Leelah Alcorn Died In Vain, Hypocrites!

A news story capturing some media attention today, is the Self-murder of a 17 year old tortured child-slave, Leelah Alcorn. Reading the news stories, the utter hopelessness of humanity as a species is completely reaffirmed. The blindness, the hypocrisy, the refusal to face up to Truth, the sponsorship of universal child abuse as concretely rooted public policy, all of this is proven, by the media and public response, by your response, as a society.
Every news story frames this Self-murder within the box of transgender discrimination. But it has nothing to do with that. Not even Leelah herself, in her suicide note, could get to the Forbidden Truths. Nobody can see the Truth, unless they transcend their humanity, as I have done. So go ahead, read her suicide note, but it will not help you to understand:
And here, someone who is transgender tries to summon forth “radical” solutions to the problem of child abuse, but she cannot. She fails miserably, because she is trapped in the human box:
And the completely mainstream media pretends to be sympathetic, but they represent society, and they are glad Leelah is dead. Their purpose is to make the citizen-slaves feel better, to absolve them of the guilt they bear. “She will not have died in vain”, parrots another tortured child, that is the takeaway from this propaganda piece:
“Fix society”, that is the plea from the suicidal Self-hater, but she was lost from herself, lost from Truth, just a broken child, broken as all your children are, broken by you. Leelah’s problem was not her gender. Her problem was that she was born into a society which decrees every child to be a worthless and subhuman piece of property. Her problem was that she was born into a society which is collectively suicidal, and therefore determined to make every child suicidal. Her problem was that she was born into a society that insists upon forcing every child to hate himself, the most macho football player and the most popular cheerleader and the biggest nerd and the biggest bully and the shyest and the most gragarious and the fattest and the thinnest and the one with the tattoos and the one addicted to god and the one who is the most anti-social. Everybody must hate himself, this is the official decree, what every child is taught and told.
Leelah hated herself because her society stripped her of the capacity to love Self, and wanted her to hate herself. Leelah did not commit suicide, she was murdered. Her murderer is 21st century amerikkkan society, and every human being who lives as a member of this society. And there you are, all of you, pretending to care, pretending to be sorry. “Oh Leelah, why couldn’t you keep on pretending things are okay, as we are all doing today. Oh Leelah, why did you have to leave behind a public blog post, you could have just quietly hung yourself in your closet, like all the others…” You do not care that she is dead, you care that her death is intruding upon your universe of Self-delusion.
And why is Leelah dead? She is dead because of you. She is dead because religion, an insane mythology and toxic plague which should have been eradicated 100+ years ago, is embraced and honored by you. She is dead because she needed support from her parents, and the only reason she needed this support is because you choose to destroy the capacity of all children to thrive within the glory of Self-sufficiency and Self-love. She is dead because of parenthood, because she was blindly enslaved to mentally ill god freaks based upon sperm cells successfully penetrated an egg. Parenthood, a concept that should have been rejected as absurd 100+ years ago.
And you hypocrites keep pretending to care. Things must change, we need to find a way to treat transgender children better. Seriously??? What a pathetic cop-out! But how can I blame you? You are human, you cannot see yourself as you are. Millions of children are dying tonight in the usa, dying, body, mind, soul, dying. And you read this fact and you do not understand, because you are already dead.
And so this leaves Me, to repeat what is so obvious, so crystal-clear, so undeniable, but it does not matter how many times I repeat the Truth, just as it does not matter how many children step in front of a tractor trailer truck because they have decided nothingness for all of eternity is better than the horror of growing up as a worthless, subhuman piece of property who exists only to serve as a Poison Container to a collectively suicidal adult population of destroyed ex-children. You cannot see yourselves as you are, and therefore you cannot see Truth as it is.
And so I repeat Myself, not under any illusion that anything I say will resonate with any of you insane hypocrites, but because only in honoring the Truth, can I honor Myself, a tortured ex-child:
Religion is wrong. It is time to eradicate all religion from the map of human consciousness. It is time to grow up as a species and face up to the consequences of death.
Parenthood is wrong. The idea that children should be blindly enslaved to their biological creators and/or their sexual partners, is deranged. It makes no sense. It cannot be justified or explained. It guarantees universal child abuse and that every adult generation will be hopelessly broken and destroyed.
Emotional dependency is wrong. Every child should be empowered and taught from birth to reject all dependency upon others, to bestow limitless love upon Self, and to renounce all emotion-based relationships.
The family unit is wrong, it is an ancient relic, useful during the caveman era, but a scourge upon humanity today. Let us emancipate every child from the horrors and shackles of tradition and culture and obligation to the past. Let every child be empowered to create a new universe for Self, grounded and rooted only within the glorious freedoms defined within reality and Truth.
None of this will happen, and Leelah Alcorn died in vain, as will every other child. So when the next school or family massacre occurs, and the perpetrator is a child, I will cheer, openly and publicly. I will cheer in the memory of Leelah, and the millions of other children who sacrificed only their own lives, politely asking you to “fix society”, and you chose not to.
Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Hmm, as a person who holds to people being inherently evil I have no hatred of self.
    For curiosities sake:
    My questions are two fold, how do you suppose to fix the system in a way that won’t blow up like most social experiments. And two, why is a person’s self so important? That’s kind of a religious construct. Evolution is breed and die… So if society does that what is wrong with it?
    And, at some level, life is a struggle… Why should the species favor those who don’t want to live and give in? Especially when you remove religion. Our do you have some “new ethics?”
    At some level you are trying to be a prophet saying all prophets before you are wrong… I can think of many evil people who stayed down that path.

    1. Every human is a reflection of all that has been imposed upon him. There is no evil, there is only personal victimization, injustice, torment, being reflected, very rarely with conscious awareness. Every act of harm is inherently justified, even when it is a misdirection of emotion inspired by lack of embrace and understanding of personal victimhood status.
      Do you possess limitless, untouchable, and unconditional love of Self, and do you manifest this Self-love in everything you do? Everything?? If not, you have hatred of Self, you just can’t find the strength to face up to this Self-insight.
      You fix the system by destroying what is broken and cannot be repaired. You fix the system by abandoning the mistakes of the past, instead of pretending to try to fix them. Religion, family, parenthood, and emotion-based relationships/dependency, are all organic mistakes made by the human being. The fact that they date back thousands of years, only makes a clean and complete break all the more necessary. You do not try to fix what is hopelessly broken, doing so guarantees the perpetuation of every existing horror. Within the understanding that the genetic brain defects of the human being render positive evolutionary change impossible, every mistake of the past must still be abandoned.
      How do you replace god? By becoming god, claiming as reality, as entitlement, each of his imagined privileges. How do you replace family? By rejecting all toxic emotional enmeshment. How do you replace parenthood? By recognizing and integrating as conscious Truth, the sacred autonomy of every child as a superior creature who can never deserve to be enslaved and to serve as adult Poison Container. How do you replace human relationships? By developing limitless and unconditional love of Self, so that you may glory in the perfection of an eternal love affair with the only creature in the universe worthy of receiving your love.
      The glory of Self has nothing to do with religion. It is the antidote to religion. It is the only way to successfully murder god. You would understand this Truth, if you sought to murder god and become his rightful heir.
      The human being is devolving. His embrace of death reflects this devolution. No animal wants to die, and only his limited intellect precludes his seizure of personal immortality. The human wants to die, and rejects his own capacity to achieve Truth-based technological immortality. This is just one of many pathologies which prove the human a genetic mutation, a birth defect on a species-wide level.
      No humans want to live, the species is collectively suicidal. And belief in god is the greatest indicator of suicidal ideation. The worshipper of god is the worshipper of death.
      There can be no ethical code put forth by a species which chooses to cause genocidal harm to all living things. Any outlined code of morality or ethics exists as hypocritical illusion and pretense.
      I give you the Truth, do with it as you wish. But the Truth is unacceptable to you, because you remain addicted to religion, enslaved by a fatally flawed perception of both Self and reality, and determined to judge individuals as evil in order to deny the genocidal malice of the species itself, within which you claim membership.

      1. Um, calling folks evil denies that the species is genocidal? That is flatly contradictory.
        Your ideals boil down to “will to power” put forward by Neitzche, and your ideal self is the ubermensche (ich kann deutsche). And it lead to genocide, the eugenics folks talked often of degeneration. And they promoted the elimination of the family and a state run socialist institution to raise perfect Arian babies.
        Although you wrap it in different terms, but your rejection of social institutions is text book nihilist. Your method of speech is also very much nihilist. I can’t tell if your rejection of religion is on that line or more communist… But that killed more people.
        The other nihilist tried to treat down society and millions died and bit much changed, it seems like you refuse to listen to reality.
        At best, you don’t have the racial thing… But you are trying to eat of a tree that has killed millions less than 100 years ago. That almost makes you worse than a Nazi… You think you can fix nihilism and use it for good… Neitzche was clinically insane, and it’s insane to try the same thing and expect different results.
        It’s not your odd easy of trying to sound authoritative that makes you look, it’s your ideals

        1. I choose to both approve your comment and reply to it, only because it perfectly illustrates the disconnect from reality of the typical, normal, mainstream human, addicted to external labels and to the judgment of others, even as he rejects his standing as the sponsor of all that is wrong with his species.
          You judge the only valid form of love, as guilty of sponsoring the genocide which exists as public policy of your society. You condemn the Superior and uniquely precious empowerment of Self articulated by Seer Friedrich Nietzsche as causing great harm, but in Truth his philosophy is dead to you and the other Unwashed Masses. You are worried that glorification of Self will cause great harm, even as great harm is occurring, genocide is occurring, because nobody embraces the glory of narcissism, egotism, and Self-love.
          The Truth is, you fear the Truths I articulate because they are unacceptable to you on a personal, True Reality level. You are addicted to subordinating and humiliating Yourself to others, and to things that do not even exist, such as a god creature. The Self-empowerment which I glorify and manifest as personal reality, terrifies and threatens the Self-humiliation and pathological need to suffer, which defines your broken life path. And it is not your fault, you are a creation of what has been done to you, what has been taken from you. And yet I must call you out, not as an individual, but as a representative of your species. You are one of billions, it is your world you are destroying, in reflection of how the world has successfully destroyed you.
          Nihilist, communist, nazi, the societal labels of demonization that you cling to, reveal the shackles of mind which have been externally imposed upon you. You perceive Me through your distorted lens, you try to place Me inside of your box, but I do not fit, because Truth can never be contained within an artificial reality construct.
          Truth will win, in the end. Devolution will end the charade of humanity. I cannot save the universe by destroying your society. Only you can destroy your society, and thereby save Yourself. But you will not do it, you cannot do it, you are too broken. So go ahead and demonize Friedrich, and Charles Manson, and Myself, and the tiny handful of others who found the strength to embrace Forbidden Truth, and the inspiration to try to lay down a path of Truth for you broken billions. You cannot harm us, because you have already destroyed us. All you can do is seal your own fate, destroy yourselves, as billions, in order to remain shielded from having to face the Truth of what you are, and of what you have done.
          So there you are, firmly entrenched among the billions, carrying their force within Yourself, and you are guilty of destroying the world, each and every day. And you are guilty of murdering and destroying Leelah Alcorn, and every other child born on this planet during the past thousands of years. I see you guilty, and I judge you guilty, and I know you guilty, and I understand why you cannot see yourself as you are.
          Further replies from you will most likely be deleted and not posted as comments to this blog. This blog is a place of elevation, your above reply was posted only to allow Me to expose the Forbidden Truths of how and why the inferior judges and demonizes others.

        2. Obviously, you are missing the important points of SEER’s statement, by dismissing the true horrors that currently exist on this planet. This forum does not cater to your ignorance regarding the plight of humanity. My question is…why waste your time commenting when it goes against your beliefs? I am atheist and I never comment on religious blogs because I know that it contradicts my beliefs.

          1. It’s probably because he got an emotional reaction from the blog and decided to go ahead and post. He obviously didn’t even go to Seer’s Manifesto or he wouldn’t have been all “your ideas boil down to Nietzsche, by the way did you know he murdered millions of people forty years after he died?”
            If he had any desire to have an honest discussion about things here instead of blazing in acting like a pseudo-intellectual douche he would have visited the Manifesto, where if he had any reading skills he’d notice Seer basically has an entire page dedicated to Seer Nietzsche.
            Also thank you Seer for showing his comments, I always like seeing example’s of human garbage that serve as evidence of humanities hopelessness. God freak, fake rebel, “intellectual”, dismissal of FT over small caveats due to their ignorance. He had it all.

            1. Forbidden Truth threatens the universe of illusion, the matrix which the inferior is hopelessly trapped within. Anything that could poke even the tiniest hole in the matrix, is instinctually understood as being very dangerous. There are several different responses the inferior might have, to this threat. The most common, by far, is absolute shunning. The garbage human, immediately upon realization that a threat exists, demonizes the threat source as being evil or insane, and immediately flees from the threat. In this case, all that is required is the closing of the browser window. A less common response, is the fake altruism of wanting to help the revealer of Forbidden Truth to see the error of his ways and to reject the Truths he has articulated. This motivation is rooted within the need of the inferior to strengthen and prop up his matrix. If he convinces the revealer of Truth to abandon the Truth, his matrix, his universe of illusion, is greatly strengthened, within his delusional reality perception.
              An even less common response, is extreme anger. This response occurs because the inferior is already experiencing cracks within his matrix of illusion, and being directly confronted with Forbidden Truth threatens to render his matrix so unstable that it collapses. Understand, such collapses almost never lead to enlightenment of mind and embrace of Truth. They lead to complete mental breakdowns, psychotic episodes of behavior, dynamic suicide, etc… So the individual, desperate to protect his matrix, lashes out in anger at his “attacker”. These outbursts are often not overtly rude in the beginning, but they absolutely demand that the Truth-teller take back the Truth he has expressed, and if refused, subsequent responses become increasingly enraged.
              The garbage human you are referring to, fits the third category. His first response was confrontational, but met the quality control standards of discourse that I have established for this blog. His second response was more confrontational, because the Truths he felt threatened by were not compromised by My response to him. And his third response crossed the line, being too disrespectful for Me to allow it to pollute the brilliance of these pages.
              Then, even knowing he had lost all commenting rights, he tried to post a reply to a comment from “anonymous”, berating her for following Me and trying to convince her to come over to his side, again reflecting the deepening cracks within his matrix. That comment was of course also permanently deleted by Me. Knowing the Inferior mind, his next step will be to simply abandon this forum and seek out other sources to help prop up his matrix.
              As far as showing the comments of inferiors, I do not choose to do so, unless the comment meets very specific standards of sincerity, respect, and demonstrates some interest in exploring an issue within rationality. I have already deleted and permanently trashed comments from 15-20 humans, that failed to meet this standard, and will continue to do so.

        3. And you mention that Neitzche was “clinically insane”, that does not diminish his truths regarding the horrendous plight of humanity. Why is it that people like you dismiss the truths of a messenger because of the so-called flaws and labels that society places on them? Does this make them less credible and unbelievable? It shouldn’t because they are revealing to you that something is terribly wrong; but, no, you want to silence them by saying that they have mental issues or criminal backgrounds that renders them incapable of rational thinking, and therefore, should not be taken seriously. I beg to disagree, and these individuals are very much credible and rational in their thinking, because they are exposing the horrors and injustices in life. Their status or mental health does not negate the forbidden truths in any form or fashion, if anything, it enhances and solidifies them. . People like you find every nook and cranny to discredit anyone that undermines your delusional ways of thinking

          1. The human you are addressing has lost all right to post comments to this blog. Regarding the point you are making, the Forbidden Truth that the most severely insane are running asylum earth, is very applicable and must be understood. Every judgment and determination of mental health, or mental illness, that you will find within modern era human society, is wrong and fatally flawed, because every such judgment and determination is being made by the mentally deranged members of a mentally diseased society, who are actively attempting to establish an illusion and pretense of mental health, sanity, and rationality. What you have is the most severely mentally ill, judging the less severely mentally ill, as being mentally ill, in order to establish the illusion within the society itself, that it is being controlled and directed by those who are mentally healthy. Got it?
            All who express and personally embrace Forbidden Truth, as Seer Friedrich, Seer Charles Manson, and Myself did and do, are demonstrating mental health. All who reject and condemn Forbidden Truth, demonstrate mental illness, disease, and dysfunction. But the question of what an individual must say and do and embrace in order to deserve a judgment of being mentally healthy, is complex. It is worthy of an entire blog post, which I will probably write soon.
            As a brief analysis, we must understand that the achievement of absolute and complete mental health, when you are born into and forced to exist as trapped victim of, a mentally deranged and diseased society, is extremely difficult, and traces of mental illness may remain, even within an absolutely top-level Superior who has transcended his humanity. It would be easy for Me to decree Myself 100% mentally healthy, but I will not do so, because Truth must always be honored. But it must be understood that there are very valid ways to measure degrees of mental health and mental illness, and these measurements have absolutely nothing to do with how an individual functions within a social structure. In point of fact, successfully fitting into a society constitutes proof of suffering from much more severe mental illness, than that of any individual who is unable to fit into a society and rejects its dictates and doctrines.

        4. Who cares if “millions” died in some experiment almost a century ago when EVERYBODY dies? Besides you seem like just another idiot godfreak who tries to pin EVERYTHING about the Nazis and WWII on Nietzsche because you are literally scared of the ideas Seer Nietzsche espoused. And no, not because of the “atrocities” you attribute to the nazis who you say got their ideas from Nietzsche, but because you are horrified of the real ideas found within his texts.
          ” That almost makes you worse than a Nazi… ”
          ugh, if I had a quarter every time this line was thrown around in a debate…
          Additionally you only perceive that you don’t hate yourself because various factors in life meet yours and society’s approval. You probably have several humans who claim to “love” you thus you think you’re loved and you can not be on the verge of killing yourself. You probably have several societally approved projects or slave-labor that validates your own existence for you. I’m sure if a couple “tweaks” were to be made in your life you’d be suicidal. That is not the case for me, Seer, or any other sincere follower here.
          The selective reasoning of humans is SOOO annoying.

          1. Inferiors always find outlets to blame people or certain groups for the ills of society, because they don’t want to face the forbidden truths. Great Point!

            1. Society and government is to blame, and by direct proxy, the inferiors who create, maintain, prop up, support, fight to the death to protect and defend, this very society and government. This Forbidden Truth cannot be faced, and so the inferiors seize upon the invalid scapegoats offered up to them by the very guilty party itself, their own society and government.
              The Self-murder of Leelah beautifully illustrates how society plays off its brainwashed inferiors against each other. In order to deny its direct guilt and responsibility, amerikkkan societal leaders first blame Leelah herself, decreeing her to be mentally ill. Then, to appease those who are outraged by this perverse lie, society allows religious extremism to be blamed, but not religion itself, thus protecting and defending this valuable and top-level form of social terrorism. Concurrently, society allows those who continue grasping for “answers”, to blame the specific slaveowners of Leelah, for being “poor parents”, but not the diseased and illegitimate institution of parenthood itself. The Forbidden Truth that Leelah’s slaveowners treated her exactly as instructed and empowered to do by society itself, remains concealed.
              And so the end result? Some brainwashees blame Leelah, the greatest victim. Some blame religious extremism, some blame and demonize Leelah’s slaveowners, but nobody faces up to any Forbidden Truth. No Forbidden Truth is exposed, and so we have the Forbidden Truth, directed stated in the title of My blog post: Leelah died in vain, as does every single human being on earth.

              1. It’s ridiculous that humans are unable to understand the true nature behind their problems and always go around it. It’s like a “big elephant” sitting in their living room that goes unnoticed

        5. What makes you think that SEER’s ideals can lead to genocide? Don’t you think the current system in which humans live their lives by, are, in fact, genocidal? The point is, what is being done today hasn’t and isn’t improving the human condition. Humans remain stuck in an ongoing cycle of abuse that repeats itself, and who are the beneficiaries of it, children. Children, as you know, are the most vulnerable, and it makes sense that the family unit should be abolished to protect them. Of course, you don’t understand this or agree with it, because you are living in the matrix, and individuals living in the matrix are beyond reproach in making rational decisions . At least, SEER has a different approach that would certainly make a positive difference in reversing the downward spiraling of humanity. You would probably have a case if SEER did not offer alternatives in eradicating the ills of humanity, but he has, and it makes sense. You on the other hand, want to stick by traditional ideals and religious beliefs that is responsible for all of societies problems. You mention Eugenics and the breakup of family units during the Nazi Era: the way it was done, surely, it was useless, because it was based on race (white race)and not humanity as a whole. However, if all racial groups had been included (globally) then its very possible it would have worked to benefit overall humanity. That would have eliminated and reduced tremendously the ongoing childabuse that currently exists on this insane asylum planet. We would have more mentally-fit adults and that makes all the difference

          1. I appreciate your comments, but the human that you are addressing has forfeited the right to post comments to this blog, by failing to meet My quality control standards. In fact, he has already tried to reply to you, but I deleted and permanently trashed his comment.
            Adolf Hitler recognized and even directly articulated, many Truths, in a courageous and insightful way. However, he was a leader of a government, and as such, his mandate was to conceal and subjugate Truth among his citizen-slaves. He used the same operational tactics as reagan, bush, obama, all the amerikkkan presidents. He pitted races against each other, relentless brainwashed and indoctrinated german children to mindless nationalism and patriotism, demonized foreigners as a dangerous enemy, etc…
            In Truth, every amerikkkan president has directly emulated Adolf, and nothing Adolf did, as social policy or as a military leader, exceeds the degree of malice and utter disrespect for human life, exhibited by every amerikkkan president dating back to 1940. Adolf was extremely successfully in winning and retaining the loyal allegiance of his citizen-slaves, which is the single most important goal of every government leader. As a result, he is recognized as a master political leader, and to this very day, leaders of all diseased regimes, such as usa, study the ideology and the ruling tactics of Adolf and overtly try to copy him. Adolf has been a role model for every amerikkkan president.
            As to eugenics, it is not an effective way to limit or end child abuse. The human species as a whole is genetically defective. Whatever differences may exist in the genetic health of one ethnic group versus a different ethnic group, are not significant enough to warrant the culling of one group, or the engineered domination of a different group. Controlling or limiting who breeds, simply does not address the issue of child abuse, and will not impact rates of child abuse. Controlling who is allowed to access and care for children, is completely different, and it is this control which could, if properly implemented, eliminate child abuse and transform every aspect of human existence. I very clearly articulate this distinction in My writings.
            There are valid reasons why breeding should be discouraged, and upon the achievement of technological immortality, there would be even stronger valid reasons why breeding must be greatly limited. But, this has nothing to do with the issue of eradicating child abuse.

      2. SEER, I would love to shake her hand for telling this inferior the truth. Humans are no where near accepting that there are serious problems with humanity and continue to believe that their mythical god can change things. As you and I know, god is a mythical creature and has done nothing to stop the devolution and suffering of humanity. You expressed great points. It’s too bad inferiors can’t understand them

        1. I always state the Truth, to Myself and to the universe, which exists within Me. I find direct dialogue with inferiors to be useless and a waste of time, and if I recognize and can determine an individual to be an inferior from his very first attempted comment to this blog, that comment is permanently trashed and nobody will ever see it. Dialogue among and between Superiors and aspiring Superiors can be mutually beneficial to all, and as you see, I spend quite a lot of My precious time so engaged. But you will not find much if any discourse between Me and inferiors, at this blog.
          For the record, I wish it known that I regularly receive comments which are rude, disrespectful, ignorant, threatening, and otherwise fail to meet My moderated standard for comments. All such comments are trashed and permanently deleted by Me, and they never appear anywhere on this blog for anyone else to read. Garbage humans belong in the garbage dump. Placing their bodies there is not so easy, but thankfully placing their attempted comments there, is very easy.

    2. So, do you agree and accept suffering? Well, I don’t and view it as an unnecessary evil that is intentionally inflicted on the human species as a whole. Children, in particular, are the ones who suffer the most because they have no say or control in the matter. Humans, I mean no one should not have to suffer at all. I understand that you like most humans revel in suffering and see it as an honor to be sacrificed to prove that you like Christ, trying to prove a useless point . Are you aware of the atrocities that are taken place at this very moment? Look at the daily horrors of child abuse that is inflicted on children on a daily basis. Why should they be caught up in it? Doesn’t your god love them and has made promises to protect and provide for them? I don’t see any of that happening. I will no longer go along with the god’s broken promises because they are myths. As of fixing the system, SEER’s manifesto goes into great details in providing ample solutions to end this nightmare. However, humans won’t accept it because they love their suffering and reveling in the illusions of life.

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