Leadership, Not Leaders, Must Be Eradicated

Leadership is a foundational error of the human species, rooted within the genetic and environmental failure of the human brain, on a universal scale.
All leadership is wrong: Political, familial, labor-based, project-based. Leadership undermines both personal freedom and collaborative potential to realize and choose paths of sanity and superiority. Those who follow a leader, at any level, betray Self and Truth.
Inferiors think leadership is necessary for “things to get done.” How absurd! Leadership ensures things are done poorly and incorrectly. Leadership ensures the worst ideas become and remain a popular, functional reality. Leadership sabotages all human potential for change.
The leader is himself a follower, obsessed with his false delusion of power and control. The leader uses his position to deny the Forbidden Truth of his own personal slavery, in the process cloaking universal slavery itself.
All who seek to lead, by this action, prove themselves unworthy of leading.
Those who celebrate the death of a leader, even as they choose to continue to honor the right of others to direct, determine, and dictate their own life path, are both slaves and fools of the highest order.
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  1. It’s no wonder why humans continue to live in dysfunction; they simply have no choice based on genetics and brain dysfunction. I kind of feel sorry for them, for they really don’t know any better. It’s tragic that the few are aware of this are forced against their will to live amongst them and suffer as well

    1. Knowledge and Truth are inextricably linked. Self-awareness directly addresses this issue. To know your brain is genetically defective, to consciously know and fully embrace this factual Truth, opens up the possibility of initiating a legitimate Truth quest, and even going so far as to reject and transcend your humanity, as I have successfully done.
      One of the many problems involved, is that the genetic brain defectiveness itself, renders this type of Self-awareness rooted within Forbidden Truth, impossible for the Unwashed Masses to even try to attain.

  2. Following a political leader will cause permanent damage to the human personality. Obeying a religious official will produce cognitive impairment from which you never recover. Submitting to an authority figure will cause actual loss of neurons.

    1. Correct, and well-stated. All submission of Self to others, of personal will, autonomy of mind, and direct behavioral choice, destroys the individual on a mental level, permanently altering and crippling actual brain functionality.
      Slavery of mind is learned, integrated to core consciousness, and exists as one of the strongest and most difficult addictions to break free from.

  3. “Leadership is a foundational error of the human species, rooted within the genetic and environmental failure of the human brain, on a universal scale.” ~ I agree with the gist of your article. Authority is the Grand Illusion. But what do you mean by: rooted within the genetic and environmental failure of the human brain” ? ~ this perplexes me as it sounds almost deterministic? I would like to hear your expand on that assertion.

    1. I have articulated numerous times in My texts, the foundational level Forbidden Truth that the ideological and behavioral derangements of humanity, collectively as a species, are caused by two different levels of human brain dysfunction. These levels are interconnected, yet at the same time absolutely distinct from each other.
      #1 is the genetic level dysfunction of the human brain. In a nutshell, humanity is a birth defect species. Humanity came into existence NOT via the natural process of evolution, as almost all other animals have, but as a singular genetic birth defect who defied the odds of survival by managing to live long enough to breed, and to find a sexual mate to breed with. The genetic birth defect of this mutant life form was passed down to the offspring, who also managed to breed, and this is how humanity came to exist.
      The primary nature of this birth defect is mental dysfunction, retardation, derangement. The human brain, all human brains, including My own, is genetically defective, and this accounts, in part, for the universal failure of humanity to accept or even recognize the Forbidden Truths, individually and collectively, as I articulate them.
      The human is a birth defect of the simian species. The exact initiating breed pair is impossible to determine, and not really important at this point. But it is interesting to speculate: Perhaps two different simian species mated, for example a gorilla and a chimpanzee, and this caused the brain mutation. Or perhaps a simian mated with a completely different species, a pig, cow, etc… This is not beyond the realm of possibility, when you consider that humans themselves HAVE engaged in direct sexual intimacy with other species, and the simian itself is NOT as genetically healthy as most other species of life. Or perhaps it was just a regular sexual encounter between two simians of the same species. We know that extreme birth defects regularly occur among all species, but most a singular life forms that die young and never mate, therefore never pass on their mutation.
      This brings us to part #2: The environmental failure of the human brain. Again, not complicated. Humanity has created and dwells within a universal of absolute dysfunction and mind-based derangement. Evey human child is born into this deranged universe, and compelled to develop mental maturity and mind-based reality perception, within an ernvironment of complete and absolute illusion, delusion, fantasy, deception, and rejection of reality and Truth.
      Whatever potential the child MIGHT have to counteract the genetically defective status of his brain, as articulated above, is sabotaged, rendered null and void, by the fact that the child is forced to endure, forced to immerse within, an external environment of insane ideas, structures, and doctrines, created and maintained by every adult generation, in response to the dual assault of both genetic and environmental brain function failure that THEY, as children, were victimized and destroyed by.
      Got it? The genetic and environmental failure(s) of humanity is/are absolutely brain-based. They must be understood as two different failures, distinct from each other, yet at the same time also directly linked to each other. Meaning simply that IF the human brain were not genetically defective, the level and degree of environmental failure and attack committed against every child, would be less. And IF this environmental failure and attack was less severe, the genetically defective status of the human brain MIGHT be mitigated to the point where SOME positive, evolutionary progress among the species as a whole, MIGHT be able to occur.
      It is the combination of BOTH failures of brain function, existing independently but directly impacting each other, that renders humanity hopelessly doomed, trapped perpetually within a closed-circle of intensifying dysfunction, as the species which should never have come to exist, devolves to extinction.

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