More Forbidden Truths on Killing Others

Received an email in reply to the below blog post, made earlier today, that I think is worthy of an entirely new blog post, in and of itself. Here is the original post, if you have not already read it, I suggest you do, since this post follows up on the Truths of the original:
The subject is killing. My correspondent uses the term “murder”, which reflects the definitional brainwashing of society and government. The end result of killing and “murder”, is the same. The word murder simply allows society and government to impose a negative moral judgment upon the specific acts of killing that it desires to either demonize or discourage, or both. That is why the Superior prefers to use the term killing, to render impotent the invalid bias imposed by the greatest of all actual “murderers”, the state.
The questions/comments of My correspondent will be italicized and bordered by quotation marks, while My replies will be in regular print, absent quotation marks, to ensure no confusion:
“What gives someone the right to kill?”
The right to kill is validated by the motivation and need to kill. Any individual who feels compelled to kill, proves by the very compulsion that he has already been killed, on some level. He is a victim of murder, killing others is simply an honest, although usually misdirected, reflection of the murder he has Himself experienced, as victim.
“You might say that personal trauma gives them the right, but why is it alright for personal trauma be reflected via murder, the absolute termination of another victim?”
Because it is an accurate reflection. Because all personal trauma is uniquely experienced by every victim, and the victim who chooses to kill is outing himself as a murder victim, even if he possesses no capacity to consciously understand and agree to this Truth.
When you embrace all Forbidden Truth, you understand that murder is always, everywhere, surrounding each of us. How many murders are being committed every single day in your name, by your society and government, if you live as a citizen-slave? And even more primarily, each of us is being actively murdered in real-time, each day, every moment, by the proactive refusal of society and government to allow and to fund technological immortality research and development. We are all murder victims, and murder is being carried out on our behalf, to satiate our suppressed and denied homicidal rage, all of the time.
“Assuming that every living being has the right to live, and recognizing the fact that death is the greatest injustice, what makes one victim’s right to trauma expression more valuable than another victim’s right to life?”
No living thing has the right to live. This is a societal decree and mandate. My right to live is decreed invalid, by the public policy mandates of society and government. Yet this same society
and government turns around and attempts to convince Me to adopt and embrace insane moral and ethical standards regarding respect for life, even as it rejects My very right to life?? No, hypocrisy does not stand in the world of Forbidden Truth.
If My life, both in terms of child abuse/trauma/victimization, and the actual, eternal termination of existence, is decreed worthless by the society that is murdering Me, that will murder Me, there is no way any society can even dream of trying to convince Me to respect and honor the lives of others.
Now, this being said and understood, killing others is not something that the Superior thinker should take lightly. It should not be emotion-based, nor should it occur as knee-jerk reaction, nor should it be undertaken in any way that betrays Truth or Self.
“Since death is the greatest injustice, the injustice of being murdered far outweighs the injustice of being traumatized, right?”
No. Injustice may not be externally measured, and neither may trauma. The suffering of every individual belongs to him. Only he may measure it, and only he may determine what constitutes accurate reflection of this trauma. Additionally, go back to My earlier revelation of Truth, and understand that each of us is being actively murdered, and that the destruction of the individual occurs on many levels other than physical death. Many victims of child abuse and other direct trauma, if they are courageous enough to face up to their own consciousness, absolutely “feel” that a part of them has been murdered. And the reason I place the word feel in quotations, is because it is not a “feeling”, part of them HAS been murdered.
The destruction of personal potential, the destruction of the capacity to love Self, the inspiration to all motivation and expression of Self-destruction and Self-harm, via suicidal/masochistic ideation, these and many more personal traumas must be understood as the actual killing of the individual. Those who kill, are in Truth victims of “murder”, already, murder sponsored and carried out by society and government.
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  1. The question is, why should anyone respect others when they are disrespected their entire life by society? I myself, have experienced bullying by a complete stranger. I understood why. This individual has been trampled on their entire life, so respect is out of the question. I’m pretty sure that they did not understand their behavior and actions on a conscious level, but the subconscious did

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