Killing and Dying, Mind Twists

Today’s Charlie Hebdo massacre inspires Me to deep contemplation of the subtle yet vital difference in the mind perceptions of those willing to kill but not die, those willing to kill and to risk dying, those willing to kill and eager to die, and those unwilling to kill, but willing/eager to die. Suicidal versus homicidal ideation is a most interesting psychological puzzle to dissect. I am not in the mood for a lengthy dissection via essay, instead I am choosing to do so via isolated personal contemplation.
But as bare-bones overview, you have four different and distinct states of mind, which will directly impact chosen behavioral paths. A great many factors, such as capacity to love Self, addiction to afterlife mythology, degree of intellectual and emotional rage and hate, and capacity to derive personal catharsis and pleasure while under the behavioral control of others, come into direct play, in shaping the degree of homicidal versus suicidal ideation of every individual.
The need to kill, as perceived by the individual, must be understood as emotionally and psychologically healthy, directly contrasting to any degree of overt desire to die, which must be understood as emotionally and psychologically unhealthy. Risking death must be understood as different from wanting to die. In Truth, we are at direct risk of dying each and every moment of our existence.
These are profoundly important issues relating to personal frame of mind and reality perception, subject to change over time and with alteration of personal circumstance. The Superior who seeks to understand Self and to always embrace and reflect both Truth and True Reality, is well-served via an ongoing dialogue with Self, concerning this specific issue.
I would recommend a song like this, for those needing a bit of inspiration to probe their own deepest mind recesses on killing and dying:

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