I Do Not Want

I do not want to be happy. I want the infinite reasons why no sane and sentient creature alive today can ever achieve happiness, to be eliminated.
I do not want to be healthy. I want to be immortal.
I do not want to make you smile. I want the suffering of all creatures etched onto your face.
I do not want to see you. I want to see Myself.
I do not want your prayers. I want all hopelessness to be openly acknowledged.
I do not want to have a lot of money. I want the illusion that money has value, to be torn asunder.
I do not want to be loved. I want the love I hold for Myself right now, to be eternally maintained and protected.
I do not want to kill you. I want my mind to always remain strong enough so that I can kill you again and again and again, over and over and over.
I do not want a body. I want a million brain hosts, with my primary and back-up brains free to pick and choose a new host each day.
I do not want a watch. I want to eliminate the illusion and the artificial construct of time.
I do not want to forget. I want to remember every horror, in intimate detail, so that humanity can never imagine being forgiven.
I do not want to feel free. I want each of the 1000’s of different cages humanity has built to try to imprison Me, to be shattered and stomped into oblivion.
I do not want comfort. I want every external source of trauma and stress to be destroyed.
I do not want peace. I want to win the war being waged against Me each minute of every day by society and government.
I do not want a kiss. I want My lips to be able to reach every part of My body, so that I can kiss Myself everywhere.
I do not want to own a house. I want to own the universe that I have created and inhabit.
I do not want to wear your masks. I want to tear off your masks and force you to see what you are.
© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. That’s GRANDE! This is very poetic, but, nevertheless, expresses the truth regarding humanity. Brilliant at best

  2. Well written! Humans just can’t wrap their minds around children not needing human beings to care for them. They believe that human contact is necessary for children to thrive emotionally and live normal lives

    1. The human is addicted to other humans, because from birth, other humans have imposed themselves upon him. We all have needs, and one of the greatest forms of abuse and victimization, is the systematic stripping of the capacity of children to meet their own needs, in autonomy of mind, free of all need for the acknowlerdgment and approval of others, free of the coerced collaboration that is inherent in all interactive human contacts.
      It terrifies adults to contemplate a child being raised free of all human contact, because they are addicted to such contact, and cannot contemplate the instinctual glory of absolute personal autonomy, which must be understood as the psychological foundation, ground zero, of every imaginable form of Truth-based freedom.

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