Life Is Short and Bitter-Muhammad Youssuf Abdulazeez

Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez Less than 24 hours ago, a tortured and victimized child, created by 21st century human society, sought and claimed personal vengeance against society. He targeted military recruitment centers in Chattanooga, Tennessee, usa., killing four amerikkkan soldiers, child torture victims of amerikkkan society themselves, before tragically losing his own life. Let us pause to mark and to mourn the death of yet another destroyed child, Muhammad Youssuf Abdulazeez.
All militaries exist as weapons of government, brainwashing, bribing, and terrorizing helpless, vulnerable children to agree to serve as mindless murderers for the state, to protect, defend, and bestow an illusion of legitimacy to the very structure which is enslaving and destroying all who pledge allegiance, all who are pathetic enough to perceive themselves as citizens to a government.
Just as no government on planet earth has a legitimate right to exist, no military force or structure has a legitimate right to exist. All expressions of cathartic rage and hate directed towards governments and their diseased and deranged structures, are inherently and reflectively valid.
Before claiming his personal vengeance, child-martyr Muhammad Youssuf Abdulazeez expressed his reality perceptions via two blog posts. He used, one of the only internet media hosts which attempts to protect and defend free speech, at least to a limited degree. I am pleased that as of this moment, has not deleted this blog. You may, at least for now, view it here:

A Prison Called Dunya

It is unfortunate that Muhammad apparently was addicted to the insane god myth, but his plight in this regard both reflects and illuminates the reality of universal child abuse as sponsored and imposed by government and 21st century human society. Religion is yet another weapon deployed by all human governments, those of us who seek to know and to reflect Truth in all that we do and say, should strive to integrate this fact to core consciousness, and to overcome the terrorist brainwashing of all nation-states.
I am pleased and proud to single out 24 year old child martyr Muhammad Youssuf Abdulazeez as a victimized and destroyed child, guilty of no crime, deserving of unconditional empathy, respect, and sympathy from all who are sane and possess sentient minds. Muhammad is a victim of the criminality of the state, and the cowardice and blindness of humanity as a collective species. He was betrayed by his species, as are all children in the 21st century.
I will mourn Muhammad, because you creatures refuse to mourn him, refuse to grant him victimhood status. I will mourn Muhammad because you diseased hypocrites insist upon either demonizing him, in the west, or using him as a propaganda weapon, within islamist society. I will mourn Muhammad because I recognize and I know exactly what he was: A destroyed child, your created victim.
Yes Muhammad, life is short and bitter. It pains Me that you learned this Truth as a victimized and destroyed child, and it enrages Me your sacrifice of your very existence will only be used by your destroyer to propagandize allegiance to government.
You can access media-biased news articles detailing the life journey of Mohammad, here:
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