Lying is Okay, Sometimes

As The Seer of Forbidden Truth, you might not expect Me to advocate, or even condone, lying. But I do, and this essay will dissect the Forbidden Truths of when and why lying can be not only acceptable, but a vital tactical weapon, for the Superior to utilize.
Let us begin with the understanding that to lie, or/and to withhold Truthful information, are essentially identical. Those who insist upon creating and embracing a very specific distinction between the two, are inferiors who fail to grasp the foundational and functional ramifications of deceit. The compromise of Truth, represents the embrace of deception. All methodologies by which deception is embraced, arrive at the same end result. The proactive lie, and the passive withholding of Truth, both result in the same consequence, and we must not allow the illusion of a legitimate distinction between these two inferior human practices, to stand.
Humanity is a lie-based species. Universal deception of Self, of others, and the systemic destruction of all Truth: personal, cultural, philosophical, and ideological, is the foundation upon which humanity has built and successfully sustains, its very existence, both physically and mentally. We are all direct victims of this universal deceit, which both exists and is utilized as an offensive weapon.
As Superiors, we are at war with humanity and with society. All offensive weapons of war can be successfully deployed by either “side”. Lying is a weapon created by society and government, and deployed against all individual creatures born human. These facts do not preclude the capacity or the obligation of Superior individual victims of this war, from selectively utilizing lies as an offensively responsive weapon.
Lying can be a very tactically useful weapon for the individual, but only when deployed in very specific situations and circumstances. The indiscriminate liar, who lies for fun and to gain useless emotional feelings of victory and triumph, does Himself no good, and in fact is actively betraying Self and collaborating with his enemy and destroyer. On the other hand, the selective use of lying and deceit, as a tactic of psychological warfare and Self-preservation, can be effective and individually beneficial.
There are two very important caveats which must be absolutely understood and followed, in all circumstances where the possibility of using deceir and lying as a tactically effective offensive weapon, presents itself. Rule #1 is this: When utilizing lies and deceit as an offensive weapon, the individual must always be fully and consciously aware of the fact that he is engaging in the practice of lying and deception. This may seem obvious to the inferior, but it is not. The typical human is not consciously aware of the fact that he is lying, when he lies. This sets the stage for the universal matrix of illusion within which humanity as a species dwells. So let us be clear, only within the absolutely conscious, fully aware and understood state of mind that he is lying, and deploying deception as an offensive weapon, is it possible for the lie to act as an effective offensive weapon against society and government.
Rule #2, and this rule is actually even more important than rule #1: Under no circumstances, ever, can lying or deception of Self, be acceptable, okay, or an effective offensive weapon. Lying to others, with the conscious understanding that you are lying, and the reasons why you are lying, can be positive and useful. But lying to Yourself, deceiving Yourself, can never be useful, effective, or justifiable. All lies told to Self, are universally destructive and harmful, as they compromise the very foundation of Truth itself, which must exist within the individual as his most sacred and powerful weapon and force of personal empowerment.
I have spent hours trying to envision a situation or circumstance where lying to Self might prove to be a tactically effective and useful weapon. My certain conclusion, after hours of brilliant contemplation, is that no such situation or circumstance, theoretical or actual, can exist. All lying to Self is always, universally harmful, and cannot be effectively deployed to benefit Self. Even if the lie is overtly perceived by the Self as beneficial, this is an illusion and delusion which must be intellectually dissected, and then the false perception must be recognized and rejected.
How do you determine whether lying to others is useful, necessary, beneficial?? You do so within the glorious boundaries of Truth, first recognizing that you are considering engaging in the practice of deceit, then understanding why you feel it might be useful/beneficial/tactically effective to lie, then performing an unbiased cost-to-benefit analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the specific instance of deceit/lying that you are contemplating, and finally, most importantly, you must ensure, via a mind filter concretely rooted in the personal understanding and embrace of all Truth, that no aspect of your deliberation on the issue, and no motivational force, be it conscious, subconscious, or unconscious, has any origin or basis within Self-deception or the withholding/compromise of any Truth from Self.
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