
These caveats do not negate the Forbidden Truth that all acts of illegal murder serve as direct expressions of philosophical Truth, as personally experienced by the perpetrator, and should be viewed and understood as such by all outside observers, as well as by the perpetrators themselves. Tragically, this is not the case, and so we are left to a tiny enlightened and Superior minority, to place illegal murder in its proper perspective.
Readers of my texts already know that I possess unconditional respect and admiration for illegal murderers, passing no negative judgment upon them or their actions, and overtly honoring their True Reality right to personal vengeance, as they express via their actions. But I want to go further in this essay. I want to move beyond individual True Reality, to the universal Forbidden Truths expressed by individual acts of criminalized murder.
Philosophy should be defined, among other ways, as a dissection of motivational impulse. Factual realities and circumstances, directly inspire behavioral choices, by shaping the experienced True Reality of individuals. The laws of reflection are always valid, but when we limit our analysis to that of the individual alone, we can lose sight of the grander.more profound themes that are being played out.
The individual murderer is avenging Himself, but he is doing so within an umbrella of universal and profound Truths which apply to all who are born human. A universal decree of human society is this: All individual life is absolutely worthless. Forget about what agents and leaders of society say, that is irrelevant in a lie-based society. The Forbidden Truth is, by policy, by decree, by doctrine, and by the functional operational and ideological structures imposed by human society, all individual life, as a matter or chosen policy, is rendered absolutely worthless.
Therefore, the life of every murderer, both prior and after his commission of the act of murder, is officially decreed to be absolutely worthless, by human society as a whole. In carrying out the act of murder, an individual expresses and reflects upon the world, the philosophical Truth that his own very existence, his own very life, is absolutely worthless, as official decree external of any and all personal abuse and victimization he possesses and reflects as True Reality.
If all life is worthless, and if death is officially sponsored by humanity as a collective whole, both of which are functionally True, every act of illegal murder must be understood as an individually philosophical expression of these Truths. “If My life is worthless as official decree, then all life must be judged worthless, by me.”
Another philosophical Truth of humanity is that suffering is okay, suffering is needed and it is necessary. As point of fact, humanity collectively embraces universal suffering, and has made no legitimate attempts to end suffering. Illegal murder can and should be philosophically understood as an attempt to cause suffering, if not directly to the murder victim, then to others, be it relatives, friends, whoever discovers the body, police investigators, etc… As universal suffering is imposed upon all as societal policy and decree, the desire and need of the individual murderer to cause others to suffer must be understood as an expression of philosophical Truth.
And finally, society, utilizing the insane god myth, officially decrees that death is not a bad thing. Good things may very well happen to you after you die. We who are sane, of course, know that this is deranged nonsense. But, given the fact that a universal decree is in effect which instructs all humans that death is not a bad thing, and that good things may very well occur to a person after he dies, the commission of proactive murder can be philosophically understood as an attempt to help, instead of an attempt to harm.
The typical murderer is not consciously motivated to provide altruistic aid to his victim, and yet within philosophical analysis, he may well believe, on some level, that he is performing a good deed, and that his victim will be better off, on an absolutely realistic level, after he is dead.
Philosophy explains motivation, and philosophy should be deeply and rigorously dissected, for its capacity to provide insights to the human condition. Let us understand that philosophical Truth differs from stand-alone Truth, itself. There is no afterlife, but within the umbrella of philosophical Truth, the universal human delusion of an afterlife both devalues life itself, and provides motivational impulse to commit murder under an artificial and invalid reality perception.
Nobody born human should be expected to possess or retain a personal motivation to value and preserve life, to respect life, or to refrain from causing others to suffer. This is because both ideologically and operationally, humanity as a whole has chosen to create and to legitimize a social structure which, on a universal scale, expresses utter and absolute contempt for individual life, imposing both suffering and death upon all, and decreeing both to be positive and necessary.
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  1. Isn’t it just plain ridiculous that humans agree to not only suffering but their death? One’s life is and always has been devalued on this planet. No one, I mean not one individual regardless of their status is immuned from these horrors. Power, privilege, or wealth doesn’t negate anyones suffering or their death

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