Live, And Let Die!

I haven’t listened to this song for quite a few years, but yesterday it popped into my brilliant brain, and of course I cybersurfed right over to YouTube to enjoy it. What a simple, but beautiful sentiment: Live, and let die! I remember listening to this song decades ago, and the part that goes, “When I was young I used to say live and let live”, never resonated with Me. I never felt that way! Live and let live??
No, when you are a victim of relentless child abuse from your earliest memories, your True Reality thoughts are oriented anywhere from Die and Let Die, to Die and Make Die, to Live and Make Die, to LIve and Let Die, but not “live and let live”. Still, I immersed Myself in this powerful expression of personal victimization leading to the glory of narcissistic love of Self, and proud contempt for the lives of others. It is nice to rediscover┬áthis song after years of absence:

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