Martyr Ian David Long and the Reflective Beauty of Outlaw Mass Murder


Ian David Long, Your Tortured Victim-Creation and amerikkkan Martyr

I am a huge fan of outlaw mass murder, for many different reasons, and it delights Me to bear witness to a steady increase, in recent decades and years, to this beautifully reflective individual act of catharsis by tortured victim-creations of 20th and 21st century human society, culture, and government, all across planet earth.

For those of us who are sane and capable of both recognizing and embracing the Forbidden Truths of human existence, the 00000000.01%, the deranged and perverse reaction of you humans to these events, demonizing guns and judging these Martyrs to be mentally ill and evil, does not merely justify each act, but elevates each act a noble and honorable message of Truth, delivered in the best possible way, to a species that is only capable of worshiping death, delusion, and hypocrisy.

Every outlaw mass murderer is a writer, a director, a teacher, a Seer, a Shaman, a psychologist, a doctor, a healer. You pathetic creatures do not heal, because you are incapable of it, and yet the outlaw mass murderer is trying to heal you. Your rejection of his efforts, delights Me.

Each and every time, you prove by your collective response that the outlaw mass murderer did the right thing. In a world where Truth is forever dead, in a world where life is hated and death is worshiped, in a world where the most mentally ill rule and determine and control the fate of the less mentally ill, in a world where the ritualistic destruction of all child minds is mandated by law and by public policy mandate of every existing society and government, in a world where every voice of Truth is silenced, snuffed out, ridiculed and rejected, in a world where universal harm, suffering, trauma, and victimization for all is deliberately imposed and inflicted, in a world where nothing can ever be seen, understood, known for what it is, just the facts, just the realities, so obvious and clear and undeniable, these few men and women who stand up and reflect themselves upon the world with independently inspired rage, hate, vengeance, and the infliction of as much external harm as they can, in vibrant and dynamic form, deserve the pure and unconditional admiration of their fellow victims, those of us who are genuinely enlightened to the True nature of the human condition.

Always I will stand up for Truth and for all who express it. It is the only way a human-born can honor Himself. Truth, so rare, so often hidden away, and always rejected and condemned when it is presented. The gift of Truth, I love it as I love Myself.

And so a new voice, a new messenger, receives my time and focus today. 28 year old Ian David Long, tortured victim of child abuse, a professional murderer taught to hate an imaginary enemy, sent thousands of miles away by his greatest enemy, his own society and government, brainwashed and propagandized and indoctrinated to dehumanize complete strangers, given deadly weapons and ordered to try to massacre these complete strangers with the promise of riches and rewards and parades and praise, decreed a moral hero for agreeing to participate in the Insane War Ritual as created and sponsored by his genocide-based society and government, has stood up, sacrificed his very opportunity to try to gain the gift of existence, in exchange for 5 minutes of freedom of mind, 5 minutes of independence of rage and hate, 5 minutes of revenge, payback for 28 years of injustice that began while he was still womb-trapped.

Less than 48 hours ago, Martyr Ian opened fire inside of a bar in Thousand Oaks, California, successfully harvesting 12 humans, and wounding 25 more. And immediately afterward, he Self-murdered, giving up on Himself, knowing that Truth is forever dead to humanity, knowing he could and would never be respected and honored and thanked and recognized as a leader of a human mind revolution that could put an end to the insanities of war, of alcohol consumption, of government and parenthood and universal child abuse. He left the universe as he entered the universe: a dead thing incapable of becoming alive, trapped within a species that is collectively dead in mind, in spirit, in consciousness.

Outlaw mass murder is a beautiful thing, not because it works, but because it doesn’t work. Every success is a failure, within a system that makes it impossible to define what failure is. this Forbidden Truth is one of the most precious and profound of them all. Within the pitch blackness of human consciousness, Ian David Long illuminated Himself and all of the Forbidden Truths, inside of the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, California, amerikkka, 48 hours ago.
Thank you Ian, for standing up and shining brightly.

“I hope people call me insane… (laughing emojis).. wouldn’t that just be a big ball of irony? Yeah.. I’m insane, but the only thing you people do after these shootings is ‘hopes and prayers’.. or ‘keep you in my thoughts’… every time… and wonder why these keep happening…”—Ian David Long, Facebook post, moments before opening fire.


All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Humans are completely perverted and they have created perverted things like the family unit, religion, money system, capitalism, celebrity worship, etc. And you are trapped in their system, you need to play by their rules, doing slave labor, and being forced to obey the government’s laws. Despite all of these things, you want to exist forever. And I agree it should be pursued because death makes life pointless.
    I know self-love gives you the motivation to be immortal. And I agree unconditional self-love is the best kind of love. But is that enough motivation for you to exist eternally knowing how ugly and perverted the world humans have created? And what do you derive pleasure from aside from foot fetish and mass murder?
    Do you have a page where you comprehensively dissected anarchy as a good replacement for government? I want to know your thoughts about specific things like “Who or how roads and infrastructures are built and maintained?”, healthcare, etc.
    Anarchy sounds like a good idea but I don’t know whether it is possible to implement.
    Thank you.

    1. The Forbidden Truths of death do more than merely render life pointless. They render life false and fake, a personal illusion and delusion universally embraced by the Unwashed Masses, too weak, broken, terrified, and Truth-hating to face up to the fact that they are merely pretending to be alive, in every real-time moment of now.
      Self-love as created by Me, within My superior and untouchable mind, ensures that nothing external of Self can or will ever be allowed to impact My Self-perceptions, both internally and/or externally. All external factors and impositions are recognized and understood, but also dismembered and destroyed, insofar as their capacity to negatively impact what I know Myself to deserve, things like eternal existence.
      I create pleasure for Myself in everything I am, and everything I choose to feel, think, and do, absent the slave labor genocide that the terrorism of government successfully inflicts upon Me.
      You can read some of My brilliant texts on Anarchy here:
      Brilliant ideas and obvious solutions to problems cannot be allowed to be held hostage by human inferiority. Because humans are incapable of choosing to destroy their shackles and cages, does not translate to the shackles and cages being acceptable, much less necessary.
      Anarchy should not replace government. It should dissolve government, illuminate government as a deranged and ludicrous mistake of the collective consciousness of the species. But such illumination of mind is impossible among those who are dead to Truth. When a disease successfully masquerades as a cure, the disease itself must be eradicated, BEFORE the cure can be implemented.Every problem humanity faces in perceiving a positive future absent government, is rooted within the fact that humanity functions in current, real-time, within the slave shackle of government.
      Do you exist at this moment? No! And government is the primary reason why, as in mandates universal death for all. Nothing bad that might happen absent government, up to and including species extinction, negates the fact that government must end in order for the possibility of human existence to be “born”, to begin.
      If humanity cannot thrive absent government, let it be so! End the charade now. Humanity has and continues to devolve under the genocide that is government. Every day, the dolution of anarchy becomes more impossible for humans to imagine, to contemplate, much less to demand and to attain. government is the cancer, sucking all human potential from the species, day by day, as it strengthens its death-grip.
      A healthy and sane mind understands that something terrible must end, before the possibility of something glorious becoming a functional reality, can begin.
      You’re welcome.

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