Let Us Prey: A Forbidden Truth Prayer

To all with sentient and Superior minds:
Let us prey upon the stupid and the broken and the inferior.
Let us prey upon all that conspire, consciously or not, to prey upon us.
Let us prey upon the vampires and vultures, let us prey upon all who seek to suck us dry.
Let us prey upon every human structure, from government to religion, from family to money, which enslaves and terrorizes us, diminishing and destroying our capacity to thrive within the embrace of glorious Truth.
Let us prey upon those who pray, let us prey upon those who worship and believe and hope for things to get better, thereby ensuring that nothing can or will ever get better.
Let us prey upon god, let us stalk and capture him, consume and dismember him, ingest and excrete him. Let us purge the universe of his toxic mythology. Let us prey upon prayer itself, exposing it as the impotent beggings of those who are hopelessly lost
Let us prey upon those who have already been preyed upon, in conscious embrace of the Forbidden Truth that we ourselves have been, are being, and will be, preyed upon.
Let us prey upon others, so that our minds remain blessed within the purity of Self-love and Self-devotion, so that we may never be tempted to prey upon ourselves.
This is our predatory prayer, made to the most glorious, the most exalted, the most omnipotent of creatures: The Self-mind, the Self, the god of Me, Myself, and I.
This we pray, in the name of Truth.
Text is Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved


  1. That is very poetic and descriptive of how humanity can change its doom of they were to apply the principles within this essay. SEER, humans are dragged in dirt, and life as you know, is becoming more unbearable on a daily basis–and humans are getting crazier and crazier, warped in the systematical abuse of the matrix.
    Life is not at all easy. Everyone, regardless of their status or wealth, are being victimized at this very moment and they don’t view it as deliberate intentions at the hands of their societies. For some odd reason, humans accept these malicious attempts as normal and take them as a grain of salt, and do not dissect the true meaning behind it and why. We all know that humans justify sufferings because their bible or Koran tells them that it will happen, so as a result, they await it and brag about it, as though, it is a commemorative event that should be honored and praised by them. It’s absurd, and humans are nuts!
    Everyone saps and drains the energy of their fellow humans, because they are so emotionally broken and dependent on others to make them feel worthy and to obscure the harsh realities of what life really entails. Humans don’t want to accept the truth that life is horrific and go to extreme measures in trying to find ways to keep the truth hidden. Relationships are nothing more than a death trap for them, but they can’t seem to accept this truth, knowing from past experiences of the horrors involved. But, instead, they continually, seek out others to fulfill the illusion that friendship or romances can work if they find the right individual. This a myth, because it isn’t such a thing. The right person is self and no one else. It’s impossible to value yourself when you are concerned about the well-being of others, because the focus will be diverted more to the other individual instead of self. Anyways, this poetic essay speaks the truth of what humanity should be striving for if they expect changes

    1. Thank you. Your comments are insightfully accurate and display a Superior understanding and embrace of some of the more difficult Forbidden Truths. You are living proof that someone born human, subjected to imprisonment within the matrix, can successfully break free via a courageous and unapologetic quest for Truth. Of course I am the original proof, but My path dates back to age six, and recognizing My own uniqueness, it still impresses Me when another creature, born human as I was, bursts through the layers and layers of smothering illusion and deceit.
      The irony is that none of the Forbidden Truths are very difficult to understand. All that is required is courage, independence of thought, rationality, the ability to challenge everything others have told and taught you. It seems rather simple. And yet we are, literally, one in millions. Let us celebrate our Superiority! Let us stand up in triumph, even as we mock the masses, and even as we mourn what we will end up losing, because our triumph only spells out the doom we face, due to the failure, the inferiority, of the others.
      Some will say if only I had a larger audience, more would be enlightened to Forbidden Truth and find the strength to embrace it as you have. But this is not True. You are the rarity, the one in a million. What I articulate is rejected by the millions and the billions, they don’t need to read My writings, to recognize and face up to Truth. Truth is dead to them, because each of us is confronted by Truth on a daily basis. Truth confronts others, not via My writings, but by life itself, and they choose to reject it, while you have chosen to embrace it. Celebrate Yourself, revel in the glory of your Superior mind!

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