Mental Illness & The Politics of Truth Concealment

According to the blog section of today’s edition of The Huffington Post, one of the amerikkkan media outlets directly plugged into the Hive Mind of Universal Illusion, Donald Trump, the next dictator of the fascist dictatorship of amerikkka, is mentally ill:
True, or false?
Of course Donald is mentally ill! That is not news, it’s not a revelation of Forbidden Truth. It is a simple, clear, obvious fact. But the Huffington Post does not care about facts, or Truth. Yes, it is absolutely expressing Truth here, but Truth is not the goal, or the objective. The goal is to strengthen the Matrix by inducing further division, invigorating the grand struggle for the illusion of change in the future.
The Post knows some humans will believe this Truth, that Donald is mentally ill, and others absolutely will not. It doesn’t care. The controversy is what is important, it strengthens the regime.
The mandate of the media is to strengthen and legitimize government. Within the dictatorship masquerading as a free democracy, controversy is king. Citizen-slaves cherish the right to believe Donald Trump to be mentally ill, and even to try to prevent him from becoming the next dictator, and even to try to impeach him after he becomes the next dictator, as a form of freedom.
Concurrently, supporters of Donald cherish their “freedom” to be outraged at this slur and slander directed towards their Dear Leader, and their right to support, defend, and back Donald in whatever he may say or do. Their patriotism and loyalty to Donald, meaning to the regime of amerikkka itself, is increased by this “outrageous lie”, as they perceive it.
So, Donald Trump is mentally ill, but this Truth is harmless to the Matrix. It is not at all “Forbidden”, because the Matrix knows some slaves will believe it True, others will not, and either way, the regime is strengthened.
This news article opens a wormhole to genuine Forbidden Truth. But the Matrix is not worried, because you slaves are far too brain-dead and brainwashed to see through, much less step through, the wormhole.
Can you see the Forbidden Truth, humans? Yes, Donald is mentally ill. And so is Hillary and Bill and Reagan and Bush and Nixon and Lincoln and Washington and ALL of them. All of humanity is mentally ill. Every reader of the Huffington Post is mentally ill. Every writer for the Huffington Post is mentally ill. Every human being on earth is mentally ill, a reflection of the mentally diseased and deranged society they were born into, raised up within, victimized and traumatized by, enslaved by.
This is the Forbidden Truth. And all you have to do to realize it, is peek through the wormhole provided by this news article. But none of you can do it. And of course The Huffington Post would never dare suggest such 21st century heresy!
Why, they would lose all of their readers and subscribers! All who are mentally ill, outraged at being outed as being mentally ill, meaning all of them, since all humans are mentally ill. “How dare you accuse me of being mentally ill?? I don’t need this crap, I’m never reading The Huffington Post again!”
So, the same rage and outrage manifested by Donald Trump, proving his mental illness as True, would be manifested by the readers of The Huffington Post, if this media dared to pen and publish an article revealing the Forbidden Truth that every human being on earth is mentally ill. And the same readers who would agree that Donald is indeed mentally ill, would be outraged, absolutely incredulous, and sternly reject without even the slightest consideration, the suggestion that they, along with all of humanity, are mentally ill.
Pretty ironic, dont’cha think?? Just another brilliant example and illustration of how Forbidden Truth is and will always be dead and invisible to humanity.
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