More G-rated Female Foot Pain Pornography, Amputee Twist


Crippled Beauty Abandoned At The Beach

Part one:
(Internal monologue:) I can’t believe he just left me here and drove off! He spend 2 years winning my trust, just to get me to go out with him in public dressed like this, and then he just laughs in my face and leaves, knowing how helpless I am?! Goddamn bastard!
Never trust anybody, Katie, never, unless you are paying them money to help you. I’ve always lived my life embracing this truth, until he came along… How could I have been so stupid!!?
Okay Katie, calm down and think…It’s at least four more miles to the apartment, I’ve managed to hobble, what…maybe half a mile so far. I can’t do four more miles, I just can’t…My foot stumps have already blistered badly, I can feel the blisters are almost about to break open. The worst thing is I can’t even try to adjust these damn boots, the bastard double-knotted them, knowing I can’t untie these laces with my arm stumps!
I just need help to get back to my apartment, I can call Janine from there, to come over and take off these torture boots and clean out my blisters, but who do I ask for help?? Everyone here is a stranger. These people won’t even look me in the eye, all they see is a deformed cripple…god, I’m gonna burst into tears any minute, the pain from these blisters and the embarrassment of this situation is just overwhelming me…
Part two:
Frank casually strolled onto the boardwalk. He hated being out among the humans, but his Female Foot Pain fetish needed some new stimulation. The beach was less inviting than the busy concrete jungle of downtown, filled with elegantly dressed women trapped in torturous dress shoes, but variety was the spice of life, and besides, traffic was too bad to justify the long drive.
While not nearly as treasure-filled for foot pain views, the beach still offered enticing possibilities, sore footed gals gingerly hobbling on the hot sand, exposing their inflamed bunions and prominent corns… Glancing around carefully, Frank could see, just within his outer field of vision, an extremely short, beautiful young woman standing by one of the boardwalk art pieces. People sometimes used these art pieces as makeshift seating.
Frank turned and slowly started walking towards this mysterious, unexpected sighting. He could not help gasping aloud as his mysterious target came into full view. She was not extremely short, but a double BTK, Below-The-Knee amputee! And could it be, she also had no arms! Only cute flaps of skin ending just before the elbow should have begun!!
Frank pinched himself, hard, trying to force himself to awaken. He was such an expert at Conscious Dreaming, he just had to make sure this was not an unrealized Conscious Dream. Ouch, that pinch hurt, and the command to awaken did not work. This was reality, an unbelievable stroke of fortune!
Frank slowed his gait down even more. There was no way this beautiful quadruple amputee could be here at the beach alone. No way. Parents, girlfriends, boyfriend, there had to be other humans with her.
Frank scanned the area, but everyone in sight was busy deliberately ignoring the singular target of all his attention. Frank knew the drill, this beautiful girl was their Elephant Man, a monster, a freak of nature to be shunned, covert glances and stares, but no contact, no acknowledgement of her uniquely shaped universe, it was too alien and terrifying for the humans.
Frank knew exactly and completely what it was like to be frankenstein’s monster. His freak and monster status was not quite so visible on the outside, but on the inside it far surpassed Katie, and as he slowly drew closer, continuing to scan for her vampiric familiars, he was drawn in, like a moth to a flame.
Part three:
Katie felt her despair beginning to overwhelm her. She had to do something, she couldn’t just keep leaning against this damn green piece of ugly art, trying to keep as much weight as possible off her left foot stump. The blisters were really bad on this stump, and the hard leather of her custom-made boots unmercifully pressed on them, and on the rock-hard corns that had formed years ago in response to the unnatural pressure Katie placed on her stumps with every step she took.
It was hot, and she was so thirsty, but most of all she was tortured by her helplessness, and her invisibility. Most of the time Katie liked being ignored by the humans, but as the throngs passed by, staring but refusing to make contact, Katie’s despair grew ever more desperate. Bicyclers and skateboarders whizzed by, taunting her with their mobility. Only four miles to the apartment, but it felt as far away as the moon to Katie, and the terrain just as impossible to navigate.
She saw him approaching slowly and cautiously, and waited for him to begin his turn, just like all the others, passing her by with at least six feet of space, as though she had a contagious disease. But no, he slowed down even more, and came directly to Katie, side-by-side, but stopping at a slightly-too-far for comfortable conversation distance. Katie peered up at Frank, he was tall and strong, but his bearing was not normal, she could immediately see he was different. And difference is scary, Katie knew this more than most anyone else, and so could not help but be frightened.
Beautiful day to be at the beach..“, said Frank, and smiled at Katie in his less-than-human way. “Yes, it is…” answered Katie, but her voice was void of happiness, a deep and raspy croak. Something was wrong, Frank immediately knew. He drew closer, looking Katie in the face, trying to see her eyes, but she wore dark sunglasses, and he could only identify sadness and some fear.
“I just want to say, thank you for showing the world what beauty really is. Thank you for being out here, today. I see your perfection. Do you see it?”
Katie heard the words but could not process them. So unexpected, even from the longest of familiars. But from a complete stranger, impossible to process, to believe. He was mocking her. One human finally stopped, and it was just to mock her! “Fuck off, you crazy freak! Just leave me alone!!”, she yelled at the top of her lungs.
Frank froze, his face changing, as he realized his mistake. Humans hated the Truth, how could he have forgotten this. Silent stalking was the only way. He pursed his lips and shook his fingers as his arms dangled at his sides. Shrugging and ruefully smiling, he turned to walk away.
And in the three seconds before Frank turned, after her scream of rage and frustration, Katie realized something terrible: She had hurt him. She could see it in his face, in his lips, in his fluttering fingers, in his body as he turned to leave her alone forever. She had hurt him, the one who stopped, the one who looked, the one who spoke, the one who said what she could not believe.
He was already walking away, taking his third long stride away from her, before Katie could find her voice, “Stop! I’m so sorry…” And Frank stopped, but he did not turn, and did not come back to Katie. “Come back…?” Still Frank stood unturned, and so Katie propelled herself forward, hobbling towards him on her agonized stumps until she faced him, and could look up, directly into his eyes. “I didn’t mean to hurt you, I was just…so confused…”
And Frank knew Katie was expressing her True Reality, as best she could. “It’s okay, I know you were confused. But I just wanted to say, thank you for showing the world what beauty really is. Thank you for being out here, today. I see your perfection. Do you see it?” It was the exact same words, exactly repeated. Katie heard them again, and somehow knew they were exactly the same. “That’s….exactly what you said before, isn’t it??” 
“Yes, the Truth deserves to be repeated, exactly as it is, over and over.” Katie reached with her arm stump to clumsily remove her dark sunglasses, and peered intensely into Frank’s eyes: “That is not the truth, I don’t believe it…” And Frank returned the intense glare: “I’m sorry you do not know the Truth. If you knew it, you would not have to try to believe it.
They were standing in the middle of the boardwalk now, people passing by in all directions, and Katie suddenly felt all the agonies of the day overwhelm her. She turned to try to make her way back to her green egg art sanctuary, only to come down heavily and awkwardly on her poor left foot stump. Blood engorged blisters howled in protest, and Katie gasped, dropping her sunglasses, and nearly falling to the ground.
Frank reached his arm out to her arm stump and gently steadied her, as Katie grimaced in agony, keeping her left foot stump raised. “You need to sit down“, Frank said, as he gestured back towards the green egg art. “Maybe on top, I’m not sure if it’ll be comfortable to sit on…” Katie limping badly, they made their way back to the green egg, and Frank lifted Katie up onto the egg.
Are you here alone?“, Frank asked. Katie could feel tears welling in her eyes. “I’m sorry, could you please get me my sunglasses, I dropped them over there”… Frank did, placing them directly on Katie’s face. “My…boyfriend bought me here, he told me it would be great to spend the whole day together with me, but he just did it because he wanted to break up with me and make me suffer by abandoning me and leaving me helpless. Now I’m stranded here, I managed to walk half a mile mile towards my apartment, but it’s still four miles away and I don’t think I can walk anymore…
Tears were streaming down Katie’s face now, but Frank’s words were somber and dispassionate: “You’ve always been alone Katie, just like I’ve always been alone. We are all, always alone. That’s the Truth, we need to develop our minds so that we can always thrive in isolation. If not physically, then at least mentally.”
Katie tried to process this philosophical advice over the fog of her incessantly throbbing foot stumps.
I’m Katie. You’re probably right, and I really want to learn more from you, but….right now, I know it’s a lot to ask….but I have to get home and take care of my poor stumps. Is there any way you could help me to the curb and get me a taxi. I don’t have any money with me, but I have it in my apartment, we can go together and I’ll pay you right back…
“My name is Frank”, Frank replied, “And we can do a lot better than that. I’ll give you a lift to your apartment in my car, and I’ll carry you all the way to the car and then all the way inside your apartment. You can’t walk on those poor feet anymore. They are your feet, your uniquely beautiful feet, they are not stumps. And, if you let me, I will gently and carefully take off your boots and minister to your beautiful feet, cleaning and dressing every throbbing blister and your exquisitely sensitive corns. You see, I am an amateur podiatrist. I love taking care of agonized female feet, and your unique feet will be the most perfectly beautiful I have ever had the privilege to minister to.”
Katie tried to soak in the meaning of the words she never could have imagined ever hearing spoken to her. It felt like a dream, and she pinched herself, just to make sure she was not dreaming. Frank noticed the discreet pinch, and chuckled in satisfied irony.
“So….I guess maybe you are crazy and a freak…but not in a bad way, I hope…???” Katie could not stop her thought from being spoken out loud, then glanced at Frank in fear and apology. Before she could voice her regret, Frank reached down to her left foot and carefully began untying the knotted bootlace. Once unknotted, he began slowly removing the long lace from each eyelet, being careful not to press on any part of her still hidden foot. “I’m going to take the laces completely out, so your boot can be more easily pulled off. I know the moment of removal is usually the most painful of all, but this way it will hurt a lot less. I’m crazy enough to love your deformed and agonized feet, but sane enough to never love you. And I can teach you to try to love yourself, so you can always give yourself everything you need and want and deserve.
The laces were out, and Frank looked at Katie, “The moment of Truth…Can I take them off??” Katie nodded solemnly, steeling herself as she reached out to tightly grip Frank’s hand. Slowly and gingerly, eyes and mind wide open, Frank pulled the left boot off. Pain exploded within Katie as swollen, engorged, and open bleeding blisters, and throbbing, pulsating corns were freed from their torture chamber. She cried out in pain, and Frank cried out too, as he sexually and mentally climaxed.
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