Law Enforcement: The Closed Circle of Forbidden Truth

Law enforcement protects nobody from harm. Law enforcement is the societal structure by which universal harm is assured and guaranteed to continue until humanity extincts itself.
Why do human beings break laws? They do so because they are traumatized victims of harm, brutality, abuse, injustice, and victimization. Human beings break laws because they need to claim cathartic vengeance for the injustices that they were, are, and will be subjected to. Human beings break laws, because human beings have been broken by the injustice sponsored by law.
All laws are created by governments. All governments inflict injustice and harm upon each of us, and one of the primary justifications and weapons deployed to inflict harm and injustice, is the power of law itself.  government sponsors all harm and injustice, thereby creating the motivation for all acts of personal harmfulness, and in response, creates the structure of law enforcement, to provide illusion of justification for inflicting additional harm upon specific individuals based upon details of how they may seek to avenge the injustices government is guilty of initially imposing upon them.
What you have is a closed circle of relentless, universal injustice, every violator of law existing as a created victim of the state, and every enforcement of law serving to strengthen and validate the very structure responsible for causing all harm to occur.
As long as government exists, it will continue to inflict universal harm. As long as government exists, it will deploy brainwashed individuals to serve as terrorist agents of the state, in punishing its own created torture victims. These individuals are domestic cops, local, state, and federal law enforcement.
Police protect you from being harmed in specific ways by specific individuals, so that government may be completely free to harm you in any and all ways that it chooses. And the individuals who might otherwise harm you in these very specific ways, are only interested in harming you because they are torture victims of the same structure which has harmed and is harming and will harm, you.
And yet here you sit, in your air-conditioned and heated prisons, grateful to law enforcement for protecting you from harm. Blind to the closed circle of Forbidden Truth. Eager to be harmed, desperate for others to be harmed, just so you can pretend to be safe for one more night, just so you can live out the delusion that everything will be okay. But nothing has ever been okay, and nothing will ever be okay, and it is all your fault, you pathetic idiots and cowards.
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  1. You deserve a Nobel Prize for your great insight and abilities in recognizing who humanity’s true enemy is. It is not the individuals that cause harm to others, it is society because they are responsible for the actions of everyone . Individuals are only acting as proxies to carry out the deeds of the govt, to create terror among the masses as a means to control and humiliate them. It’s too bad inferiors aren’t able to analyze this and see that the problem doesn’t lie within the “so-called” criminals or bad people, but society.

    1. The lie and illusion of the criminal is what allows the genocidal criminality of the nation-state to flourish, and to victimize & destroy each and every one of us. There are no criminals, there are only victims, each reflecting their True Reality in different ways, and the nation-state overtly directs a small percentage towards carrying out actions it will demonize as criminal, in order to always maintain the perverse illusion that the nation-state is a vital force, necessary to protect the law-abiding majority from the “criminal” minority. It is the most obvious and blatant of social deceptions, but as you would expect, completely invisible to those hopelessly trapped within the matrix.

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