Lisa B. Falour has Died

For many years now, I have dwelled within the glory of absolute isolation, shunning all direct contact with humans. But many years ago, while transitioning from My human form, I did directly interact with a tiny handful of select humans. Not face to face, but in direct and ongoing ways. One of these selected creatures was Lisa B. Falour. We shared our True Realities, and she even got to speak to Me on the telephone a few times, an extremely rare honor that few of My letter and email correspondents ever received. She aspired to personal Superiority, and appreciated Forbidden Truth.
Now I learn today that Lisa can no longer continue to pretend to exist, as you and I are currently doing. Eternal nothingness, as sponsored and imposed by 21st century human society, has claimed her as victim. Death must be understood as the greatest tragedy and the most supreme form of personal victimization each of us faces, and all deaths must be recognized as proactive murders, sponsored and carried out by human society and government.
The Superior does not mourn any death of anyone. He understands that to do so is not merely useless, but profoundly hypocritical. Lisa was only pretending to be alive, such is the reality of the accepted and embraced human experience of existence. The only reason for Me to regret Lisa’s death, is that the reality of My own existence, as perceived by her, can no longer be perceived by her. Therefore My imprint upon the universe is lessened, by her death.
Here is her last website:
And her YouTube videos are here:
And the book she wrote:
When you are confronted with the death of someone you personally “knew” or “know”, the Superior and only sane reaction is to shrug your shoulders and understand that the individual is a murder victim, that humanity as a whole is guilty of causing the death, and that the only loss you have suffered relates specifically to how the specific death lessens the existing imprint of you upon the universe of conscious awareness.
Some of My favorite images of Lisa are here:

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  1. I just learned of Lisa’s death .. I don’t know how she died, but I know she was unwell for a very long time. I will miss her too … she truly was one of a kind. Bon voyage my friend.

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