Marijuana and the 2016 amerikkkan Election

Marijuana is an addictive, Truth-destroying mind toxin lacking any positive or beneficial value
The most devastating indictment of all amerikkkan slaves who chose to vote in the 2016 presidential election is not their decision to vote, thereby to endorse a government conspiracy to enslave, oppress, and terrorize them until death, and it is not the nature and character of the individual they chose. Rather, it is their votes, on numerous state levels, to legalize the possession and usage of marijuana.
What does marijuana do?? It cloaks, conceals, and distorts Truth. Simple as that. It is a destroyer of Truth, making you idiots FEEL better, without making anything actually better.
Democracy is the lie of freedom. It exists only because the slave-state successfully murders Truth. And how is Truth murdered? By creating a virtual reality of universal illusion and deception, via thousands of different nodes.
Marijuana is “just” one of the thousands. But all it takes is one. Embrace one, and the other thousands beckon in unison.
It is not hyperbolic to suggest that marijuana usage itself, directly leads to your choice of slavery to a government. Every True horror dulled, muted, snuffed out, via continuous orgy of brain fog.
A sane species would have voted to ban alcohol, ban cigarettes, ban every prescription drug that covers up and masks any and all pain, physical or mental. But no, you deranged creatures did the opposite, celebrating your “freedom” to collaborate with your greatest enemy in the destruction of Truth, the Truth of what has been, is being, and will be done to you.
The destruction of Truth is the destruction of Self. Collective, mass suicide, so very real yet completely sublimated on all conscious levels, this is the factual takeaway from the 2016 amerikkkan election. You choose the horror, as you choose to hide from the Truth of the horror.
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    1. Laughing at the idiocy of the humans can improve clarity of the Self-mind, but the laughter must be filled with mindful scorn and derision, not mindless happiness. The tragedy of humanity DOES and will destroy Me, despite the fact I have rejected and transcended my humanity.
      Laughter can be deployed to escape from Truth, or to enhance it. I choose the latter path.

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