Isolationism Versus The Human Herd Instinct

I am an absolute isolationist. What does this mean? It means I reject and abhor all human contact. I have never been on a date. I have never entertained a social visitor. I have never engaged in sexual contact with another human as an adult, or as a child of My free will. I do not have friends. I do not interact with humans on a voluntary, social level.
Isolationism expresses both My rejection of My humanity, and My transcending of species origin.
Tragically, My isolationism is not 100% complete. I am forced, against My will, to engage in some direct contact with humans, in order to maintain My health and welfare to an optimal degree. Who forces Me? My mortal enemy: Human society & government.
Individual isolationism as a life path choice, successfully realized, terrifies the hive mind of universal slavery. I am dangerous, a rogue drone, as are all isolationists. And so we are relentlessly and brutally persecuted and punished, demonized as insane, locked up in cages.
Living in herds used to increase the likelihood of a lengthier lifespan for humans, back in the old days. In the modern era, in terms of natural, environmental, AND social factors, living in herds DECREASES the lifespan, as diseases, familial/clan violence, the sharing of addictive/destructive habits and perversions/delusions of mind, all increase with direct human contact.
But the hive mind of universal illusion, enslavement, and oppression can only thrive when the sheeple are hopelessly locked within eternal, toxic enmeshment of mind and body. The isolationist poses an existential threat to the functional viability of the hive mind. In response, isolationism itself is condemned as a mental illness, an invalid choice, when in Truth it is the only positive, Self-loving path.
The Superior isolationist, who severs all communication with others, will be maliciously denied his most basic needs and rights, as direct and overt societal punishment.
My response: Death to humanity! And of course I have already successfully eradicated the human infestation of My universe. Well, almost.
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  1. Even if you abhor human contact, humanity will still try to consume you. The greater your avoidance of the hominid horde, the greater your personal independence. Yet the more you might want to evade the herd, the more that the rest of humanity is going to attack you. Although you might elude the hive for a little while, eventually they will come looking for you. And if they can’t get you to sacrifice your life for the multitude, they will eat you alive. You lose either way.

    1. Every individual exists only to serve and strengthen the Matrix of Universal Illusion. This is the decree of the Matrix itself. Whatever and whoever tries to expose Truth, it makes no difference how this attempt is made, from outlaw mass murder to erudite, philosophical writings, is demonized, dismissed, dissolved to nothingness. Serve or be destroyed, serve AND be destroyed, universal destruction for all is the imposed mandate.

    2. No, one can’t stay away from the hive. Society has trained its slaves to hunt down humans that are viewed as “loners”, and those who want to be independent. That’s why the fam unit is so popular; they are specifically recruited to keep track of slaves in families. It’s tragic that humans can’t disconnect from members of their family unit without society intervening. I feel the pain

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