It's a Brand Spanking New Massacre!

Hey folks, breaking news out of San Bernardino, California. Just a few hours ago at least two, possibly three enraged torture victims of human society went on a shooting rampage inside of the Inland Regional Center, a very large building that has 670 employees, and serves humans suffering from “developmental disabilities.”
CNN is confirming at least fourteen are dead, and at least fourteen more were shot and injured. The gunmen appear to have successfully fled the scene, and remain at large. This rampage occurred just about 5 hours ago, so details are still very sketchy.
I would urge all who are interested in following this breaking news as it develops, to tune to CNN or other news sources, or go to a website that provides real-time updates, such as:
Unfortunately I have slave labor to perform in the near future, so my ability to provide real-time updates will be limited. This is a fascinating incident, I am particularly intrigued by the fact that law enforcement pigs appear convinced there were at least two and very possibly three gunmen, quite unusual for a domestically-based mass murder rampage.
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