Link to ISIS uncensored beheading video of Alan Henning

Continuing My proud tradition of defying the perverse censorship and propagandization of ISIS beheading videos by all western media and governments, I am pleased and proud to post this direct link to the uncensored, as released by ISIS today, October 3, 2014, beheading video of british citizen-slave Alan Henning:
Above is the link to the uncensored ISIS beheading video that was working yesterday, but has been disabled by terrorist censors of western governments today. And so I went and found a new link, that is working fine. Posted in the name of Truth and freedom of mind:
It is perverse beyond all measure that no amerikkkan or british journalists or news media organizations have the courage or respect for Truth, to defy the terrorism of their own governments in compelling censorship of a dynamic news story, the #1 news story of the day, a news event being directly used by usa regime to create illusion for the justification of a current, ongoing war that the usa regime is undertaking right now, and chose to initiate.
I defy all censorship efforts of all governments, in posting this link. But My effort is useless. How many western citizen-slaves will view this uncensored beheading video? 1000? 5000? Even as 500 million+ are prevented and blocked from seeing it, by the impossible to justify censorship of news content by fascist dictatorships which claim to protect freedom of the press and freedom of expression.
This is why all sane seekers of Truth must be hard-core anarchists.
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