Martin Luther King Jr.,Versus David Burke

Very busy with slave labor, but cannot resist a very brief Forbidden Truth rant in honor of the absurd and genocidally harmful amerikkkan holiday being celebrated today, Martin Luther KIng Jr. day.  This is a federal holiday, as the amerikkkan slave-state wants to make absolutely certain that as many slaves as possible know the life story of Martin Luther King Jr., so that they may be inspired to emulate his highly destructive allegiance with his greatest enemy.
Let us clearly understand, Martin Luther King Jr. was a broken slave of amerikkkan society and government, in the Truest sense of this term. He preached the insane god myth to his followers, the same god myth deployed by the amerikkkan regime to terrorze and compel obedience from all citizen-slaves, of all races. Martin Luther King Jr. preached non-violence, in response to the greatest of all violence being perpetrated against him and against all citizen-slaves, by the amerikkkan government. Martin aligned himself on the side of his greatest enemy, demanding “change” from a government which has perfected the dark political art of providing useless illusions of change which alter no aspect of its doctrine of universal injustice for all.
The amerikkkan government loved Martin Luther King, Jr, in life and in death. He was the perfect uncle tom, delivering a fake revolution via pretty words which allowed broken slaves to pretend to rebel even as they remained docile and obedient, bowing down with outstretched hands to their greatest enemy, peacefully demanding illusions of change. “Please, make me feel like I am less of a slave, I really need to feel free!“, this was the Forbidden Truth rallying cry of the mid 20th century civil rights movement in amerikkka. And Martin was a master at inducing this useless and false perception, as he actually served to extinguish all possibility of a violent uprising capable of bringing down the most malicious regime of the modern era.
And so in death, Martin Luther King is celebrated by the society and government which created and destroyed him. His legacy continues to this day, his message of docile obedience, his exhortation to respond to the violence of the state, with non-violence, represents a propaganda triumph for the amerikkkan regime. Yes, just take it, go down like a martyr. Disobey if you must, but do so with civility, politeness, respect. Honor the right of the state to own you, and rejoice in any illusions of freedom it offers you.
Fight, by being passive! Can you imagine a more perverse doctrine?! And this is why Martin Luther King is famous in amerikkka. He has been made famous because his ideology directly matches the desired indoctrination message of the amerikkkan regime, and because no slave who embraces the ideology or behaviors promoted by him, can ever pose any threat to the amerikkkan regime.
Now, let us consider David Burke. David Burke?? You don’t know David Burke? His name is unfamiliar to you??? Believe Me, there is a very specific reason for this. The reason is, David Burke is the anti-Martin Luther King Jr., and not even because of any political ideology, but because of what he did, the Truths he expressed, on December 7, 1987. You see, David Burke was black, a so-called “african-american”, and on December 7th, 1987, David Burke took down Pacific Southwest Airlines flight 1771. As the flight cruised at 22,000 feet altitute, David pulled a .44 Magnun handgun and shot five people dead, including the pilot and co-pilot. He then held onto his gun as the plane hurtled to the ground, making impact at 770 mph.
David Burke killed 42 human beings, not including Himself. Most of them were white, and he was black. On this day, December 7, 1987, David Burke  became the second most prolific mass murderer in modern amerikkkan history, eclipsed only by Andrew Kehoe, who had killed 44 people on May 18, 1927, a full 50 years earlier. So, this news event should have generated a massive amount of media coverage, no? No! It was whitewashed, no pun intended, and a virtual media blackout was instituted by the amerikkkan regime, and its news press puppetmasters.
Why? Because David Burke was black, and the amerikkkan regime will not publicize blacks who mass or serially murder whites. Nope, too dangerous to allow the blacks to get a taste of reflectively Truth-based vengeance.  The blacks must be kept docile and god-fearing, peacefully protesting, hat in hand, “Please master, be more kind to us, show us your mercy or we will vote you out of office. Yes, we will VOTE against you, take that, slavemaster!” How utterly pathetic!
So go ahead, mark your Martin Luther King Jr. day. It is all that you are capable of. But Me, I will celebrate Truth by recreating David Burke’s rampage at 22,000 feet via a Conscious Dream tonight. And for those of you who are not familiar with exactly what David did on December 7, 1987, I recommend this stirring account:
And this excellent documentary:

And believe it or not, this tiny picture is the only one I can find online, of David. Seriously??! This was 1987, not 1887, and here you see how the press is controlled by the amerikkkan government. David Burke:davidburke
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  1. The is a first for my ever hearing about the David Burke incident, and you are correct, it isn’t publicized as much as that MLK. Also, I find it ironic that humans are taught that violence is bad, but marching in protesting is much better. How so? Surely, one won’t get that point across and demand change just by marching and holding up signs. It really makes no sense. Besides, I would think that the violent protests among blacks in the Civil Rights era prompted the govt to make changes, in terms of some forms of segregation; but as we are aware, segregation still exists but the govt pretends to be neutral and is against racism and segregation. Humans actually believe that the govt is in their interest and works tirelessly in eradicating racism and segregation; when in fact, it promotes it

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