Justice. Everybody wants it, everybody demands it, everybody screams: We must receive justice! Give us justice, everywhere the cry is heard. Something bad has happened, something unjust, and now we seek justice, to rectify the injustice.
I look at you diseased creatures, and I can barely type these words out, so deep is My contempt for what you represent. Your screams and demands for justice are a despicable charade. How can justice be achieved by demonizing and destroying your greatest victims, the broken creatures you have created, the helpless children that you tore apart and reassembled into a diseased version of what you are?
Justice is dead, eternally dead. Justice can never be achieved, never, not for any living thing on this planet. Demonizing a destroyed child is justice? Terrorizing, harming, punishing your own created victim is justice?? No. Human existence in the 21st century is a universal cycle of absolute injustice, endlessly repeating. Every victimizer proves he is a victim by the very fact that he victimizes, as you hypocrites spit upon him and upon the Truth, in order to maintain your insane illusions of morality and justice.
Destroying what you are guilty of creating is the greatest of all injustices. There are no murderers, there are only murder victims. Each of us is a murder victim, already murdered, in body, mind, or soul, by what has been done to us. Never will you hear Me say a negative word about any individual murderer, never. I am inextricably intertwined to the True Reality of all who murder as personal catharsis.
Never will I judge a murderer guilty of anything, as I honor the Forbidden Truth that each of us exists as murder victim. Do you blame a weed for daring to grow between the cracks of a sidewalk? So I will never blame a human being for reflecting the Truth of his destruction at the hands of the society he was born into and destroyed by.
All morality is hypocrisy. All demands you make that an individual obey your laws, exist as a house of cards built upon an exposed deck as a hurricane approaches. Do not kill, you say, as you sponsor abortion, the death penalty, sport hunting, war, starvation, and genocide itself?? Do not kill, you say, as billions of children, in every country, city, village, block, and street, are locked up as prisoners to families, blindly subjected to whatever cathartic vengeance the destroyed ex-children you sanctify as mothers and fathers, choose to inflict??
No, your justice is the ultimate lie. Your justice spits upon the Truth. Your justice exists as the infliction of infinite injustice, and no sane thinker can allow such a lie to find safe haven within his mind, or to allow such a lie to be used as cloak for any type of punishment. Until you creatures choose to eradicate childabuse, every act of personal vengeance must be recognized as not merely justified, but as a perfect reflection of Truth.
Child abuse will end only with human extinction, and so I sit back and enjoy the show. savoring each explosion of externally directed personal rage as the closest any of us can ever come to achieving as actual reality, this phantom illusion of justice that you hypocrites pathologically demand.


  1. There is very little justice in this world, as you say. But human beings long for justice. Some of us feel its absence like a wound. We do our best to work — and fight — for an admittedly imperfect version. You will never find satisfaction in this world, for all you endured as a child. (I am one of those who believe the scales will be balanced in the next world, if not in this.) But somehow you survived where many other abused children did not. And you clearly have a voice…whether to speak for them or on any other topic you choose. Your anger is a powerful engine, if it can be harnessed. Just don’t let it eat you up.

    1. Justice is dead because humanity as a collective species chooses to both personally embrace, and impose upon others, injustice. Human beings do not long for justice, they convince themselves that they do, via Self-deceit, as they allow universal injustice to continue to occur.
      I do not seek satisfaction, but rather the conscious understanding of exactly what I am, as a created victim and reflection. The fact that I am not dead at this particular moment in time, does not earn Me the label of survivor. The difference between a victim and a survivor, is the difference between facing the Truth, and pretending Truth is something that can be overcome.
      I speak for Myself, knowing exactly what child abuse is, knowing that every other child and adult is a victim of child abuse, and understanding why I can only advocate for Myself, and for the Truth.

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