Life: Described and Defined

Every existence is a foundational platform within which every sentient creature makes behavioral and ideological decisions. This is just as much True for the ant and goldfish, as it is for the human being. An understanding of personal existence, regardless of how deep or shallow this understanding is, creates the underlying basis upon which every unique personal decision, be it primarily instinctual, emotional, or intellectual, is made.
Why does a fish choose to remain submerged within water? Because it knows and it understands, on a conceptual level, that something terrible will happen to it if it should lose access to water. Whatever weaknesses of intellect it suffers from, it possesses a strength of reality perception, a capacity for logical choice and decision-making, which humans lack.
In this essay I will be defining and describing life, which may be accurately and validly understood as “personal existence”. Not life in general, but how every singularly existing human creature, must be able to fully, consciously perceive his own singularity of existence, in order to perceive reality and Truth as it actually is.
Every aspect of this diseased, deranged, and devolving 21st century human society, has been built and is sustained by the unwashed masses of human beings, based upon their fatally flawed perceptions of their own lives and existences, on a uniquely singular level. No existence is defined or understood for what it is, and lacking this capacity and this achievement, nothing humans choose to think or to do, can reflect or enhance the actual, factual consequences of their own singular existence.
All of the descriptions and definitions that I am applying to life/personal existence below, are objectively factual. None of them are subjectively theoretical or debatable. None of them are open to personal rejection in terms of not being applicable to a specific individual and his experience of existence. All humans who reject or deny the objectively factual definitions of life/personal existence that I am providing below, do so as deceivers of Self, deniers of Truth, cowards who are complicit in the creation of the universal matrix of illusion which defines the fatally flawed perceptions of life on planet earth in the 21st century.
So, let us begin our definitions:
Life/singular existence is pointless. Embracing this Truth negates the universal lie of a future. Life is pointless because it has no future, which is proven by the fact of eternal nothingness which is physical death. Every exhortation, motivation, and direct effort to make the future better, be it on a personal level, a species-wide level, or a cosmic level, is a perverse sham which denies the factual reality that life/singular existence is pointless.
Life/singular existence is meaningless. Every attempt by humans, individually or within social constructs, to apply meaning to any life/singular existence, betrays and rejects Truth. How can something be meaningful if it is doomed to evaporate to eternal nothingness? How can grand goals and objectives be conjured up and planned out, with individual human beings whipped into an enthusiastic frenzy, inspired to devote time and effort to achievement, and such achievement be hailed as great triumph, when everything achieved by the individual is utterly meaningless, as objective fact, as proven by the Truth that physical death evaporates all personal existence, thereby rendering nothing done by the individual human being, to have ever existed, just as the individual human being is retroactively erased, to have never existed?!
Life/singular existence is depressing. Supremely, profoundly, depressing. Because it is death being played out in real-time, the worship of death, the embrace of death, never consciously acknowledged. It is depressing not merely because it is pointless and meaningless, but because the Superior fully knows that the inferiors are choosing to die, and to eternally murder him, by their choice. Life is supremely depressing because the Superior knows it does not have to be this way, it is only by the collective choice of humanity that it is this way, yet this collective choice cannot be altered. The hive mind cannot be overthrown, the collective inferiority of the human being, on a species-wide level, cannot be defeated by the Superiority of the few, as represented by Me and My mind.
Life/singular existence is unpredictable. It is unpredictable from nanosecond to nanosecond. So, how can anything be planned? How can a future be carved out? How can the individual project his standing into the future, for even 60 seconds of time, much less for years or decades? Nothing can be planned, every plan made, is nothing more than a theoretical illusion given a false skin.
Life/singular existence is the greatest of all cosmic tragedies, being played out in real-time, universally imposed upon all. on an individual level. The conscious embrace of this objective fact, impossible for the inferior to accomplish, is key to all positive human progress. Imagine if every human being, for every moment of his conscious existence, were compelled by the strength of his own mind to realize as Truth, that at that moment in time, and at every single moment of time, he is experiencing, on a personal level, the greatest of all cosmic tragedies. The inferiors would be driven to insanity, but they are already there, so no functional difference. The Superiors would be inspired to the same revolution of the mind that I have created for Myself, just as the fish is inspired to remain submerged within water. And what if there are not enough Superiors?? Then let humanity descend into disordered chaos and achieve the immediate extinction it has earned, instead of wallowing in its current, ordered chaos which is merely postponing an ensured and guaranteed near-term extrinction.
Life/singular existence is an artificial construct. It is a universe of illusion, false idols, fake visions, edifices built within and upon hollow and imaginary foundations. Only the human being dwells within this artificial universe, where nothing actually is, as it is described and projected. Nobody is free, nobody is rich, nobody is safe, nobody has a future, nobody is loved, nobody is empowered, nobody is lucky, nobody is blessed, nobody is doing the best they can, and nobody is capable of recognizing any of these Truths, as Truths. This is why every life must be accurately defined as an artificial construct. This artificial construct is externally imposed, but internally embraced. the combination of external imposition and internal embrace, renders it a closed-circle matrix, impossible to escape from.
Life/singular existence is an illusion built upon another illusion. The things you think, believe, and do, are based upon your perception of being alive. But if you are going to die, you are not alive in the real-time present. You insist on pretending to be alive, by rejecting this Truth, even as you embrace your upcoming death. The consequence of this Self-imposed delusion is that everything you think, believe, and do, is foundationally rooted in illusion. You build edifices upon nothing real, nothing concrete, nothing True, because you do not exist yourselves, as anything beyond the false illusion of life/singular existence that you cling to.
Life/singular existence is made manifestly real by a functional brain.
Life/singular existence is irreplaceable. Period.
These are the objectively factual definitions of all human life and singular existences in current, real-time. Can these definitions be altered, in a radical way? The answer is yes, theoretically, and this answer directly speaks to the final two definitions. The change that must occur is simply this: Death must end. Technological immortality of the existing human brain must be achieved and must be made available to all who demand it. Only upon such an achievement, can the definitions change. Only upon such achievement, can life develop a point, gain meaning, become positively predictable, lose its inherent, built-in tragedy, develop within the glory of natural instinct and Truth, shed its matrix of universal illusion.
Only within the achievement of technological immortality, can life/singular existence become grand, perfect, majestic, a realization of the untouchable utopia which the Superior human brain is capable of creating for itself. This is the Forbidden Truth the Superior recognizes and embraces. Life and all singular existence is as it is, as I have defined above, as objective fact, for only one reason, and that reason is the functional reality of the consequences of individual death.
From pointless, meaningless, depressing, doomed, and the greatest of all cosmic tragedies, to grand, majestic, perfect, utopian, all it takes is a single, collective decision: To refuse to die. To recognize what death is, and to demand an end to death. But no, life must go on as it has, you demand this, you cowards, you murderers, you pathetic, diseased fools.
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