Memeing Full Force Atheism

The worship of god is the worship of death. The worship of Self is the worship of Life. Murder god, so that you may give birth to the True glory of Self-Worship.” — -The Seer of Forbidden Truth

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  1. Speaks volumes. Worshipping god is nothing no more or less than death. Humans haven’t figured this out yet. It’s also about accepting suffering and oppression, and the ongoing madness that entails life. No one goes unscathed, and everyone suffers whether they are a believer or not. On top of that, humans try to recruit as many people as they can into this delusion

    1. @Someone Well-stated! Humans will never figure out that they are death worshippers, because they are incapable to seeing themselves as they are. Universal delusion, illusion, and mental illness is the status quo by which humanity as a collective species, manages to justify the insane asylum it has built and locked itself within.

  2. Yes! There’s absolutely no hope for humanity considering the level of stupidity within the collective. Can you please make more in depth posts about money which serves as the greatest tool of human enslavement? What it is and why the misled masses are stupidly clinging to the illusion of money whether virtual or physical.

    1. All primary-level Forbidden Truths are dead to humanity as a collective whole, no matter how often, differently, or brilliantly they are expressed. That is one reason why my volume of Truth dissection essays is now and will in the future be much lower, than in recent years. I do not repeat Myself, and I do not waste time trying to convince singular humans of anything, when the collective as a whole can never be convinced. My revelations of Truth are a unique and singular gift, to be treasured by the tiny handful of human-borns for whom The Matrix of Universal Illusion is both clearly visible, and an abomination that cannot be tolerated within their conscious minds.
      I have already written a great deal about the perverse and deranged slave structure of money, outing it on many different levels. Read my Main Manifesto essay here:
      And all of these blog essays:
      I may, in the future, add an essay exposing the perverse sham of “bitcoin” and cryptocurrency, although to any sane thinker the very notion of an artificially privatized form of money serving as a weapon to combat the artificial illusion of value that government assigns to the weapons of universal genocide it creates from trees and from metals, should be so obviously absurd as to require no specifically comprehensive dissection.
      All cryptocurrency, just like all Universal Basic Income structures, are nothing more than covertly promoted weapons of mass delusion intended to entrance the new generations of pseudo-rebels to believe they are fighting against the evils of money, even as they are enticed to embrace and covet this very evil.
      Thanks for being interested in the Forbidden Truths!

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